Imex America Show Online- Tuesday Show 240

Imex America Show Online. Today the MeetingsPodcast features a recap of Tuesday from the show floor. Reactions from exhibitors, attendees and hosted buyers all who are finding IMEX America to be very valuable.






Mike:                          Welcome to the Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events and Media. I am out on the floor here at IMEX America. I’ve been popping around talking to different people, planners and exhibitors, trying to get their take on what’s been happening today, Tuesday at IMEX. And so I will let you listen to them and thank you again for listening to the podcast and I will see you next time.

Hi, Julie.

Julie:                          Hi, Mike.

Mike:                          Why don’t you tell the audience what your name is, who you work for?

Julie:                          I’m Julie Hewett. I’m with JulNet Solutions which is an association and event management company out of Huntington, West Virginia. This is my very first IMEX, so I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been quite an experience, very different from any other trade show that I’ve gone too and I think far more productive.

Mike:                          Yeah. And so you went to Smart Monday yesterday?

Julie:                          I did. I went all day. Phenomenal. I had so many notes, so many good ideas, so many different things that I can’t wait to go back to the office and try.

Mike:                          What was something – what takeaway that you got? What’s the one you’re totally happiest about, can you think of one?

Julie:                          Whole long list of technology apps that are going to make my life easier, more productive.

Mike:                          And anybody you saw in particular you like speaker that you would recommend?

Julie:                          Midori always a good one.

Mike:                          Midori Connolly!

Julie:                          Yes, yes,

Mike:                          Interesting. OK. Thank you so much.

Julie:                          Thank you.

Mike:                          And I look forward to seeing you more around the show floor.

Julie:                          Perfect. Thank you.

Mike:                          All right. Hi, Martin, first, why don’t you tell people who you are and who you’re with. And why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you’re looking forward to here at IMEX.

Martin:                       Yes, thank you, Mike for this opportunity. My business is called Abitt. And I started the company 30 years ago. It’s an audio visual production meeting design company. And so what I’m doing here is mainly meeting American clients and friends but also hoping to meet new and potential clients, Americans that come to Europe because we do production and audio visual for meetings and conferences all over Europe. And so lots of our clients are from America. And we are looking forward to meet some of those that are coming to Europe and love to help them with their production.

Mike:                          Awesome. And so where is your booth?

Martin:                       We are – I’m actually at the Belgian booth. My company is based in Belgium but we work all over Europe. And so we have several appointments. So the IMEX appointment system is working well. I have a busy schedule. But if someone is listening to this and is going to come to Europe and looking for a reliable partner for audio visual and production, I’d love to talk to them. And so I’m on the Belgian booth and look forward to meeting those people.

Mike:                          Awesome. Thank you so much. And I look forward to seeing you the whole week.

Martin:                       Thank you, same here.

Mike:                          OK. Bye-bye.

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Mike:                          All right. Hi, John. Why don’t you tell us who you are and what you work for and we’ll start there.

John:                           Hey. Thanks, Mike. John Pollard Sonic Foundry Events Services or also known as media site events in some circles. And I work with partners there to help them understand and execute hybrid events, successful hybrid events hopefully. So that’s what I do.

Mike:                          Nice. And so tell me a little bit, are you enjoying the show?

John:                           Yeah. Thanks. So far, very much enjoying the show. This is my first IMEX experience and coming here to sort of get the feel for what’s going on. And I got to say it’s pretty exciting. There’s a lot of energy here. There’s a lot of breadth in the types of exhibitors. I’m impressed with how the people that are hosted buyers seem to be having a lot of meetings. It seems like people are getting their value out of this.

So I mean, I think it’s definitely something for organizations like my own where you’re considering is there something we want to be involved in. It seems like it’s something that there’s a lot going on; obviously a lot of destinations here. But that’s what’s interesting. It’s not just destinations but it’s also, you know, there are the technologies around the events industry. There are a variety of vendors, but yeah, It’s just I think a great place. If I were a planner trying to hit a lot of things in one space, I think this would have to be on one of those must attend circuits.


Mike:                          Yeah. All right. Well, thank you John.

John:                           Thanks, Mike.

Mike:                          And I look forward to see you more on the floor.

John:                           Yeah, will do

Mike:                          Hi, Gerrit. Good to have you here. Thank you for talking with me. Tell me who you are or tell the audience who you are and where you’re from.

Gerrit:                      Yeah. I’m very glad to finally meet you in real life, Mike. My name is Gerrit Heijkoop. I’m from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, running an agency which is called How Can I Be Social. And we’re into social media, new media in events and conferences. And we’re here at the IMEX doing several different projects on that subject.

Mike:                          Nice. Like what? Tell me a little bit about it in very small pieces.

Gerrit:                      Very small pieces. First of all, we’re leading the IMEX social team. So we’re reporting on the show floor and we’re helping people with their questions on social media. Secondly, you see scattered around on the show floor, you see the what’s on screens showing the educational program alternated with the Twitter feed, what’s going on in Twitter. Third thing we’re doing is we’re running two little campfires on these subjects. And our projects we’re doing, we’re supporting the Dutch National Convention Bureau with their Meet Mr. Holland Campaign. And we’re actually here as his PA making sure all his online activity is going on.

Mike:                          I need to meet Mr. Holland. I haven’t been over there yet.

Gerrit:                      You definitely need to meet Mr. Holland.

Mike:                          I’m kind of married to this booth right now but I’ll go over there.

Gerrit:                      I’ll bring him over here at some point.

Mike:                          So have you – what have you seen? Seen anything that really stuck out or you know, I mean you’ve been very busy and working.

Garrett:                      Exactly. It’s been crazy. First of all I noticed, there’s a great vibe here. There’s a lot of people, a lot of stands, it’s sold out, so that’s a lot of fun. And you feel that. And obviously, what was noticeable was the AV man walking around the show floor. Yeah, definitely.

Mike:                          I know. He’s over there taking a picture. You got a picture with him and Mr. Holland had to have that.

Gerrit:                      Exactly. We did.

Mike:                          All right. Well, thank you so much and maybe we can talk again before this thing is out.

Gerrit:                      Sure.

Mike:                          We can talk a little bit more about social media maybe on Thursday or something.

Gerrit::                      Would be fun

Mike:                          If we’re doing a daily podcast it’d be great.

Gerrit::                      Good

Mike:                          OK. Thank you.

Mike:                          Hi there Nate. Why don’t you tell the audience what your name is and who you work for?

Nathan:                      Sure. My name is Nathan Horne and I’m the Business Development Manager for Song Division USA.

Mike:                          Great. And so you’re exhibiting here. And so how’s it going so far? Are you having a good time?

Nathan:                      Yeah. It’s been a great day so far. We’re exhibiting this second year at IMEX and I’m just really impressed by the level of qualified buyers that we’ve had appointments with today, so it’s been great.

Mike:                          And you have like, you’re making money? Are RFP’s flying to thru the door?

Nathan:                      Exactly. Kicking ass and taking names, so excellent.

Mike:                          Well, thank you so much and I hope to see you around tomorrow,

Nathan:                      Thank you, Mike.

Mike:                          OK, tell me who you are and where you’re from.

Thorsten:                   Thorsten Meier, CEO with the Life and Motion Group; running over the show, doing as many appointments as I can.

Mike:                          Great. And are you enjoying it?

Thorsten:                   Very much so. One in a year opportunity to meet the suppliers who want to and this year especially trying to catch new suppliers and new companies or destination management companies around the world we don’t know yet.

Mike:                          Yes. That’s fantastic. So how’s it going? You are …

Thorsten:                   So far, yeah. For the first day first of all I think it’s very, very busy which is a very good sign. And second of all, qualities of supplier, quality of suppliers actually rather big this year. And so far I’m actually very happy.

Mike:                          Awesome. All right. Well, thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you on the floor.

Thorsten:                   Will do, will do. Thanks.

Mike:                          All right. Hi, Cindy. Tell me your name. I mean I know your name but tell me just what your name is and where you’re from.

Cindy:                         Cindy Romanello and I’m from Monterey, California.

Mike:                          Excellent. And how’s the whole show going for you?

Cindy:                         The show’s fantastic. It’s just walking around this place is incredible. It’s going well.

Mike:                          Yeah. And so are you guys having a lot of meetings today?

Cindy:                         Having a lot of meetings today. We have a lot of meetings all week.

Mike:                          Awesome.

Mike:                          So your booth is Monterey County.

Cindy:                         Monterey County. We’re with the CBV.

Mike:                          But you’re from?

Cindy:                         The Carmel Mission Inn.

Mike:                          Well, thank you so much.

Cindy:                         You’re welcome. Thank you.

Mike:                          All right. Tell me your name and who you’re with.

Caroline:                    Caroline Pidroni and I work with the Switzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau by side of New York.

Mike:                          And what are you doing now? What’s going on here? I’m sitting somewhere. Where am I?

Caroline:                    You’re on the Swiss booth, at the Swiss bar enjoying some Swiss Wine with some Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate.

Mike:                          So how is the booth going? Is it going good?

Caroline:                    The booth has been very, very busy this morning. And then it quieted down a bit, got busy again. And I guess now it’s time to go enjoy Vegas.

Mike:                          Awesome. All right. Well, thank you very much,

Caroline:                    You’re very welcome.

Mike:                          And I will see you around the floor.

Caroline:                    Totally.

Mike:                          Hi. How are you. Tell me your name and where you’re from?

Carolina:                    Hi. How are you? My name is Carolina. And I’m from Costa Rica, Central America, nice country.

Mike:                          And you’re at the booth right now.

Carolina:                    Yes.

Mike:                          And how’s it going? How’s the day?

Carolina:                    Well, at the moment, everything is very well. All our 26 companies, they are very, very happy. I think we need more movements tomorrow I think to see what happen better. But at the moment everything is well. I think everybody has appointments or had appointments already but I think tomorrow is going to be better I hope. And we have our presentation and destination area, so very well too. And we are happy. I think everything is well but we need more movements. We need more appointments.

Mike:                          I think everybody says that always in any business here.

Carolina:                    Oh, yes. We need more and more.

Mike:                          All right, well, thank you so much and see you around on the floor.

Carolina:                    Hi, Jim. Why don’t you say your name and where you’re from

Jim:                             Jim Kelly from the Washington DC office of PRG.

Mike:                          Awesome. So how are you liking the show?

Jim:                             We’re having a great experience here. Last year was our first year at IMEX and we had a very small presence. We’ve increased our presence this year and we’re very pleased with the outcome with the quality of the attendees not only the prescheduled appointments but also the welcome traffic that we received and it’s only day one.

Mike:                          Yeah. It is. How are you feeling? Are you feeling good about or are you exhausted yet? I mean I feel it.

Jim:                             I’m a little tired. I think Vegas does that in a combination of this industry. Certainly it’s an industry that is involved in face to face meetings which involves entertainment which sometimes includes adult beverages and you know, but all in the appropriate manner. So it’s been really a great event

Mike:                          And you do see a lot of that around the show floor right now. Actually there’s a lot like people have a lot of bars going on at their stands. It’s interesting.

Jim:                             You know I haven’t done a number of events outside the domestic US. It’s very, very common. It’s not something that’s as accepted in the US. But with the international flair in favor of this show, I don’t see how you cannot have it. And I don’t think in this show I think there’s anything wrong with it.

Mike:                          No, I don’t either.

Jim:                             We’re all adults.

Mike:                          Yeah, we are.            Well, thanks Jim. And I look forward to seeing you around on the floor the rest of the week.

Mike:                          Tell everybody who you are or where you’re from.

Paul:                           Hi, Mike. I’m Paul Salinger. I’m a Vice President of Marketing at Oracle. And I also am Past President and a Board Member of the Green Meeting Industry Council.

Mike:                          Awesome. So how are you enjoying the show?

Paul:                           I’m enjoying it. I’m only here for a short period of time. I got a lot going on at Oracle right now. And but you know, great opportunity to catch up with a lot of friends and a lot of people in the industry here and do a talk at the sustainability hub which is one of the primary reasons I’m here.

Mike:                          Awesome. And have you been to IMEX before.

Paul:                           I have. I was here last year as well.

Mike:                          So what did you talk about? What was your story?

Paul:                           So I was talking about communicating sustainability. So lots of issues obviously about just doing sustainability. But in a lot of cases people forget that we need to communicate what we’re doing. So I was trying to tell people here’s some strategies for how you communicate both before, during and after an event; making sure that we publish things to our website; making sure that we tell our attendees what we’re doing; announce our intentions. And then come back and test those hypotheses if you will. So we know that we actually accomplish something; not really any different than what you’re trying to do with an event ROI.

Mike:                          Awesome. All right. Well, thanks. And I’m sorry you’re leaving. I thought to see you again more, but thanks for coming down and thank you for being on the podcast.

Paul:                           All right. Thanks, Mike.


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