Ways to Prevent Event Management Disasters

Ways to Prevent Event Management Disasters:

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Your boss gives you the task of planning a company function and the first thing you do is start planning in your head. You think of how this event will be great, you’ll do a good job, and you’re boss will be extremely impressed. But what if something terrible goes wrong at your event. Many disasters can happen at any time of the event and we want to make sure these do not happen to you. Grass Shack Events and Media are a great Event Production company that will help you at every step of the way and will help prevent these disasters.

Hire An Event Planner

Sounds like an obvious suggestion, but many people do not give themselves enough time to plan their event. The first thing to do is to hire an event planner. You are in charge of putting together this spectacular event and all eyes are on you. Hiring an event planner to help with the details, set up, venue options, etc. Start planning what you want the goal of the event to be and share it with you planner.

Communicate with your Planner

Communicating with your planner brings us to our next point. Communication! You must have complete communication with, not only your event planner, but between your boss, the vendors, the venue coordinator. It is extremely important to make sure your vision is known throughout the entire planning process on all accounts. Your event planner will be a huge part of this as well. Eventually, they will become the middle man between you and the rest of the people that are involved. But in the beginning, be sure to consult with everyone.

Take Care Of The Budget

This piece of advice applies to two things. The numbers in terms of the budget that you have and the numbers of people that will be attending the event.

When it comes to your budget, knowing how much things are costing and how much you are spending is a must. It becomes easy to just agree to prices that people quote you without realising that you cannot afford it, which is when things start to go wrong.

Another piece of advice is that you should always keep a little bit of money aside just in case something does go wrong and you have to spend some more money. If you don’t do this you can easily get into trouble with the bank or the person who is funding the event.

In terms of the number of people that are will be coming to the event you need to know exactly how many people are coming. If you send an invite with a plus one or someone emails asking if they can bring an extra two people you need to stay on top of it. Always make sure that you know how many guests you are expecting. This allows you to plan things such as table plans, drinks and food much better.

If Plan A doesn’t work, theres always Plan B, C, and D

This is where you prove you’re great at event management.

The saying “If plan A doesn’t work, there is always plan B, C, and D”, this quotes is for not only everyday life, but in your event planning. Disaster are bounds to happen every once in a while. Make sure you have back up plans and learn to resolve solutions on your feet. This can all be avoided if you plan accordingly. The best thing to do is to think of all the possible things that could go wrong and think of a solution before the event.

First to Arrive, Last to Leave

Everyone loves to be fashionably late, but as an event manager this is not an option. Be prepared to get to the event early and make sure everything is set up correctly and everything is running smoothly. If you are late to arrive and mistakes are being made, it’s going to be too late to fix. Also, don’t leave your own event early. Just because the event is running smoothly does not mean you can dip out and start your weekend early. Stay til the end and help clean up. You can ask people how they enjoyed the event, possibly get an interview with them to share with your event results.

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Event Industry Pet Peeves Chat

Scanning through Twitter this afternoon (the usual places like #eventtable and #eventprofs) and came across this chat from @JeniseFryatt and @PYMLive about event planning and the pet peeves that come with it. What a great idea for a chat (I love hearing what makes people tick)! Here are some interesting tweets from the chat! To view the entire chat go to #eventtable or follow @JeniseFryatt

A1: The complaints I hear most often from #eventprofs are about F&B, A/V and hotel charges #eventtable

A1: They complain about the cost and lack of customer service with A/V companies. #eventtable

A1: One solution for “hidden fees” @joaneisenstodt has pointed out, is asking the right questions in negs http://ow.ly/dBzfs  #eventtable

Planners have to take responsibility for asking about things they don’t understand before signing contracts. #eventtable

They can protect themselves from hidden fees by stating in contracts that they’re not liable for anything not included in it#eventtable

A1: How to keep up with technology and social media is also a big gripe I hear often from #eventprofs#eventtable

The problem with technology isn’t that you can’t find something that does what you want. it’s there are too many options. #eventtable

A2: Tracking metrics is so important. Facebook & YouTube dashboards are fantastic, also http://www.Tweetreach.com  for Twitter

A3: Suppliers & planners: You want a win-win, so don’t play hardball or be unethical! You can’t get everything! #eventtable

A3: Planners: Know what the value of your meeting really is. Be flexible. Let people know when/why they don’t get your business.#eventtable

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Connect with Industry Outsiders

Great Ways to Connect with Industry Outsiders

Many people these days are jumping into the Meeting Planners/Event Industry and it can be very intimidating. Especially with the new social media outlets, technology, tweets, hashtags…the list goes on and on. If these do not come as a second nature to you, it can definitely be hard getting into the groove of things. I read this article this morning from Meetings Change called “Extending Your Meetings Impact: Connecting Outside your Industry”, and it  brought me back to my job in the hospitality industry. I was so overwhelming understanding the lingo, the operations, etc. just like in any industry you are unfamiliar with. Below are some great points in how to make an outsider of the industry feel more welcomed and intrigued.

Recommendations for connecting outside your industry:

  1. Keep your messages jargon and acronym free. This can be tough if you’re using tools like twitter with character limits, but it can make a big difference in keeping the attention of outsiders.
  2. Use examples that non-experts can relate to and visualize.
  3. Invite active bloggers from outside your industry to participate in your program.
  4. Use tools like Storify to capture tweets from your meeting that are relevant to “outsiders”. Add links for additional information and reports that support the tweets.
  5. Develop relationships with potential “ambassadors” for your industry. These will be preferably outsiders who are knowledgeable about your industry’s value, and who can provide first-hand accounts of the value that your industry provides.

The team at Grass Shack Events & Media have been in this industry for over 10 years. We understand this industry and know it can be hard for Meeting and Event Planners. Let us help you understand this industry and help you run your meeting or event as smooth as possible. Contact us today!

Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas, St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

I was having lunch with a hotel executive the other day and he said. “We have hit rock bottom in the hotel business!”

The economy has really taken its toll on the Hotel business especially the high end area. Perception & budgets are keeping people away.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas LLC has found itself flat out of cash. The 3,900-room resort, which is 70 percent complete and was set to open in October, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today.

2) The St. Regis Monarch Beach which sadly is the emblem of corporate excess and greed last October and is infamous as the hotel where American International Group (AIG) sponsored a luxury retreat just days after accepting a federal bailout, has been scheduled for a foreclosure auction.

3) Four Seasons Aviara craziness lately where a dispute between the owners, a group of investors and its Four Seasons management has been a little to out in the open. I have seen management companies come and go at Hotels but this one really has become nasty. Both sides are very angry and we will see how it all pans out. I guess the resort wasn’t making enough money so the owners wanted Four Seasons out and some new management in. The Four Seasons didnt want to go. Not the best PR for an already bad situation all around.

Here is the Press release the owners sent out.

All these different hotel troubles have come as the recession and credit crunch have hammered the hotel industry, depressing room rates and occupancy levels. Hotels which have very rich travelers and the high-end corporate retreat business, have obviously seen huge declines in revenues.

Not a good situation.

 Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas,  St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

MeetingsPodcast Show 36 The Events & Meetings Industry Fights Back!

travel industry fights back events industry fights back meetings industry fights back MeetingsPodcast Show 36 The Events & Meetings Industry Fights Back!
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

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Tom Hillmer of Creative Group
Jon Trask of Alliant Event Services

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Tom and Mike from a program at Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas and Jon from Los Angeles California. [Read more...]

How to Grow a Creative Team for your Company

I saw this pass by my Twitter stream today and had to share it. Another brilliant video on how to grow your creative team. Just another example how you can keep people engaged through creative video.
Thanks to our sponsor Blue Sky Factorys Greg Cangialosi and dwplanit from Twitter.

What do lead paint, asbestos and PowerPoint presentations have in common?

What do lead paint and PowerPoint Presentations have in Common?
death by powerpoint What do lead paint, asbestos and PowerPoint presentations have in common?

Well they have Jim Haudans book: The Art of Engagement all in common. I have really been enjoying reading this book and learning more about helping our clients be better more efficient presenters [Read more...]

Where would you use this Smart Surface Table?

I was forwarded this video about Microsofts tabletop technology by Rob Balmer of the Doubletree Hotel San Jose and I wondered how you might use it at an event. Of course the video shows the different ways business could use it but what about something interactive for an event. They say it will eventually have smart surfaces everywhere which really bends the imagination. Think about walls, tables and counters. I wonder what the rental prices will be for these tables?

One thing is for sure the future looks like fun.

How would you use it?

Also if you want more information of this technology do a quick search on Youtube.com

 Where would you use this Smart Surface Table?

How do you deal with Business Passion Blockers?

how do you handle passion blockers How do you deal with Business Passion Blockers?

We have all been there – being passionate for something, some project, some show, some event and then having someone like a boss or a client who is not so passionate, block that passion. Blocking meaning halting it, changing its course before the passion can be built upon and really grow to something cool and impactful.

This morning I was very excited about a ongoing initiative we are producing at Grass Shack Events & Media. I was really passionate when I presented the ideas this morning – ideas the client asked for, yet the client blocked this passion by saying- I don’t want to talk about this now.

I understand this is part of business and the selling process of any idea is a giant step. I moved away and we are regrouping but I sensed the whole teams deflating passion. The client had been passionate before, but it now just became a job.

How do you deal with passion blockers? [Read more...]