What Meeting Professionals Can Learn From Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines

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Customers have a voice these days, just like your attendees do. Kevin Smith felt like he was wronged and he told his twitter audience. He sent out more than 200 posts to his twitter followers. His twitter audience (1,669,340 people)has an audience which makes his message grow exponentially. If I retweet his comment it goes out to my 3000 or so followers and so on and so on. Of course he is a celebrity and has some rabid fans. The problem for Southwest Airlines much like if someone dislikes your event they have a voice. So it is mucho importante to listen to your audience. This might be the dawning of the return of good table manners, the importance of treating all people with respect and dignity. Continue reading

Hearts of Darkness: A EventCamp Stream Apocalypse

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I am not sure if you have seen the documentary movie that chronicles how Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” was plagued by extraordinary script, shooting, budget, and casting problems–nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director. I had one of those moments as 3:30 am rolled around the night before EventCamp New York City last weekend for Event Camp the first meeting for the Eventprofs twitter group. Continue reading

Why Online Video is So Important for Events and Meetings

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This past weekend I was one of the producers of EventCamp.org where we utilized video with some silly pre-event videos to get the audience excited about the event. Then onsite we used the sponsor Livestream to stream video and audio to our virtual audience who joined us via twitter. Livestream plus a small DV Camera captured and can archive the sessions and interviews for later viewing and to build excitement and carry the message and information of the event for the months in between events helping keep the community flowing. Continue reading

8 Online Tools for Event Camp

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I just wanted to highlight the tools we are utilizing for EventCamp in New York City this Saturday February 6th 2010. It has been fun for me to play with these tools. Owning a meeting production company I can see more and more companies, conferences who will want to utilize hybrid events, the backchannel, and streaming solutions to promote and get as many people involved and content to as many people as possible. Challenges for streaming… The Roger Smith Hotel is all wireless no wired internet so could give us a problem. We will see. Continue reading

Hook your Audience With a Captivating Video Opening

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As a corporate production company for meetings we are often asked to come up with a captivating opening video for our clients. In your videos, you only have a few moments to hook your audience. Here are some tried and true techniques you can use to make sure you capture the attention of your audience right away. You MUST have an opening that hooks and holds the viewer. Ways to do this: Continue reading