You Aren’t Being Paid To believe In The Power Of Your Dreams

My old pal Steve Curry sent me the URL to I have seen these before but you have to read them again and again. So so clever.

First Successful Meetings And Now McAllen Convention Center

Well this year has started out great. Grass Shack made the cover of Successful Meetings and now a Convention center named after us. I think it should be called the Michael McAllen Convention Center but I do understand it means more space on signs etc. I hope to run for Mayor in McAllen someday.

McAllen Convention Center opens in Texas The $62.2 million McAllen Convention Center in McAllen, TX, celebrated its grand opening last week. The facility includes a 10,659-square-foot ballroom, 25,724 square feet of meeting space and a 61,482-square-foot exhibit hall.Construction on the convention center took two years to complete. Two hotels, owned by Hilton and Marriott, are expected to open across from the convention center by early 2008. City officials also expect a separate hotel adjacent to the convention center.Contact: McAllen Convention Center, (956) 681-3800.

Power Point tip by Bert Decker

A great point about Powerpoint from Bert Decker on making a speech and the supporting Powerpoint.

“I’d estimate that 95% of business presentations are poorly conceived in that they are created in PowerPoints. It may be easier, but it is not more effective. If you realize that your information and your PPs are NOT your presentation, but YOU and your KEY POINTS are, then you will create your presentation first, and use PPs to amplify your Point Of View. Decide what you want to say, then add the support – and your PPs will be used effectively, with graphs, pictures, video clips and other SHARPs to bring memorability and power to your Point Of View.”

Second Life Komjuniti Survey

A new study has just been released. It is a new survey by Komjuniti, a Hamburg, Germany about Second Life marketing efforts. The study found that more than 70% of the site’s users say they are disappointed with the marketing that goes on in (Second life is a virtual world) My thoughts –>where Second Life has taken on the feeling of the old Dot Com era, lots of companies like IBM, Toyota and others running to get on board. But the Komjuniti survey is missing the point. Second Life is a different way of marketing. I am sure the ROI is very low but we are just at the beginning of new social media like virtual worlds, podcasts, social media websites such as MySpace, Flickr, Gather, Ning etc. I feel that these early adopters are on the right track. Front runners in this new landscape. Lewis and clarks of the new frontier.
A study like this is valid, but as the landscape changes in marketing, media, training, events and such, it is missing the big picture. I dont watch TV commercials anymore. Never. I tivo thru them all. I also don’t listen to the radio, I listen to podcasts, on demand stuff, what I want to listen to right now.
If marketers want to get to me they better keep trying on things like IBM and Toyota. I have spent quite allot of time in both places. The people at Komjuniti never talked to me. I also saw that, 42% of all respondents surveyed doubted companies would actually put much follow-up effort into the site. This is shame, but I applaud them for trying new ways of communicating their messages. They took a shot with a small investment which really does have great potential in the future. Instead of giving up, these companies should be holding concerts and having seminars in there Second Life areas. Bringing the people in. Random Books just had Dean Koontz stop in their bookstore in Second Life and give a reading and answered questions. What a great idea and it was a total hit. Most of these second life areas don’t have anyone there. They need to staff them. The whole Kevin Costner saying.” If you build it they will come” does not work in real life nor in your second life. Marketers need to keep being creative and the people will come….I know I will.

The Richest People in America

Today was a very productive day. I had two inquiries for programs and I did a ton of billing from the last event we produced. Grass Shack really is doing very good financially at last after four+ years of hard work. I also spent a little time in Second Life with one of my partners in there discussing 2 events in second life we will be facilitating. One is a training meeting and another a meetup on Monday at Noon (second life/pacific time) April 2nd at the Kiva building. I also spoke with the wonderfully excited Fiona Ramsey at Kiva about this meetup and the podcasts I have been producing for them. She has so much passion and excitement about that its infectious. I also spoke to her about the Kiva Podcast and what we were going to do next. Pretty fun stuff, lots of work but its for a good cause.

Then I came across this post….. The kiva folks seem very rich to me.

Do you know anyone on this list? Do you aspire to be on it?

Obama Event in Second Life

I saw this post and I am amazed at the growth of Social Media. Senator Barack Obama will be similcast in Second Life March 31st. I also saw the new hit movie 300 had a To celebrate the worldwide premier of the US box office hit, Warner Brothers opened an exhibit located on Silverscreen (in Second life) to the public after hosting a press conference for journalists all over the world.

Obama Event To Be Simulcast in SL by Redaktisto Noble
March 24, 2007

The theme of the event is “Hope. Action. Change.”
SoHo – The official campaign of U.S. Senator Barack Obama has authorized a simulcast of a nationwide event in Second Life next week. Forefront Media, a “virtual event and promotions” company which operates in SL, will host the event next Saturday, March 31 at 1:00 PM on their island SoHo.

In the real world, presidential candidate Obama will interact with a small group in an Iowa living room. The event will be webcast for “community gatherings” of Obama supporters around the country. The SL version of the event will not feature a video feed. Instead, the environment will simulate the living room in which Obama will speak, and an authorized Obama avatar will follow the movements of the real-world Obama as an audio stream is piped into the sim.
Of course, Sen. Obama himself will not be controlling the avatar, and will not be available to answer questions from the SL audience.
Surprisingly, the inworld group of Obama supporters is not involved in planning the event. One of Forefront Media’s employees had real-world contacts with the Obama campaign and the company approached the campaign with the idea.
Forefront owner MB Darrow says he hopes the event will demonstrate the potential of Second Life as a campaign medium and spur other campaigns to get invovled.

HD Goodness

Casey Hiester turned me on to Planet Earth. The visuals are incredible. The high definition is amazing. I wish more of our clients would agree to use it.

Check out Planet Earth if you can. Makes me want to travel and experience these wonderful things in real life.

I just watched one of the programs on Oceans. Amazing.

You can also watch it on the Discovery site.

Conference Rolling Meetings

firstpage 47 Conference Rolling Meetings

I saw this post on Sue Pelletiers blog face 2 face. I had to steal it and show our readers. I love creative ideas to get people communicating. Plus its just plain nutty. Thanks Sue!

When it comes to staff meetings, I’m a big fan of movement. For example, I love a good “walking meeting,” where I can stroll with my colleagues and get some exercise for the bod while working out the brain. Who wants to sit in a conference room staring at the walls, when there’s so much in the world around us that can spark new ideas? Plus, spring’s finally here and, well, I get restless. So naturally I got all stoked when I heard about the Conference Bike (one of Alexander’s many interesting ideas on his Pimp Your Office post).

Worlds Greatest Presentation Contest

After years of doing production I have watched many many presentations- From Larry Ellison to Tom Peters to Mike Reno. Everyone is quick to judge. Here is where you can put your money where your mouth is. This is the final slide….

Click to enter.

Looks like fun…. I wonder if you get points for great lighting……..

Passport Troubles

untitled Passport Troubles

We went to Sayulita Mexico for the holidays this past year. My daughter and her boyfriend did not have passports and I kept telling them they should get them if they were going with us. Of course when a parent tells a young adult to do something it is quickly ignored. My wife and I thought. Well if they cant go then we will have the whole place to ourselves. icon smile Passport Troubles But they made it under the deadline and went along.

Lately I am reading more and more about people who are having troubles if they don’t have a passport. If you don’t have one, get one. It takes 10weeks to get one. Might as well start the process.

U.S. State Department warns travelers about passport delays
The U.S. Department of State is warning Americans applying for passports that the process might take a little longer than usual because of increased demand for the documents. A new advisory cautions passport applicants to allow a minimum of 10 weeks for a routine application and four weeks for an expedited application. A new law requiring all Americans to have passports when flying into or out of the country (including to destinations that previously didn’t require passports) has bottlenecked the passport processing centers. Last year, the U.S. State Department issued 12 million passports. This year, the agency is on track to issue more than 17 million passports. Those wishing to check on the status of a passport application can call the National Passport Information Center at (877) 487-2778. The hotline is open from 7 a.m. to midnight Eastern Standard Time.