Hybrid Meetings

Grass Shack Events & Media has been an industry leader in hybrid events meetings.  Also known as live streaming we will add the video and meeting production knowledge to help you put on great conferences.  For years we’ve successful helped our clients reach interested virtual attendees in partnership with live face to face audiences. In today’s economic and sustainable environment, there are more and more companies looking for an addition of a hybrid or virtual element. A hybrid meeting, virtual meetings are a positive way to keep remote attendees engaged in the message while minding cost and sustainability.


Our goal at Grass Shack Events & Media is to take the mystery out of “Hybrid Meetings” in the meetings industry and to connect more attendees to your meeting or event. We will handle the live stream’s production and creative to enhance your meeting, drive your message, your attendance and ultimately more awareness to your meetings and events. We will have your meetings production and technology nailed down, but also the strategy and knowledge to engage your online community. We are experts at Hybrid Meeting production and the latest technology, and we love to give our clients new ways of using the latest equipment in order to maximize budgets and meet your meeting goals.

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We have a turnkey meeting production solutions for any size event or meeting. Our Hybrid event solution contains all the pieces to the puzzle: the audio visual, streaming interface, recording aspect, and most importantly the strategic solutions to engage your remote audiences.  We can also provide live streaming free consulting to get your answers to you in a pinch when you are ready to take the plunge into live streaming your event or meeting.

Please contact us for more information on making your meeting more effective with Hybrid meetings or hybrid event technology.

Hybrid Meetings FAQs

What is a Hybrid Meeting?

A hybrid meeting involves a mixture of live face to face meeting with elements of a virtual event usually running simultaneously and capturing content.

How does a Hybrid meeting work?

A Hybrid meeting is a live video stream of the content being showcased at your event. The best Hybrid meetings have an element of interaction. What we have learned having a separate show flow for the hybrid audience and your face to face audience usually keeps the attendees watching the stream feel part of the event. This means having a emcee to interact with the virtual audience providing interviews and interaction elements.

Will a Hybrid meeting cannibalize your live attendance?

A resounding no is the answer to hybrid meetings cannibalizing your attendance. When hybrid meetings are done correctly they can actually help increase attendance to subsequent live meetings and events by increasing the reach and generating interest in your content to others who would really never had the opportunity to attend that conference or meeting.

Why should internal sales meetings care about having a Hybrid meeting?

We understand over the years budgets have been cut and not everyone can attend your latest sales meetings. Sometimes the bottom line costs are just too much. So why not set up an internal live stream. An effective way to do this is to stream the event to “pods” in your different cities and have the local teams gather to watch and interact together without the costs associated.