The Special Event Chicago- Show 249

the special event

Tahira talks to different types of attendees, vendors and speakers from the show floor. Guests include Ray Gobberg, Dan Berger, Karl Heitz, Lenny Talarico, Lars Erickson, Emma Fortier and Bryan Bell. Continue reading

CRM for Independent Business – Show 246

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – data is the basis of your relationships. Do you have all the data on your clients that you have access to in one place? Jon Trask and Elizabeth Glau review the various platforms – free and paid – cloud and software. Continue reading

Running a Successful Startup Event with Cassandra Phillips Show 245

Cassandra Phillipps of FailCon is interviewed by Mike McAllen for MeetingsPodcast

San Francisco’s Cassandra Phillipps from WebWallFlower Events talks to Mike McAllen about running successful startup event. Her successful event FailCon has been called a “breath of fresh air” by NBC, a “resounding success” by Wired, and an event that “set a better tone for the coming era of entrepreneurship” by attendees. Cass shares some tips and tricks she has learned to keep audiences engaged, connected and informed year after year. Continue reading

EIBTM 2012 Mark of A Leader- Doug Keeley Rewind

        This morning I checked my Twitter lists.  I now use Twitter lists to curate my information. One post I saw was my friend and contributer to the MeetingsPodcast Greg Ruby was watching the eibtm conference from … Continue reading

Imex America Show Online- Smart Monday Show 239

Imex America Show Online- Smart Monday Recap IMEX America. Todays Podcast is a recap of Smart Monday. Reactions to Debra Bentons Keynote, talk about the show floor and IMEX Americas social media presence. Podcast: Play in new window … Continue reading

Imex America Show Online- Tuesday Show 240

Imex America Show Online. Today the MeetingsPodcast features a recap of Tuesday from the show floor. Reactions from exhibitors, attendees and hosted buyers all who are finding IMEX America to be very valuable.         Transcripts: Podcast: … Continue reading

Debra Benton- Leaders Needed: Apply Within – Show 238

Mike McAllen talked with Debra Benton about her upcoming IMEX Keynote called: Leaders Needed: Apply Within:  Benton will dissect and decode the secret sauce of traits and nuance needed to elevate your presence in the world where you want to … Continue reading

5 ways IMEX America Utilizes Social Media With Miguel Neves- Show 234

Miguel Neves IMEX America social media

IMEX Group Social Media Manager Miguel Neves talks about how IMEX is utilizing Social Media to help exhibitors and buyers connect and share at IMEX America. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms are discussed.         … Continue reading

Politicians what does Advocacy have to do with Meetings? – Tom Hulton IMEX Group -Show 232

Tom Hulton IMEX Group

  Politicians what does Advocacy have to do with Meetings and Events? – Tom Hulton from the IMEX Group explains to Mike McAllen how IMEX America is helping government understand how important live face to face events are for local … Continue reading

Where do event managers go to learn about meeting planning? IMEX America -Show 230

Carina Bauer

Where do event managers go to learn about meeting planning? IMEX America of course! Mike talks with CEO of IMEX Group Carina Bauer about the upcoming October 9-11 IMEX America 2012 trade show in Las Vegas and what to expect … Continue reading