Extract sound files from PowerPoint

Extract sound files from PowerPoint

Want to extract narration from a PowerPoint file to tweak in a third-party sound-editing program? You can extract audio files from narrated presentations by saving them in the .html format. Open your narrated PowerPoint and Choose File>Save as Web Page. Be sure to choose Web Page (.html) from the “Save as Type” drop-down list (not Single File Web Page). After saving, click Web Options and click Publish. Look through the .htm or .html files that PowerPoint created and you’ll see a .wav file for each slide, numbered consecutively. They’ll look something like this: sound001.wav or sound002.wav.
(Tip provided by Presentations columnist, Ellen Finkelstein, www.ellenfinkelstein.com)

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  1. riverbend says

    I want to find the name of a sound file embedded in a Power Point Presentation but I can’t do what is suggested above as I don’t even get the option SAVE FILE AS. Where do I go and what do I do? Would appreciate your help!

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