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Rachel Globus Editor in Chief & Education Director EVENT SOLUTIONS For Successful Events, Meetings and Incentives rachel@event-solutions.com
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Mike and Rachel discuss a new articleabout Up-cycling from Event Solutions.

Mike McAllen: Welcome back to Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen with Grass Shack Events & Media. Today, we have Rachel Globus, the Editor in Chief and Educational Director from Event Solutions magazine.

Hi, Rachel!

Rachel Globus: Hi! Thanks for having me.

Mike McAllen: Thank you so much for talking with me today and why don’t we start out. We were going to do a little, maybe a monthly discussion, you and I about what’s going on with Event Solutions and what’s going on with Rachel Globus?

Rachel Globus: Well, it’s maybe a little bit more about what’s going on with the event industry. I don’t know how there’s anything I’ll be here. It will be easier if it’s going on with me specifically but we’ll try to talk about the breaking trends that we’ve come across in the past month.

Mike McAllen: Fantastic. And so why don’t you talk a little bit about yourself and so people can get to know you and then we’ll move on …

Rachel Globus: Okay.

Mike McAllen: … to some things going on with Event Solutions.

Rachel Globus: Sure. I will keep it brief. I’ve been in the industry for about 4 or 5 years. I start out with Event Solutions and knew nothing about this amazing industry and over the years, I really come to appreciate it and have covered all sorts of things, all areas from incentives to exhibits and back again. And I’ve really come to love it and now I’m the sort of leader of the magazine and I’m looking forward to creating a community and seeing what event pros have to say and just getting off to interesting ideas. So yes, that’s it.

Mike McAllen: Awesome, awesome. Sounds great. Everybody has kind of a crazy story how they get into this crazy business. I mean, mine is a – I was just – my roommate – well, I got into it – my roommate needed somebody during the .com time to go, “Hey, do you have any time next week to go to Korea with me to work on this show?” And I said, “Sure.” I went as a PA and ran around with Larry Ellison for a week for Oracle thing way back when the Oracle was starting, a big company Oracle kind of crazy but …

Rachel Globus: Right.

Mike McAllen: … that’s my quick story of how I got into it but …

Rachel Globus: Yes. That’s funny because my favorite question to ask event pros is how they got in the industry because it’s always, it’s always an interesting story. There’s – especially the ones that have been in the industry for a while because it’s only recently that it started to evolve into a highly professionalized industry. There are so many people that started back in the day that started doing something completely different and now they’re total event pros.

Mike McAllen: Right, right, right.

Rachel Globus: So, it’s always an interesting story.

Mike McAllen: So, let’s talk about the article about upcycling. Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

Rachel Globus: Sure. Well, the article is – we noticed a trend and it’s sort of a national trend but it’s really interesting to see how event pros are really taking it and running with it. The idea of upcycling was introduced by an environmentalist years ago and he’s whole idea was that we can eliminate the idea of waste entirely if we had a couple ways we could do it and one of the things that he suggested was upcycling, which is basically taking things that would have been thrown away and finding way to reuse them.

It’s a very basic concept but with the economy the way it is, people are taking another look at it and it’s becoming even more popular and it’s really sort of driving changes in the way designers design and specifically event design.

Mike McAllen: Right. Yes, it is interesting. I know for we’re building stages and things when nowadays, it used to be you tear it down and throw it away but now it’s all about how do we reuse everything or you know. It’s amazing how it all is changing.

Rachel Globus: I’m sorry about that phone in the background.

Mike McAllen: No, no problem at all. Everyone’s busy.

Rachel Globus: Yes, it is. That’s for my work day here.

Mike McAllen: That’s great, yes.

Rachel Globus: Yes, unfortunately.

Mike McAllen: It’s good it’s ringing. If it wasn’t ringing, that would be a problem.

Rachel Globus: Exactly. It’s ringing off the hook over here. So, anyway so we actually found a number of planners all around the country and kind of talk to them all about what they’re doing. It’s really, really interesting to see the ways that they’re taking items that would have normally just go to the trash and reusing them in their – the phone is really up. I forgot I’ll speak today. And reusing them in totally unexpected ways that you never would have seen a couple of years ago.

So, for example, we talked about Marion Marshall. She’s out of Dallas and she was, she had to do an event design for an upcoming event that was coming up. She had no idea what to do. When she was walking home and she sees that the tree trimmers outside her house are cutting down branches and suddenly she realizes, “I can use those branches for my center pieces.”

And I have actually seen a picture of it. They’re gorgeous center pieces and you kind of have that spare look of the branches and you know maybe you could have done that without taking them from in front of your house but it’s really neat that she took something that ordinarily would have just been thrown away and …

Mike McAllen: Right.

Rachel Globus: … was able to integrate those into event design and I’m sure it was free for her maybe. She was able to work and she probably could have even got them prepared and hauled away. I’m not sure how she exactly did that but it’s really, really interesting to see, it’s really interesting to see that kind of development in event design.

Mike McAllen: Yes, and that is so interesting too about it opens up a whole door to being more creative when you go on site, different places. I mean, we’re always dump into some new town, not dump in but go into different towns everywhere and you could actually local stuff to bring in to do decorations or do – really interesting thought.

Rachel Globus: Exactly, yes. And it’s definitely – some of it is – it’s kind of interesting to see the way people have really kind of going local, another, somebody else mentioned that they had – one of our other sources mentioned that sometimes if she’s same sort of thing for branches to integrate before was actually go into the woods and don’t everybody go start doing that or we’ll denude our national forest.

But it was very interesting and very resourceful and I think that’s sort of a hallmark of this trend is resourcefulness. Wherever you are in the nation right now, I think everybody is looking at trying to be a little bit more resourceful. We don’t have – nobody has some money to waste to spend on waste or buy things that don’t need to be bought.

Mike McAllen: Right.

Rachel Globus: So, it’s interesting that it is kind of – it’s eco-friendly because we’re basically not buying or creating new products but that’s not really the driver behind it. It’s more of a cost conscious thing.

Mike McAllen: So, what other things do you have for upcycling?

Rachel Globus: Well, let’s see. We had – I mean, this one is a little bit of a different example but one of our sources mentioned that she, and that this is just sort of being a little bit more cost conscious. She need filler for vases and she could have bought crystallized sands for it but instead she used table salts and so she was able to save money and the looks really nice and she may even have been able to reuse the salt. I’m not sure about that but you know, it’s just thinking a little bit differently about how to get the look that you want but at a lower cost and hopefully with less an environmental impact.

Mike McAllen: Right, right, right.

Rachel Globus: And another example just to interrupt that I thought was really interesting. I’ve seen this since a couple of years back is craigslist can actually be really useful for event planners if you have maybe a couple pieces you might want to kind of custom-fabricate something but you don’t want to completely fabricate the whole thing from scratch. You could go out in craigslist and find some pieces of furniture that are just sort of – that somebody wants to get rid of and you could take them and maybe – this particular planner that I saw, I think they repainted them to their event colors and then they had new – they had sort of a neat vintage look. It was also – they didn’t create anything new, they didn’t buy any new products, they didn’t create a huge carbon footprint and they had a great look for their event without spending a whole lot of money. So, that was really neat to see as well.

Mike McAllen: That’s a great idea. It’s really a great idea. I didn’t even think of that. I know we were building like a little retaining wall here. (00:08:18) is building it. I know we did the same thing like he goes, “Well, let’s go on craigslist and see what they have on there.” And he found this cement pieces that he used and they looked beautiful which you wouldn’t think broken cement would be something but I mean, just on the long of the line, same kind of thing. It’s really smart.

Rachel Globus: Right, exactly. Have you ever – this reminds me of another trend. We have another article in our April issue that’s about offered the different costing tips and somebody brought up something that’s really interesting. Tell me if you’ve done this. She bartered her services so she exchanged her event planning services that was videography services, DJ services and something else in exchange for work that was done in her house. Have you ever heard of that or done that?

Mike McAllen: How funny. Yes, I did. Well, actually we talked about it on the podcast a while back that there is a site where you can go and I’m blanking completely on what it was. I’ll think it back and look but it is a barter site where you go and you trade for everything. You could trade, barter for everything. Really cool idea.

Rachel Globus: It’s more popular for weddings. There’s something called Big Day Barter but I think there’s also another one called U-Exchange, it’s U-Exchange.com and there’s another one which I’ll have to find but it is – it’s again, it’s all driven by the economy.

People wanting to save a little bit money and if you don’t have to have – no money have to come out of your pocket to do it and it’s a sort of, it’s sort of a bit of a throw back but if it gets the job done and you get something that you want and somebody else gets something that they want then it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Mike McAllen: Yes, oh yes for sure, for sure.

Rachel Globus: It’s called favorpals.com. I haven’t looked into it. But so Bigdaybarter.com is the wedding one then there’s U-Exchange.com and favorpals.com for that – it’s just basically a platform for you to use to barter your services.

Mike McAllen: Very cool, very cool.

Rachel Globus: Yes.

Mike McAllen: Yes, you have a cool little bar graph in there on your – in the article that talks about the different things that people are upcycling for events. That was very cool.

Rachel Globus: Indeed. Yes, we asked everybody – we kind of – we actually twitted out on Twitter and asked people what was their favorite item to upcycle and we got – we had a couple of options. One, bottle, fabric, newspapers and magazines, tin cans, glassware, vintage containers and it was interesting to see actually that most people like to up cycle glassware and I think that that’s an easy thing to kind of find around and reuse.

One of our planners talked about when she’s designing for an event. She’ll actually take and I think these are smaller social events but actually take one glasses that the client owns and just kind of drop tail lights on them and use them around the room to create ambiance.

Mike McAllen: Cool.

Rachel Globus: So, that’s – it’s a small scale but it’s also, it’s an interesting way that’s – looks very nice, very low impact too to get a nice look.

Mike McAllen: Right, yes, very, very cool.

Rachel Globus: Yes.

Mike McAllen: Okay. Well, we should probably cut off now and I want to thank you again for coming on the show and I’m looking forward to talking to you again next month.

What – how can people get a hold of you? Where can they find Event Solutions if they’re not already receiving it?

Rachel Globus: Well, you can find us at event-solutions.com and you can also find us twitting all the time. We are at Event Solutions, that’s our Twitter name. You can also find me, I’m Rachel ES so feel free to send me a message or twit with me. That’s always a great way to get in touch and you can also e-mail me, it’s Rachel@event-solutions.com but I just want to mention, if you’re interested in this topic, go ahead and check out the April issue which is should be in mailboxes pretty darn soon next week or sooner or look at your digital edition. That’s where we talked about if you’re interested in it. You can get a lot more ideas. So, it’s a great topic and it would be interested to see what other people have to say about it.

Mike McAllen: Yes, fantastic. And I’ll put all the links to you and how to get a hold of you on our site too. So, if someone happens to be listening to this and didn’t – is not on the – they’re listening to it, they can go to Meetings Podcast site too and get all the links to you.

Rachel Globus: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Mike McAllen: So, okay. Rachel, I will talk to you again next month.

Rachel Globus: Okay, sounds good. Thank you.

Mike McAllen: And you have a great day.

Rachel Globus: Thank you, you too.

Mike McAllen: Bye-bye.

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