Launch Festival Startups- Instaplayer – Luis Hervella – Show 253

chipotlelabs 300x268 Launch Festival Startups  Instaplayer   Luis Hervella   Show 253

Great Walk In Video Option


Luis Miguel Hervella  from CHIPOTLELABS is an indie app developing company that builds “apps to spice up your life”.

They take this motto very seriously and have made it our mission and philosophy. Luis talks with Mike about his experience at the Launch Festival.





Twitter: @chipotlelabs

Personal Twitter:  @LMHervella



Contact email:

 Launch Festival Startups  Instaplayer   Luis Hervella   Show 253

The Special Event Chicago- Show 249

the special event The Special Event Chicago  Show 249

The Special Event

The Special Event completed their annual meeting in Chicago this past January 15-18. Tahira Endean of Cantrav Services Inc in Vancouver Canada gives you a taste of the buzz at this popular industry event.  Tahira talks to different types of attendees, vendors and speakers from the show floor. Guests include Ray Gobberg, Dan Berger, Karl Heitz, Lenny Talarico, Lars Erickson, Emma Fortier and Bryan Bell.

BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Experience

5559883960 fcce40363b m BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Experience

IMG_1696 (Photo credit: mmcallen)

When starting Grass Shack Events & Media my passion was media.  I love the act of storytelling through digital media to engage audiences.

I have been a big fan of New Media Expos for a while now.  BlogWorld is one of my favorites. This year I could not attend the New York event so I bought the Blogworld Virtual Ticket for $347 which gets me video/audio of the sessions I missed.  The video is not actually the video but slides of the sessions with the audio.

It took about a month for the sessions to appear.  Blogworld sent out an email saying that we as virtual attendees should check back often and I did for a while. I came across a tweet of my friend Brett Bumeter that he ws enjoying a session by Tim Street.  I am a big fan of Tim, so I went right to the site and saw the sessions were up!

I really enjoy downloading the sessions to my iphone and listening while driving, gardening and at the gym.  I glean many things from these sessions to enhance my knowledge and implement in business. Taking some best practices from them has actually made our business more successful.  So the $347 price tag is worth the investment to me.

This is a pretty monumental job of putting these sessions online when done the way Blogworld produces them.  Obviously it is budget driven.  We have talked about Sonic Foundry and the services they have provided our events and how engaging they are for hybrid/virtual meetings.   In Blogworlds case they are counting on the Javits techs to hit record, and make sure they have good microphones and levels to ensure the virtual audience can hear the content.  Most of these seasoned techs can do this in their sleep.   This is an early judgment because I have listned to three podcasts so far.

I was travelling and started the download process for one of the tracks. Blogging for Business.   I had a fast connection but it took me around 54 minutes to download 9 sessions.  Of the 16 classes of Business for Blogging 9 are available for download and 3 more would not download.  The others are not offered.  When I said above the techs could do this in their sleep… I feel the sessions that were missed might be sleeping techs. icon smile BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Experience

Why 54 minutes to download?  Because you have to find each session and then download it and move it to itunes.  Tedious but I was fired up when I got them on my iPhone.

My first session was Jay Baer 12 Imperative Must-Dos for the serious Blogger!    GREAT session – really smart guy and I have already implimented a few things he recommended!   Sadly, the title should be 11 Imperative Must-dos for the Serious Blogger becaue the 12th was cut off and the question and answer period was also cut out.  ugggh I will never know the last imperative!

Next was Jabez LeBret  Blogging for The Media: Catapult Yourself by Becoming a Blogger for Major News Organizations: Interesting session I would recomend it. Basically he talks about what I tried to do with MeetingsPodcast to meet people and attend conferences.   Jabez is very knowledgeable and gave some great tips and tricks to get you foot in the door to meet people.

Blogworld was very responsive to all my questions and very whiney emails about the issues I was having.  They explained how to download the audio, even sent out an email saying the sessions were up. icon smile BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Experience Then they said they were going to a directory of the sessions to cut down on download times.

The virtual ticket is a toss up right now for me.  Lots of time and money invested,  but also great content so far.

More information on the blogworld virtual ticket  Great content if you love all types of media!

 BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Experience

When to Outsource Social Media & Meeting Production Show 213

New MeetingsPodcast for iTunes 3 150x150 When to Outsource Social Media & Meeting Production Show 213Elizabeth Glau from Social Media Building Blocks and Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events & Media discuss outsourcing in social media and meeting production.

How does a client know when they need a production company vs. an AV company?
How does a client know when they need to outsource their social media?
How do clients find you? Word of mouth? Website? Industry involvement?
Do you ask them about their goals and objectives?
Have you ever had a situation where the internal planners were worried about you stepping on their toes?
Do a proposal that lays out the entire program, which they can then take to another company.

Please add to the conversation below or email us at

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 When to Outsource Social Media & Meeting Production Show 213

Less Logistics and More Designing Experiences Show 212

Todays show we talk about two blog posts one from the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting written from speaker Jeff Hurt at Midcourse Corrections. Check it out here: Improving conference attendee experiences.  The other blog post from Jon from his registration experience “The Box” for Coachella Music Festival.  Both stress  that less logistics and more designing experiences are the way to go.

 Less Logistics and More Designing Experiences Show 212

The box…

There are a lot of metaphors about thinking “outside the box”.  So many in fact that it’s become a cliché and a punch line.  But, that was the first thing that occurred to me when I received a package yesterday.

Folks who listen to the podcast know that I’m a huge music fan and concert devotee.  One of my big plans for this year is to attend Coachella, a large and well-regarded music festival held near Palm Springs each year.  I’ve never attended before, but I’ve heard they do some very cool art installations and are very forward thinking in how they approach the entire experience for attendees.

I received an e-mail a few days ago that my wristband and shuttle pass were being shipped.  Based on past experiences I was expecting an envelope with a ticket and a pass, and maybe a guide or some other information.

Instead, I received this 6” x 9” box.  Interesting….

cocella 1 300x223 The box…









I opened the box and I found this:


cocella 2 300x223 The box…









Included was a smaller box with my wristband and shuttle pass along with detailed instructions on how to register and use them.

An event guide, that was slick and nicely done with the lineup of bands and really cool photos of past events.

A desk calendar with photos that conveniently covers the dates clear out until the 2013 festival.

A sticker (branding) to show everyone how cool I am that I’m going to Coachella.

And, lastly…the box itself that has inserts to make a freeform diorama with highlights of past stages and artworks.

cocella 3 300x223 The box…








So, where am I going with this?

When was the last time you registered for a conference and got a package like this?

Yes, there’s a cost to put this together, and they had to do something like 150,000 of them!  But, think about how I view the festival now.





Yeah, they could have sent me a wristband in an envelope and fulfilled their obligation to get it to me.  But, they took it step further and found a way to make the simple act of getting my ticket an event.  You think that enhances my excitement about my decision to attend?  You think I may show up with an open mind and waiting to be surprised by the next cool thing they do?

Heck yeah!

When was the last time people were excited about coming to your event?  You may not have Radiohead to headline it, but does every event have to fit into the same “box” that you use every year?

What if you started at the very basics…like the invitation and asked how does this support the event and it’s goals?  Changes don’t have to cost a fortune, but try something that’s different than what you’ve always done in the past.

Shake it up a little and grab you attendees’ attention.  Make a creative video, find a cool offbeat menu to serve, take the meeting outside and read Dr Seuss to all of them (I’ve seen this done by the way and it was awesome.)

Sometimes actually doing the same thing over and over and expecting the SAME result is as crazy as expecting something different.  The world keeps changing and sitting a few hundred people classroom style in front of a power point may seem the only affordable answer for an event.  But, it’s not going to grab their attention and really connect…unless it’s one really darn good power point.

Take a minute to consider what Coachella did…they sent me a box when an envelope would have done the job, but as a result of that box I’m looking at their event next month in a whole new way…

Sometimes you don’t have to be outside the box to still be innovative and engaging.

Follow Coachella on Twitter @Coachella

 The box…

Tracy Stuckrath from Thrive Events & Meetings Interview from PCMA- Show 206

food 300x206 Tracy Stuckrath from Thrive Events & Meetings Interview from PCMA  Show 206Interview from the PCMA Learning Lounge in San Diego. Certified Event Planner with Food Allergies: Tracy Stuckrath talks about PCMA and how planners need to think about the diets of their attendees.  With more than 20 years of event planning experience, Tracey and her company Thrive! offers a complete range of services that encompass every phase of an event. No matter the size or scope, we’ll guide you through the process and work closely with you to ensure your event is memorable, streamlined and delivered to the highest standard.

 Tracy Stuckrath from Thrive Events & Meetings Interview from PCMA  Show 206