Have Airlines Miles You Cant Use?

Jon caught this nifty website which might be interesting to our industry since we fly so much. The Mile High Swap Club where you can swap Airline miles for goods and services. They have a MHS Headlines on the botom of the page which is worth the trip to the website.

Mile High Swap is the only destination on the web that enables consumers to swap their miles with each other, in exchange for items, service or miles from ANY airline.

* Have something around the house that you know is worth 5,000 miles? Swap it!.
* Do you offer a service that you know is worth 10,000 miles? Swap it!
* Maybe you have an item, or provide a service that is worth a free ticket, maybe two – Swap it!
* Have miles in more than one program, but not enough in either to get a free ticket? Swap them!

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  1. says

    Hey Mike – As you can see by the way I’m typing lately I either haven’t had enough sleep or I’ve had too much coffee. Quite possibly a combination thereof.

    Thanks for the kudos on MHS. It’s been a 2 year labor of love and a model that we believe could offer some real relief to millions of people in this difficult economy like this. Believe it or not, according to The Economist magazine, frequent flyer miles are the second largest currency next to the dollar. Now people can actually take their Monopoly money and get what they want or need without having to go more in debt.

    Thanks for the offer on the show, what did you have in mind?


  2. MeetingsPodcast Guys says

    Why dont you come on the show and talk about the Site! maybe we have someone sign up and do some bartering and trading!


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