Launch Festival Startups- Instaplayer – Luis Hervella – Show 253

Instaplayer founder Luis Miguel Hervella

Luis company Chipotle Labs has a very clever Instagram app for sharing, projecting images at events and meetings. The set up is simple and an effective way to engage your meeting or event attendees. Continue reading

The Special Event Chicago- Show 249

the special event

Tahira talks to different types of attendees, vendors and speakers from the show floor. Guests include Ray Gobberg, Dan Berger, Karl Heitz, Lenny Talarico, Lars Erickson, Emma Fortier and Bryan Bell. Continue reading

Less Logistics and More Designing Experiences Show 212

Todays show we talk about two blog posts one from the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting written from speaker Jeff Hurt at Midcourse Corrections. Check it out here: Improving conference attendee experiences.  The other blog post from Jon from his registration experience … Continue reading