Does it fit?

You ever find you try and fit something into an event space and it just doesn’t fit. I mean it feels right and looks good on paper but when you actually get there it is just off.

I just sent off a budget to a client and we had a nice number to work with. But things just add up. Some cool stuff though 52 foot screen, pyro, custom song, spider technology for graphics, videos its going to be really fun! But will it all fit?

Sadly nothing can be perfect but you try to put the best show on possible for your attendees.

When I recently went to Blogworld I was amazed that the Keynote session was in the exhibits area. They had draped off an area which was way too small for the audience. During the session the exhibitors were banging around and the audio didn’t work well – in fact one of the large down stage speakers went down during the keynote and from where I was sitting most of the crowd were watching the techs try and fix it. Incidentally I walked in to the room with Tim Bourquin who will be moving his Podcast expo to Las Vegas next year and I am sure he was taking notes. Tim is a great guy and I said some critical remarks about this years Podcast expo but thinking about it I think this move to Vegas will be great for his show. Rick Calvert and his team did a great job, the buildup to this event was enormous and it looked very cool. Audio was really bad as a whole and not having speakers show up was the biggest snafu he had. Both guys are obviously really smart and will keep massaging the events until they fit.

I will keep attending, learning a ton and complaining. :) Why do I complain? Because I am always on the other side of the coin. And I love feedback even if it is crappy (which it is rarely:)) So I give it. The first podcast expo I went to I wrote a long tiresome list of things I saw that could have been improved on. Take it with a grain of salt.

My hat goes off to both these guys and their teams. Both put on a great events where I get to meet a tons of creative people.

Photo Credit to me. Model credit to Alex (one of our dogs who really loves this small dog bed)

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