How to use Video and Production to Capture Your Company Story

I came across this website while checking out CC Chapmans blog.  Where this is a photographers dream site I really loved how each video was shot.  The story each tells of how they got into taking pictures, the history, and the creativity each has.  It made me think how we produce our work at Grass Shack.  Obviously, this was a labor of love for the Camerabag team.  How to use Video and Production to Capture Your Company StoryThe tag line on the bottom of the site reads:

“To celebrate Image-Makers and to highlight the beauty and style of the camera. To raise the profile of emerging photographers, while also providing an intimate glimpse of the work spaces and trade tools of the masters.”

That tag line is a great template to use for any corporate video you shoot.  In fact any personal video you might shoot.

The last few video projects Grass Shack Events & Media has done we have really tried to tell a good engaging story.  Watching how these  videos are produced is inspirational not to take pictures but make awesome video stories.

Take a look at this site – watch a few videos and tell me which you liked the best and why.  Each photographer is so different but also similar.

Mine was the Frank Ockenfels module.  I love the black & white feel of the rooms he was shot in, the background bed of music also adds a nice touch.  I love that it is an interview but the interviewee is the only one talking…… voice over and in a interview style.  Brilliant work.


CMP Roundtable Advice & Information For Those Applying Show 176

meetingspodcast for itunes 2 150x150 CMP Roundtable Advice & Information For Those Applying Show 176MeetingsPodcast CMP Roundtable Advice & Information For Those Applying Show 176. Live recording from the House of Blues which sponsored the meetup  in Anaheim, California. Jon Trask from Grass Shack Events & Media, meets with Elizabeth Glau, Ananda Ybarra and Caprice Garcia to discuss the meetings industry.

Topics discussed, CMP Conclave wrap up and discussion followed by a discussion about the CMP itself and how to begin applying for one.

The meetup was sponsored by The House of Blues Anaheim and of course MeetingsPodcast and grass Shack Events & Media.

Promote Your Next Conference Using Interactive Video

My friend Tina Yonas pointed out this example after we chatted about yesterdays post on interactive video on YouTube.

You have to love the host Natalie Tran in these well produced videos!!! The interactive comes at the end of the video where you can choose another video.

How effective could this type of “Brady Bunch” ending be for your next conference or to promote your next conference.

How about an introduction video and then hear from some of the speakers?

How could you use this type of interactive video?

5 Cool Interactive Video Production Ideas

We are brainstorming on doing some creative corporate video projects for a couple of clients. One great place to get ideas is on

Here are a couple that I think might stir your brain…. After yesterdays QR Code Post/Podcast it got me thinking about Interactivity and other ways of engaging audiences.

This is really a creative way to get you resume out there… I can see many uses for of course getting your resume out but how about for a business or a conference primer?

Jon Trask found this musical one. Go figure Jon is a huge music and concert fan.

Interactive Zombies you have to wait for the end of the video for interactivity but a very creative and well produced way to involve the audience.

Shop and dress a couple of naked women. You can even buy the clothes via Amazon. Also a gaming aspect because if you pick out the hosts perfect outfit you win a $500 Amazon gift card.

How about an Interactive Challenge: Hold Your Breath (Maybe sell a camera also)

And for a sixth bonus example how about Interactive trip to DisneyWorld. I could see this as a conference video showcasing the venue and what to expect.

Have you used interactive video for your marketing or promotion?

 5 Cool Interactive Video Production Ideas

QR Codes for Meetings and Events Show 175

meeting production QR QR Codes for Meetings and Events Show 175

What are QR Codes?
They were devised by a Japanese company to track auto parts origionally.
A Quick Response or QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code that can contain multiple types of information that can be read by a bar code reader or, more importantly, your smart phone.

When you scan or read a QR code with your smart phone,  you can link to digital content on the web; activate a your phones email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to the web.

How do you make a qr code?

Mike likes: Use which gives you a QR code with analytics.  free which includes QR Code generator for URL, Google Places, Contact info, email, SMS and RSS feed.   Can change color….

Have you seen them used in the Events & Meetings business?

Better print ads
Create a contest
Put on badges
Business cards
Scavenger hunts
Sponsors –
T-shirts with the code on it
Include in presentations for audience.
Trade show booths
Webinar presentation for a web link. Attendees could simply scan their desktop screen.
Maybe to a YouTube video recording for your event or meeting. Product demo, informational.

Fun facts on QR codes
Untied Airlines are using them as boarding passes- soon all airlines will be required to
Starbucks is starting to use QR codes for payment
68% of people scanning QR codes are using an iphone

Some companies using QR codes for advertising. Ford, Pepsi, Ralph Lauren, BestBuy, McDonalds.

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 QR Codes for Meetings and Events Show 175

Better Meetings and Videos Through Emotional Responses

481479277 9ee00d2706 m Better Meetings and Videos Through Emotional ResponsesReading POST Magazine today I came across an interesting new Plug in for video editors.  As you know at Grass Shack Events & Media we produce many corporate videos and making sure the final product engages is a top priority.   This new plug in made me think long and hard about creating emotional experiences for video and the events they are connected to.  First things first. The article sited the plug in Photocopy.  What photocopy does is creates an easy to use treatment of other popular movies.  Basically the makers of Photocopy made a program for Producers who can tell editors. “Make it look like Lord of the Rings in the Hobbits village.” The editor can then place this effect in any part of the video. You can have different looks for different parts of the video to bring an emotional feeling to the video like the famous movies.


Another example of using emotions to further your creative is how U2 writes their music.  I watched a very interesting music documentary called Classic Albums – U2: The Joshua Tree Better Meetings and Videos Through Emotional Responses recently.

I found it fascinating that the U2 writes the music for emotions first. Then, they put words to it.  The emotional response is what matters to them.  They also said the album was “very Irish” in terms of the emotions that inspired it. The band also sited the “cinematic” sound of the album, intended to transport the listener to a specific physical location based on each song’s mood and atmosphere.

So these are are examples of trying to change the mood, invoke an emotion to tell a story. The old adage -show don’t tell your story rings true here.  You cant force emotions on people but if you can hit 1-2- 3-4  emotions, add some spectacle to your story you will have a more engaging, sticky piece of media that your audience will remember long after watching.

Over the years I have been involved with many events and meetings that use a combination of environmental design , audio and video to grasp the story in many ways besides telling the story.  When we want to have a face to face meeting don’t we all reach for Powerpoint? Keynote.  Why not revisit creating emotional, atmospheric experiences for the video and the event to make sure your audience is connected.

Maybe we should think about adding a treatment like Photocopy does.  Adding a mood or environment or emotions to each session? Maybe looking to an emotion you want the session or day to present to help your audience to engage and ultimately move to that desired action.

We would love any example you might have for using emotion in your videos, events or meetings.

Hat tip to Ragesh Vasudevans picture above









CMP Conclave Report With Greg Ruby From Cancun, Mexico Show 174

3073038050 8f6097da78 m CMP Conclave Report With Greg Ruby From Cancun, Mexico Show 174Jon Trask got a chance to talk to Greg Ruby at the  2011 CMP Conclave “Architects for Posterity” in Cancun, Mexico about his conference experience.

Some topics that are covered:

Hybrid Meetings talk by David Adler of BizBash called “Hybrid Events and Other Meeting and Event Trends”

The crowd buzz was how David used and of course his great content. Check out his presentation here

Also the Apex ASEM Green Standards.

Bartender-Philanthropist Doc Hendley Wine to Water

Little bit more about the Conclave:
Convention Industry Council has over 103,500 meetings industry professionals in 31 organizations, including PCMA, MPI, GMIC, and DMAI. They want to give their members with a great way for sharing information on trends and best practices in the meetings world. They also publish important meeting and events research and stats.


 CMP Conclave Report With Greg Ruby From Cancun, Mexico Show 174

Need Some Quick Information? Try

san francisco 150x150 Need Some Quick Information? Try






I recently returned from an incentive trip to Puerto Rico and I had no idea what to expect.  I could do a quick search on Google and find what I was looking for but I love the way gave me a great overview and then I dove into what I was interested in seeing.  I think this might be a great resource for meeting planners, video producers, or travelers to get a quick feel for the city they are headed to.  You also can search around 3 million of the internets most popular web searches as mulitmedia.

Qwiki searches Wikipedia, google and other sources to bring you the overview of the city, what you can do, where you should go.  It is a search presented in a multimedia form.  Research has shown that multimedia presentations increase the recall rates.  Something I need to have since my own recall rates have dropped off in the past few years.  icon smile Need Some Quick Information? Try

On deck for is personalization features like custom alarm clock function that would provide you with weather and traffic reports.  Quiki wants to be a new form of media.  Much like the iPad has become. In fact Qwiki does have a new iPad Application.

Qwiki is also one step closer lately becasue you can actually search city neighborhoods and landmarks now.

I think it is worth checking out once starting in on travelling to a new city, to incorporate into brainstorming sessions, to find interesting things for attendees to do, and to embed as a video in any informational media.









 Need Some Quick Information? Try


Report From CMP Conclave “Architects for Posterity” Show 173


4721229 f43ea22ca6 m 150x150 Report From CMP Conclave Architects for Posterity Show 173Jon Trask attends the 2011 CMP Conclave “Architects for Posterity” in Cancun, Mexico.  Jon talks about the sessions he attended.

Some things Jon touches on are from a session called Economics of meetings in the United States economy.

David Adler from Biz Bash talked about hybrid events and how they are being used.

Marketing with Social Media.

Doc Hendley CNN 2009 top ten hero.  Founded Wine to water which holds wine events and use profits for drilling for water.

Here is a little bit more about Wine To Water.  Doc Hendley is the Founder and President of Wine To Water. It was a dream that became a reality in 2004. The first fundraiser in Raleigh, North Carolina in February of 2004 to see if in fact it was an idea that people would respond to. The concept was originally to put on benefit wine events, such as tastings, then use all of the money raised to support water projects around the world. The first fundraiser was a great success. With its success, and others to follow, came a confidence that Wine to Water would continue to grow as an organization.

“If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” (Mathew 10:42)


Check back for more reports from Jon.

What is Conclave?

Conclave is the meetings industry’s only exclusive meeting of CMPs.  The Cancun Conclave provides great times and educational opportunities for CMPs to build friendships with other meeting professionals. CMPs also enhance their professional experience by participating taking the educational sessions and chatting it up with fellow Meeting Planners!

By participating in the 2010 Conclave CMPs can earn credits which isnt a bad deal also!

If you want to learn more about Cancun Mexico take a look at this video.  Cancun.










Your Online Personal Branding with Elizabeth Glau Show 172

Elizabeth Glau of Building Blocks Social Media chats with Jon Trask of Grass Shack Events & Media and Ananda Ybarra from the House of Blues Anaheim at the first Meetings Podcast Meetup held on April 29th at the House of Blues.  Elizabeth talks about “Your online personal branding” with discussion from Ananda and Jon about strategies for building your personal brand in the new age of social media.

3239113361 99c13d360f m 150x150 Your Online Personal Branding with Elizabeth Glau Show 172