Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Show 301 Meetings Podcast Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing

On todays show our segments are:

food allergies 300x165 Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing1) Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC from Thrive! Meetings & Events

10 things event professionals need to know about food allergies.

In 1998, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, now FARE, created Food Allergy Awareness Week to educate the public about food allergies, a potentially life-threatening medical condition. Nearly two decades later, FARE is expanding this year’s Food Allergy Awareness Week by declaring the entire month of May as Food Allergy Action Month. This is a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on food allergies and anaphylaxis. There are many easy ways you can get involved in raising awareness, educating others and inspiring action.


like 300x188 Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing2) Jessica Levin, Chief Connector at Seven Degrees Communications and Jordan Schwartz, CEO at Pathable Event Apps, take a wonky look at social media and events, including the impending demise of Google+, Facebook changing newsfeed algorithms (and what it means for your hopes of having your event promotions “go viral”) and some new marketing products Twitter has introduced to help businesses promote themselves in their industry.




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Podcast: Easy ways to build energy at your event, ethics, 7 ways to utilize twitter at events

Show 300 Podcast:  Easy ways to build energy at your event, ethics, 7 ways to utilize twitter at events

ethics 300x264 Podcast:  Easy ways to build energy at your event, ethics, 7 ways to utilize twitter at events

On todays show our segments are:

1) Sue Pelletier – Shares a few tips from the great article 48 easy ways to bring energy to your event.

2) Pat Ahaesy-Do event planners take the High Road or the Low Road.  which is a great ethics segment for the events industry.

3) Mike McAllen- 7 ways to utilize twitter at events.


You can find Sue:

meetingsnet 234x300 Podcast:  Easy ways to build energy at your event, ethics, 7 ways to utilize twitter at events




Get the iPad MeetingsNet app: http://meetingsnet.com/app-faq








You can find Pat:

Pat’s company, P&V Enterprises is headquartered in New York City.

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How do you get into the event managment business? Show 251

Roberta  206x300 How do you get into the event managment business? Show 251

Roberta Boucher


How to get into the event management industry with Roberta Boucher who has more than 20 years of event industry experience. Most recently with Wells Fargo Roberta supported internal communication events for more than 270,000 team members.  Roberta is excited to talk to people interested in getting into the meetings and events industry.





Linkedin Groups for Event People

- BizBash

- AV Industry Professionals


- Event Marketing Pros

- Event Peeps

- Event Production People

- Event Service Professionals

- Event Planning & Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals

- Virtual Events & Meeting Technology

- International Center for Event & Exhibit Marketing

- Who’s Who in Events

Professional Organizations

- Meeting Professionals International (mpi.org)

- International Special Events Society




Reader, Listener Feedback help for AVforPlanners.com

tina 232x300 Reader, Listener Feedback help for AVforPlanners.com

AvforPlanners.com Free Event Solution


I would love to get your feedback on Avforplanners.com It is designed to help Event/Meeting organizers with AV equipment and labor decisions   We released the first portion of the service as a set of simple questions about your event or meeting which spells out an easy to use request for proposal (RFP) wizard to email users a concise PDF to give to your in house AV provider, outside audiovisual provider or production company.  This PDF will tell them what you need for your event or meeting.  This alone will save you time and money on making a decision on a Audiovisual provider.

We also offer a service to take that PDF and give it to 3-4 audiovisual vendors of your choice and get back proposals from them.  AvforPlanners will put those 3-4 proposals side by side and give you a one page summary  of all three so you can make a educated choice on which you would like to use.  AvforPlanners will not have any stake in who wins the Audiovisual contract.  We want you to make the best choice possible for your meeting or event.  Less time trading emails and answering questions over the phone and more time planning an engaging unforgettable meeting or event.  We will ensure you save time and money on planning and organisation of the program.    AVforPlanners is a totally seperate corporation from Grass Shack Events & Media but I know our listeners and readers might get some great use from AVforPlanners.com.



Please take it for a spin and send me your feedback at  Mike At GrassShackRoad.com.   Thanks so much!


Bringing Your Ideas to Life!

3165d4e2734611e2949722000a1f90e1 7 copy Bringing Your Ideas to Life!


We are here to help you bring your vision to life!

Grass Shack Events & Media understands you want to portray your event a specific way, and we know the best ways to do it. Since we have been producing events for over 10 years, we know what works, what doesn’t work, what will save you the most money, and much more. We can, and will, benefit you and your meeting/event in more ways then most event planning companies. We understand the events industry, the current and upcoming trends, and the tips and tricks in saving time and money.

A great example this is when Grass Shack Events & Media produced an amazing event from a simple idea, was the Jazz & Wine Festival. The Montclair Village Association partnered with Grass Shack to take care of everything from coordinating and booking entertainment, to full production of the event. To appeal to the upscale demographic of the Montclair area (the surrounding median household income is $177,000), Grass Shack aimed to produce a high-end event. With only 3 months til the event, our Grass Shack team hit the ground running. We started by creating a CAD drawing of the event layout and main stage design. The Festival look and feel reflected Montclair’s intimate village setting featuring a “Village Vineyard” wine tasting area. With the Festival blueprint secured, Grass Shack identified, auditioned and booked live entertainment for the main stage events, arranged for booths, organized concessions and orchestrated promotional support including posters, t-shirts and banners. Grass Shack also developed “Kidstown” with face painting, free games and prizes to attract the large number of young families in the area.

The result of the event was overwhelmingly successful with several thousand participates and great news coverage. “Grass Shack was extremely calm and competent despite the Festival’s extreme time constraints. They provided excellent service and gave us expert advice on event planning and management. Their creative solutions made this event the talk of the town,” Helen Wyman, Executive Director, 2004 Montclair Village Jazz and Wine Festival.

As you can see, Grass Shack Events & Media is a great company to work with and we will help bring your ideas and vision to life! We will not disappoint you!

Browse our Grass Shack Events & Media website and see our many services and previous events. Contact us for more questions here!

Guest Post from Liz King Events

Guest Post from Liz King Events:
We are excited to introduce Liz King, from Liz King Events, to our Grass Shack Events & Media blog! To start off 2013 the right way we asked Liz a few questions about the events industry and what she is looking forward to in this upcoming year! Enjoy!
1. What new trends in the Events Industry do you see coming up in 2013 that excites you?

One of the trends that I see coming in 2013 is the consolidation of products to serve event planners in the planning process. Right now, planners are subjected to using a different app or software for virtually every aspect of the planning process, but that is going to change in 2013. Products will be developed that give us a better way to manage the planning from A to Z from one platform. This is really exciting!

2. What was your favorite Tradeshow (or conference) you attended this past year and why?

The best conference that I attended this year was SHE Summit Week (which was not related to the fact that I planned it!). HA! SHE Summit Week is 45+ events for women in one week focusing on all the aspects of a woman’s life – health, entrepreneurship, beauty and more. It was a great way to meet powerful women in NYC.

3. Are there any Tradeshows you’ve wanted to attend, but haven’t gotten the chance to?

I would LOVE to attend CES (the Consumer Electronic Show). That is an event where I would totally geek out and love to explore each and every aisle. I’m sure I will make it there someday!

4. Can you tell us a time an issue arose at one of your events and what steps you took to fix it?

For our recent PlannerTech event (www.plannertech.com), Hurricane Sandy had just ripped through the area and we were about to get a snowstorm on the night of the event. We had to make some big decisions on whether or not we could even host the event any more so we polled the participating companies and attendees that we knew would attend. We tried to assess how they were affected and whether they would be able to attend. Once we figured out that it seemed feasible for us to host the event, we had to make sure to communicate with everyone involved. In the end, the snowstorm was worse than predicted. It did effect overall turnout, but it was a great event none-the-less.

5. Do you have any events/webinars/seminars you are putting on in the future that you’d like our followers to know about?
That’s a great question. In fact, we are launching a few new projects in 2013 that we’d like you to know about. Most importantly, our POWER BRANDING series. This will be a biweekly online, interactive class on branding for events businesses, professionals and more! You can learn more at: www.lizkingevents.com/events

Liz King

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Liz started her first company in 2010 in the midst of the down economy. By sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog, she gained expertise in the event planning industry and has become a leader and influencer. Awarded 40 Under 40 Up-and-Coming Event Planners in 2011 and #Eventprofs Most Thought Provoking Blog and People’s Choice Award created a platform for Liz to build her business and strong brand even further.

Working with clients on events like Green Drinks NYC and S.H.E. Summit Week, Liz helps entrepreneurs integrate technology to better engage their attendees. In addition, she also hosts her own events. As the founder of The Planner Collective and Co-Founder of PlannerTech and Event Alley Show, Liz is dedicated to educating her fellow event professionals as well on how technology can enhance events.

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Liz King for being a Guest Blogger on Grass Shack Events & Media! If you would like to be a Guest Blogger, please contact me (Christie Morrison) at christie@grassshackroad.com.

121212 Concert

121212 concert 121212 Concert

Anyone out there watch the 12-12-12 Concert last night? This was such a cool event, with such a great concept, that I just had to share with all of you. Those of you who missed it, here’s an overview of the event from their website www.121212concert.org

12-12-12”, a fundraising concert to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy, will take place on December 12 at Madison Square Garden. The concert will feature Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The Who, Paul McCartney plus more artists to be announced!

The concert is being presented by Chase, and the proceeds will go to the Robin Hood Relief Fund. Robin Hood, the largest independent poverty fighting organization in the New York area, will insure that every cent raised will go to non-profit groups that are helping the tens of thousands of people throughout the tri-state area who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The concert is being produced by James Dolan, Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company; John Sykes, President of Clear Channel Entertainment Enterprises; and Harvey Weinstein, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Weinstein Company‹the same group that produced and sponsored the historic 9/11 benefit “The Concert for New York City”.

Here are some video’s from YouTube of the performances. Enjoy!

Nirvana Reunion Song: “Cut me some slack”

Adam Sandler: “Sandy, Screw Ya!” Song

Bruce Springsteen talking about Sandy Relief

Ways to connect:

Twitter: #121212concert

Instagram: #121212concert

Facebook: 121212

The video production for this event must have been AMAZING! We wish we could have been there to help produce such a great event! For those of you out there that have any meetings or events coming up we’d love to help produce you’re meeting and video production. Book an appointment today by contacting us at mike@grassshackroad.com

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Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should Be Thankful For 

Gobble Gobble!

thanksgiving 560 300x225 Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Grass Shack Event & Media and Meetings Podcast! Hope you are all having a great and EVENTful holiday!

Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving marcom 791x1024 Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should be Thankful For!

Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should Be Thankful For:

Evernote: This free software is designed for note taking. These “notes” can be regular texts, webpages, photographs, voice memo’s…the list goes on and on. Not only is this a great tool that you can use on your computer, iphone, ipad, andriod, blackberry, and many other smart devices. (Mike’s favorite app)

Google docs: A free Web-based office suite and data storage, very similar design to Evernote, but Google Docs focus’ on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. You won’t ever have to work about losing your work or forgetting you laptop. You’ll have access to your documents 24/7. (Jon loves using Google tools)

Calendar: The use of your calendar on your Outlook, Google Calendar, smart phone calendar, etc. is one of the most useful tools for any professional (especially when planning and scheduling is your main task in your job).  (Christie keeps track of all her appointments using her Outlook Calendar)

Social Media: Social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) have completely changed the way we connect with others in our personal lives, along with our professional lives.  This can be a life line for many busy meetings professionals to keep connected.