Do We Need An #Eventprofs TV Channel?

Do We Need a TV Channel for Events?


What we surely need is media generated by event professionals. Independent media productions need our support. Whether they are a blog, a Webinar series or a book.

Why? Because independent productions are out of the usual influence circles. They provide unbiased information and compete against each other to deliver real value.

This create a virtuous cycle that eventually forces also traditional media to offer free content. That is amazing disruption for an industry.

I have seen that happening with this blog.

I thought this was a thoughtful post by Julius Solarus about our industry.  We have talked about putting together an internet video show for a couple of years here at Grass Shack and MeetingsPodcast. But it usually falls into the cost of doing video that is highly watchable.  Cost meaning time.  It cannot be as simple as turning on a camera and recording it.  I watched a little of
Kevin Van Der Straeten and  and thought it was really well done.  I just couldnt understand what they were saying. :)  I think it might be a good idea for the industry.  Looks likes from Event Manager Blog Kevin is trying to raise money to produce these shows in English.  If you think it is a good idea head  over to this Kickstarter sponsor page by Indiegogo and donate.



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