5 Ways To Save Money by Using a Events & Meetings Production Company


1) The time spent on pulling all the pieces of production together is very consuming and stressful for the meeting planner or marcom executive charged with the program or meeting. Having a production company handle these aspect saves time & money. The production company will stick to the event/program wide budget by having the best resources and people in place. :)
2) A good production company will make sure the look and feel is cohesive for your attendees. Saving money by keeping the pacing and creative to maximize the time on presenters have on stage.
3) Designing the environment(stage), logos and slide templates to meet creative branding of meeting. This also will blend with any online or print collateral. Cleaning up and running slides for executives, avoiding all onstage mishaps that take away from your objectives. Having rehearsal time to work with the executives and presenters giving them tips and tricks to look better and and feel more comfortable. Also, saving the executives time in cleaning up presentations. Keeping that central look and feel to program is very important.
3) Production companies will work with the company or corporation to brainstorm creative ideas to enhance your message you want your attendees to hear and implementing these ideas to keep the audience engaged and moved to whatever action you want the attendees to walk out the door with.
4) Video and Media production off site and onsite. A production company will make sure all videos are produced in a cohesive way and match the look and feel of the event. Making sure any videos or media brought onsite will work properly when called upon. Having a central production company to handle all video and media helps with flow of the event.
5) A production company has a vested interest that your event will got smoothly as possible and stay on budget. making sure any changes to the program are not hidden costs. Having a good production company will save many headaches and blown budgets!

Can you think of anything else? What are the pitfalls you have run into when not using a production company? Any good war stories?

Mike McAllen

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