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Here are some older meetingspodcast shows for your enjoyment.  You can find more on itunes and all the other streaming apps.

New Primer Series

Primer Series (1) Audio 101 For Meetings and Events

Primer Series (2) How to look at a Meetings Venue when on a Site Survey

Primer Series (3) How to look at a meetings venue like a Technical Director

Meeting and Event Professionals Interviews

Glenda Brungardt HP 

Lights Camera Interaction Team Building

Corbin Ball Events Technology

Frank Bohem Corporate Entertainment

Aaron Rusch Speaker Support/Graphic Operator

Nancy Duarte Presentation Design

Michael Fischette Puppets for Corporate Meetings

Christian W Frei of

Joel Solloway Produer of Obama Debate

Chris Brogan Keynote Speaker

Kivi Bernard  Keynote Speaker

Adam Stienberg  (sadly went out of business 2010)

Achim Nowak Speaker Coaching

David Gray  Visual Thinking

Jordan Schwartz Pathable Event Community Builder

Andy Sharpe SongDivision Corporate Teambuilding

Bert Decker  Speech Coaching

Midori Connolly Speaker

Shannon Majors Senior Meeting Planner

Kristi Casey Sanders

Janet H Moore Speaker

Sheerin Florio Interactive Meeting Technology

Jessie Upp Green Meetings

Rachel Globus  Event Solutions Magazine

Lara McCulloch Carter  EventProfs Founder

John Baldoni

Mark McLarry Green Power for Events & Meetings

Doug Keeley  Mark of A Leader

Lia Lucerno Green Meetings

Tamara Kennedy Green Meetings

Rachel Globus Event Solutions Magazine 2

Robb Thornsberry

David Shenberg Interactive Meetings Technology

Vicki Hawarden MPI

Brad Wilson Three Waiters Event Entertainment

Jay Smethurst Illumination Galleries

Maarten Vanneste Meeting Architecture

Jeremy J Dodd

Mitch Joel Podcaster/Speaker

Franklin McMahon Creative Director

Sasha Souza  Event Planner

Adam Corolla producer Mike Cioffi

Debbie Newton Corporate Training for Meetings

Debbie Newton Corporate Training for Meetings & Breakouts

Maarten Vanneste Dallas Interview

Kevin Richardson from Freeman

Noah Veneklasen  Corporate Video

Brett Bumeter  New Media Producer

Mike McCurry  from Experient

Adrian Segar Conferences that Work

Brett Bumeter Getting to the top of Google

Johnny Koeller  Corporate Video

Going Digital Podcast

Going Digital Podcast (2)

Nancy Spooner Event Staffing Expert

Going Digital Interactive Meetings (3)

Patrick Payne Mobile Applications for Meetings

David Rich of George P Johnson, Creative for Meetings

Howard Givner -Mobile Application for Meetings

Carrie McAllen Hilton Hotels

Kiki L’Italien

Don England

Jessica Levin

Michael Doyle Virtual Edge Summit

Interview with TEDActive

Jenise Fryatt

Roger Waters

Tony Stubblebine

Greg Ruby

Ira Kerns Meeting Metrics Matter

Elizabeth Glau

Ethan Weber U2 Lighting Director

Joan Eisenstodt

Marie Claire Andrews Event Mobile Applications

Gerrit Hiejkoop Event Mobile Applications

Jason Falls No BS Social Media

John Pollard  Hybrid Events

Carina Bauer IMEX

David Adler BizBash

Michael Douglas of GenieMobile

“Other” “Extras” Shows

How to pick and work with a Audio Visual Company

Idea Show (Mike- Jon – Tom Hilmer)

Working with Animals at Corporate Events

Twitter Show

Jon Trask WEC Teaser

Jon Trask Building a partnership with your AV vendor

Jon Trask 09 WEC teaser

How to use New Media Tools for your Events or Business Part 1

How to use New Media Tools for your Events or Business Part 2

Virtual Events

Event Profs Experiment with Julius Solaris

From the Sidelines

Green Meetings

15 Ways to Build a Kick Ass Corporate Meeting Production Company

Meeting Theme Ideas

Blogworld Review

Top 5 Meeting and Event Mobile Applications

5 Easy ways to use social media to improve your meetings

Unlocking Meeting Creativity

10 Reasons for partnering with a meeting production company

5 ways to keep your social media information safe at conferences

Watching the World Series Online

Using Prezi for Presentations

Hiring Event Contractors with Nancy Spooner

7 Ways to make it a event contractor

How to get started in the meetings business

PCMA Press Conference

QR Codes for Meetings and Events

Great Teambuilding Ideas

 13 Twitter tools for Event Management

Show 185 Evolution of Hash Tags

Mobile Applications for Meetings and Events   Mobile Applications for events

Event Camp Europe Virtual Attendee Experience

Websites to help Meetings Professionals Travel

Character Driven Meeting Engagement


The Shows Numbered (Which seemed like a good idea 200 shows ago- not so much now)

Show 1

Show 2

Show 3

Show 4

Show 5

Show 6

Show 7

Show 8

Show 9

Show 10

Show 11

Show 12

Show 13

Show 14

Show 15

Show 16   Top Event Planners meeting Conventions

Show 17   Green Meeting Resources

Show 18

Show 19

Show 21

Show 22 Green Meeting Venues

Show 23

Show 24

Show 25 Where in the world is Tom Hillmer   Where in the world is Tom Hillmer

Show 26

Show 27

Show 28 Blogs and Web 2.0 Tools

Show 29

Show 30

Show 31

Show 32

Show 34

Show 35

Show 36

Show 37

Show 38

Show 39 Jon Flies Solo

Show 40 G’Day Mate

Show 41 Is this Microphone on

Show 42 The Highball Glass

Show 44

Show 45

Show 46

Show 47

Show 48

Show 49

Show 50

Show 51

Show 53

Show 119

Show 126

Show 127

Show 128 WEC Vancouver 1

Show 129 WEC Vancouver 2

Show 130 Vancouver Convention Center Tour

Show 131 MPI WEC Vancouver Show

Show 135

Show 138 The Speaker Died on Stage

Show 141

Show 147

Show 165

Show 166

Show 167

Show 169 Venues and the impact on Audio Visual

Show 170 Meeting Budgets Markups

Show 171 Is the Tradeshow Dead?

Show 173 Architects for Posterity Show

Show 174 CMP Conclave Show from Cancun Mexico

Show 179 Meetingspodcast Anahiem Meetup

Show 180 MPI WEC Preshow

Show 181 MPI WEC Orlando

Show 182

Show 183

Show 186 Tahira Endean Event Camp Vancouver

Show 193 Event Camp East Coast Greg Ruby and Traci Browne

Show 194 Imex Las Vegas Meetup Part 1

Show 195 Imex Las Vegas Meetup Part 2

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