What is grass shack events & media?

To begin, it is a full-service corporate event planning and production company geared to handle projects of any size. The company handles the full scope of event planning from conception to completion.Working closely with their experienced production people to develop event elements and graphics in any media, Grass Shack is a one-stop shop for meetings, events, trade shows, road shows, product launches, user’s conferences, sales meetings, incentives and celebrations.

The company manages all aspects of the event including art direction, audio visual, set design, media creation through video, presentation solutions, web development and network implementation.

Grass Shack is structured to actually save clients money while executing professional corporate events and media productions. Their brainstorming sessions are invaluable in helping clients to focus exactly on what needs to be accomplished and how to do it.

Grass Shack is positioned as a boutique shop with all the talented resources rivaling much larger competitive companies. We believe in big ideas and attention to small details.

Our Culture…..

Grass Shack follows a fun, simple, consistent plan: gather together service-oriented Grass Shack family members and vendors whose pride in creating, working, and succeeding shines through their work. With that always in mind, we strive to make your business experience both energizing and satisfying, and we’ll always see your project through from start to its final destination. At Grass Shack, everything you look for, we provide.

Our main goal is to make you look good!