How can I watch SXSW Online?

How can I watch SXSW online?

Full few weeks up ahead for this huge cant miss event. Well those of us that can’t go can get a nice taste of the South by Southwest hybrid portion of the event. So if you want to check out South by Southwest online here is the link to watch the online stream of South By Southwest.

Here is the offerings and the Hashtags in one place.
Here is the round up of sessions and hash tags. I would recommend using and put in the hashtag to filter out all the other tweets. Please realize that everyone else will be seeing your tweets that are not in Tweetchat- maybe message your followers to tell them you are taking part of the steamed- hybrid event and invite them to join you!

I contacted SXSW to see if they will have social media moniters for each session. I will update this blog if they do (they are probably pretty busy)

Friday, March 9
2:00PM Wireless Wellness: App-tastic or Just Fun & Games? #sxsw #mhealth
2:00PM Rethinking Civilization for the Social Age #sxsw #rethinkciv
3:30PM Gamify and Socialize: Beyond the Buzzwords #sxsw #gamify
5:00PM The Lean Startup: The Science of Entrepreneurship #sxsw #LeanStart

Saturday, March 10
11:00AM The Start-Up of YOU: 21st Century Career Strategy #sxsw #startYOU
2:00PM Keynote: How to Read the World #sxsw #keynotunde
3:30PM Making the Real World Easier to Use #sxsw #EasyWorld
3:30PM The Secret Lives of Links #sxsw #LinkLives
5:00PM The View from Inside Rainn Wilson’s Brainstem #sxsw #rainn

Sunday, March 11
11:00AM Tapping Into America’s Secret Sauce: Entrepreneurs #sxsw #USASauce
2:00PM Keynote: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface #sxsw #AmberCase
3:30PM The Payment Revolution is Coming: Welcome to Interchange Zero #sxsw #interchangezero
5:00PM Network Effect: Building a Business Around Sharing #sxsw #Dropbox

Monday, March 12
12:30PM Create More Value Than You Capture #sxsw #values
3:30PM Content As a Means for Social Change #sxsw #ContentAs
5:00PM Don’t Shoot the Player While They’re Learning #sxsw #gdtruisms

Tuesday, March 13
11:00AM Advise THIS! Matchmaking Startups & High Profile Advisors #sxsw #Advisors
2:00PM Coding the Next Chapter of American History #sxsw #JPahlka
3:30PM Digital Debauchery with Anthony Bourdain #sxsw #Bourdain

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