Do We Need An #Eventprofs TV Channel?

 Do We Need An #Eventprofs TV Channel?

Do We Need a TV Channel for Events?


What we surely need is media generated by event professionals. Independent media productions need our support. Whether they are a blog, a Webinar series or a book.

Why? Because independent productions are out of the usual influence circles. They provide unbiased information and compete against each other to deliver real value.

This create a virtuous cycle that eventually forces also traditional media to offer free content. That is amazing disruption for an industry.

I have seen that happening with this blog.

I thought this was a thoughtful post by Julius Solarus about our industry.  We have talked about putting together an internet video show for a couple of years here at Grass Shack and MeetingsPodcast. But it usually falls into the cost of doing video that is highly watchable.  Cost meaning time.  It cannot be as simple as turning on a camera and recording it.  I watched a little of
Kevin Van Der Straeten and  and thought it was really well done.  I just couldnt understand what they were saying. :)  I think it might be a good idea for the industry.  Looks likes from Event Manager Blog Kevin is trying to raise money to produce these shows in English.  If you think it is a good idea head  over to this Kickstarter sponsor page by Indiegogo and donate.



Looking for music for your meeting opening video?

MUsic studio 300x267 Looking for music for your meeting opening video?

If you are looking for some music, quirky, ambient or comedy for your next corporate video check out EASY POP on the Warner/Chappell production music website.  To set the mood and tone in a video you need a great soundtrack to really sell the emotions you are trying to hit to make your video engaging for your audience.

Maybe you are looking to create a fantastic meeting opening video.  Look into Sonixphere to get movie trailer type music.  It is a great audio resource to hit the peaks and valleys you need to get people exciting and set the tone of your meeting.

Another option for meeting opening video music is  They just released Piano classics which is performed by Mikhail Korzhev.  two-album set which might be the sounds you are looking for.

Call us for more help on putting together your next meeting opening video.

Michael Pinchera chimed in via twitter:  “If you want to really get into the music (and have the time), maybe try the Free Music Archive



WebSite Story- Creative Mashup Fun

My friend and virtual emcee Emilie Barta turned me on to this clever Youtube video. My sister was in West Side Story and it made me think how fun corporate theatre can be to open meetings and conferences. This was just very well done and fun!

7 step plan for better meetings

7 step plan for better meetings

515924929 0d814d9f0c t 7 step plan for better meetingsSimply put, this video is a home run. A great guideline for you to use when throwing any type of meeting or event.

1) finding out what your audience really wants.
2) finding the most influential raving fans
3) using the best web and traditional marketing to get people talking about your event or meeting.
4) great production
5) built an environment to enhance the theme- environmental design solutions
5) lots of ways for the audience to interact and be engaged. Interactive technologies and traditional exercises.
6) content and activities built in such a way to build future attendance or community around the event or meeting.
7) ponies always rock.

(Thanks Dave Lutz for pointing me to this video)

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Engaging Conference Opening Video

A great way to start off your sales meeting is with a motivational video. Set the stage for a great conference with a wow video or animated graphics. The below video is a great example on how you can use corporate theater to enhance your meeting. Mixing the actor with the animation is visually amazing. How could you start to get your message across to your audience using video production?

Grass Shack has years of experience producing opening videos or opening modules for our clients. We can design videos, graphics and of course produce your whole meeting. The goal with this type of video production is to give experiences that help attendees feel engaged and inspired.

Could you see your CEO battling it out with an animation? How about visually showing the drug your company sells as an animated superhero? The options are endless and exciting!



Opening Animation For Your Next Conference!

A great way to start your sales meeting or conference is an opening animation or a video produced to engage your audience. These types of meeting technologies can really enhance your attendees experience and make them feel special.

Video Brings Awareness-Just Ask Cebu Airlines Flight Attendants

Video production is really taking hold on the internet. I have been involved with conference video for a long time. Meeting video should really be evaluated.  Is it bringing awareness or telling a story of your meeting objectives?  Homeless people and Cebu Airlines Flight Attendants are bringing awareness to their problems. How can you do the same thing with your general conference video?

The homeless man below is interesting use of Kermit the Frog to get noticed- I know our country has a terrible problem with homeless and homeless families. Traveling from city to city for work/vacation I am sad to see, that in the San Francisco Bay area, there seems to be a largest concentration of homeless people. Recently, I wrote about the invisible people videos. This man is hardly invisible, he is getting noticed with this video.

Tell me honestly, how many times do you watch the flight attendants do the safety instructions before you take off.  Cebu Airlines flight attendants are taking matters into there own hands. I am sure this makes the flight a little bit more fun. Take a look at the video below.
I can hear the screams of sexist or even that this is degrading behavior. I think it is really fun. Is it close to Southwest Airlines first flight attendants who had “unique personalities” who were dancers, majorettes, and cheerleaders? Southwest Airlines and the big boss Herb Kelleher proceeded to dress them in hot pants and go-go boots.

Now this might not be a planned video. But it sure brings awareness to the airlines. 6 million views. I saw this as a tweet going by @SusanRadojevic She said. “I wanna fly this airline!” I agree!

So when you are having your creative brainstorm meeting for your next conference or meeting. Think about how you could use video production to get your attendees engaged, educated and entertained with some convention video or meeting video.  Bringing awareness to your conference message is  essential for great return on investment for your meeting.