Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media

Trust Agents, the new book on social media marketing by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, should be on your book purchase list. Where I think of Chris as a friend he is also really fricken smart and a personable guy. The main reason to read this book is in our industry of Events and Meetings social media is on the top of everyone’s lists of questions (along with Green Meetings) on how to do it and what its all about. This book will answer your questions. I do not know Julian Smith though I have heard him on the Podcast Media Hacks. He swears all the time to get his point across which I find refreshing. :) He seems to be a no holes barred type of guy.

So think about buying this book…… it will put you a head of the game with Social Media.

(full disclosure my amazon associates link is above)

If you want to hear a podcast of me interviewing Chris Brogan before buying check this link.

This one’s a keeper. If you do business online (or do business with people who have ever been online) or know someone who once used a computer, I strongly suggest you get smart about the ideas in this book. ~Seth Godin

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