Imex America Show Online- Wednesday Show 241

Todays MeetingsPodcast is a recap of Imex America in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and Convention Center last Wednesday from the show floor. Reactions from exhibitors, stand mascots, attendees, hosted buyers and morning keynote Doc Hendley.



Mike:                          Welcome back to the Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events and Media. We are on the floor once again at IMEX America. It is Wednesday. And here’s a little recap from some of the people out in the show floor.

Hi, Heather.

Heather:                    Hi, how are you?

Mike:                          Great. So why don’t you tell your audience what your name is and where you’re from.

Heather:                    Heather Miles. I’m with the Double Tree by Hilton, San Jose.

Mike:                          Nice. And how are you enjoying the show?

Heather:                    It’s a great show. I’ve been wandering around a little but today; visit a few clients already. Actually I’m already putting together a contract.

Mike:                          Really?

Heather:                    Yeah, very exciting.

Mike:                          That’s fantastic.

Heather:                    We’re good to go.

Mike:                          Awesome. Well thank you very much and enjoy the show. I hope to see you around more.

Heather:                    Thank you. Thank you, Mike.

Mike:                          Hi, Jessica. Tell me your name or tell the audience your name and where you work.

Jessica:                      Hi, I’m Jessica Levin and I’m with Seven Degrees Communications.

Mike:                          Excellent. How are you liking the show?

Jessica:                      Loving it. There’s not enough time to see everything and everyone. Like, every time I walk down the hallways, I’m stopped, running into somebody I know which is great but there’s still a lot to see on the flow.

Mike:                          Right. And how many sessions did you do? Usually I want to come to one of the shows. You have like 19 sessions you’re do.

Jessica:                      Five.

Mike:                          Five. Wow. And how are those going?

Jessica:                      Good. Really good. I did a session of productivity apps yesterday and w have like 30 people there standing remotely. So it was really good.

Mike:                          Congratulations.  You and Midora there. So are you doing them tandem or you’re doing your own?

Jessica:                      We did joint sessions. We told the story of the social media tours and symposium. We did a case study. And then the rest are just campfires that I did on my own.

Jessica:                      Yes. That would be a wonderful day.

Mike:                          All right. Well, thank you so much and I’ll see you around the floor.

Jessica:                      Yes, for sure.

Jon:                             OK. So we’re here at the MPI booth. We’re talking briefly with Doc Hendley who spoke at the keynote this morning. I just wanted to say hi again.

Doc Hendley:            How’s it going?

Jon:                             Doing great, really loved your talk today. I think the audience had a really good response too. And I was curious of your impressions of how things went.

Doc Hendley:            I had a blast today. I think I was so excited to have the opportunity to come and speak here because I do really feel the connection between the media planning industry and I’ve never thought about it much. And so late just last week I started thinking about getting the chance to come here and have this opportunity.

And really in the beginning I really fell in love with wine to water before I even gotten to go in the field because of hosting an event that did more than just have good time, I got to give back and raise funding to fight this water crisis. And so thinking about how much that just brought life to me and enjoy to see the people at the events that we first started, maybe really feel this connection between all the event planners out there who they such a passion for their events that they’re doing.

And they want it to be more than just, hey let’s just start an event because it’s our job and get out of here. They want it to be a success. They want their customers and clients to be happy and have an amazing inspirational time. And if they can add this element of giving back to it as well, that’s always. I see with this group. So I’ve had just such an awesome day to be able to come around the trade show as well and meet some folks that are wanting to add that extra element today or their own events, you know.

Jon:                             Yeah. I know we talk a lot like on the podcast about audience engagement and getting people to be passionate about things. And that’s so much of what you do. I do see the connection that you’re talking about and kind of how the planners who really love their jobs, really enjoy watching. I know for me having worked in the industry, it’s always a buzz seeing a room fill up with people and knowing you had a hand in creating that sort of experience.

Doc Hendley:            I couldn’t agree more. Yeah, that’s really what it’s all about. You know, it’s making that personal connection. And for me it’s all about whether it’s donors that help us do what we do. We had a great – the meeting plan industry has been huge getting behind us supporting us or the people in the field that we’re working. It’s all about relationships. It’s all about that relational tie.

Jon:                             We definitely linked your information on the podcast so people can get more information about wine to water. And hopefully you’ll get some traffic coming in from the couple of people who listen to us once in a while.

Doc Hendley:            That’s awesome. I’d love it, that’s great.

Jon:                             So we appreciate you taking time to talk with us. We know you got a tight schedule, but thank you very much.

Doc Hendley:            Thanks so much, Jon.

Jon:                             All right. Have a good day.

Doc Hendley:            Good to see you again.

Jon:                             All right. Hello. And tell me your name and who you’re working with.

AVMan:                     I’m AV Man and I’m currently working with AV for Planners.

Jon:                             Awesome. How are you liking the show?

AvMan:                      It’s amazing. I’m getting a full diverse cultural experience walking around meeting all the different nationalities and explaining to them what we do and what our company service provides.

Jon:                             Awesome. And has anything here, you’ve seen anyone that pokes out in your mind that you’ve enjoyed seeing the most, a booth or a person or …?

AVMan:                     I think the Switzerland booth is very nice. All the girls are really lovely. And …

Jon:                             I saw you got a little tussle with the Mr. Holland guy. He was throwing

AvMan:                      Oh, yeah. Yeah he was trying to throw paint on me but I sorted him out. He’s now Mr. Germany. He’s left the country. He’s crossed the border running away.

Jon:                             All right. Well, thank you very much.

AVMan:                     You’re welcome.

Jon:                             And enjoy the show, look forward to seeing you more.

AVMan:                     Thank you.

Jon:                             OK. What’s your name?

Kristine:                     Kristine.

Jon:                             And how are you enjoying the show?

Kristine:                     It’s going very well, meeting some very interesting people.

Jon:                             Are you getting a lot of meetings did you guys get from this?

Kristine:                     Yes we are.

Jon:                             Awesome. What have you seen here that you’ve really enjoyed?

Kristine:                     Holland and all their orange.

Jon:                             Yes. Very orange. All right. Well, thank you very much and I’ll see you around the show floor.

Kristine:                     Thank you.

Jon:                             OK. Hi Katie. Tell me your name and where you’re from?

Katie:                          I’m Katie. I’m from the DMC based in Monaco.

Jon:                             Awesome. And how are you enjoying the show?

Katie:                          I love it. There is so many people. There is so much business coming on. I just think it’s an amazing show.

Jon:                             Yeah. All right, well enjoy the show. Thank you so much for talking with me.

Katie:                          Thank you.

Jon:                             Yes. What’s your name and who you work with?

Mr. Holland:              I’m Mr. Holland and I’m working for the Dutch for the Holland stand

Jon:                             Excellent. And so what are doing out here throwing paint on people?

Mr. Holland:              Yeah. I’m the spokesman or the face of Holland, so I’m representing Holland. And today, I’m adding some orange to the life of people. And orange is a Dutch color. It’s the national color of Holland. So we’re making pictures with everybody and I’m throwing paint to them.

Jon:                             Awesome.

Mr. Holland:              Ten liters of paint.

Jon:                             Nice.

Mr. Holland:              And I like to do it.

Jon:                             Very good. It was very nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing you around the floor more.

Mr. Holland:              For sure we will

Jon:                             OK.

Mr. Holland:              Have a nice day.

Brad:                           Hi. Brad Bebell Director on Marketing and Communications for MPI.

Jon:                             Great Brad. Glad to come by and talk to you here.

Brad:                           Hey Jon. Thanks so much.

Jon:                             Good to see you again.

Brad:                           Good to see you.

Jon:                             Last time we talked I think was at MPI WEC where we had a great time.

Brad:                           MPI WEC, yes. A little crazy but good.

Jon:                             So how is this one going for you? How do you feel about IMEX America so far?

Brad:                           Oh we love IMEX America. They’re a great partner for us. And I think the show is going really well. We’ve had great traction in our booth. We’ve gotten to talk about MPI to lot of people; put our brand out there to a lot of folks. And of course Smart Monday was a resounding success. We had close to or right at or maybe even a little bit over a thousand folks that came thru Smart Monday for us so we’re excited. It was great.

Jon:                             Well. And it’s so amazing what they’ve been able to do with the show. And the fact that people could come to Smart Monday at no charge and be able to experience all this education and all of those wonderful things and just register and just walk in and have these great sessions the MPI partner.

Brad:                           Absolutely. When IMEX and MPI, when we first started talking about what it is that we wanted to accomplish here, we looked at MPI being the global association of meeting professional and IMEX America being the global organization for meeting professionals in the marketplace. And we just saw a tremendous opportunity to enhance the value of not only what we can do for our members but also what we can do for the community.

Of course, a lot of the folks who attend Smart Monday are MPI members and it’s a great opportunity for us to give them exposure to the type of professional development industry, leading professional development, the marketing guy in the to put that out there Jon. But really, industry leading professional development and education really see what we’re all about. And it’s such a great fit for us, very complimentary. Like I said, the IMEX team is great to work with. And we really enjoy putting this on.

Jon:                             Well, it’s been a great show for us. We’re loving being here; just people from all over the world. And I’m sure that’s great for MPI too connecting with those people.

Brad:                           It was great. I got to spend some time with some folks from China who are very excited about what we’ve been doing in China and the memorandum of understanding that our international board of directors has with the Chinese Ministry of Tourism while we were over there. And they were just very excited. They had no idea so I was able to pull it up on our webpage which is in their language. And so no translation was needed. It was a really great experience that you wouldn’t have had that anywhere else but IMEX America.

Jon:                             Right, right. Well, great. It’s great to talk to you and get a little bit of an update here in the middle of the show.

Brad:                           Great. Nice to talk to you Jon.

Jon:                             And I’m sure we’ll talk to you more.

Brad:                           All right. Sounds good.

Mike:                          Hi Judy.

Judy:                           Hi.

Mike:                          Tell the audience who you are and who you work for?

Judy:                           My name is Judy and I’m from British Columbia of Canada. And I’m a third party planner, an independent third party planner specializing in sustainability.

Mike:                          Awesome. And are you enjoying the show?

Judy:                           I’m really having a good time. I’m getting to meet a lot of people that I’ve actually only known thru social media. So it’s been really great.  Like yourself, exactly. I’m so excited.

Mike:                          That’s great. Well, it’s great seeing you and I’ll see you around the show floor.

Judy:                           Yes, thanks so much.

Mike:                          Bye-bye. Here we go. OK, what’s your name?

Jon:                             OK, Hi.

Female Speaker 2:   Hi, I’m  from Frankfurt Convention Bureau.

Jon:                             Awesome and you are working at the ….

Female Speaker 2:   Convention Bureau in Frankfurt.

Jon:                             And you work at the booth.

Female Speaker 2:   Yes, yeah of course.

Jon:                             How’s it going?

Female Speaker 2:   Yeah, good. Well, it’s very good.

Jon:                             You’re having lots of meetings and —

Female Speaker 2:   Yeah. We had a lot of hosted  coming by talking about Frankfurt.

Jon:                             Awesome. Well, thank you so much.

Female Speaker 2:   You’re welcome.

Mike:                          Hi, Jenise. Tell me your name. I know your name but the audience doesn’t and where you from and let’s start there.

Jenise:                       My name is Jenise Fryatt and I live in Palm Springs California. And I do a number of things. Is that what you wanted to know?

Jenise:                       I’m a co-owner of an AV company called Icon Presentations.

Mike:                          Yes, I know them well.

Jenise:                       And I also work as a social media strategist for the conference publishers soon to be known as Smarter Shift which we provide professionally created content for businesses with social media marketing to drive traffic to that content.

Mike:                          Very cool. And you’re here, what are you doing here?

Jenise:                       I’m actually here speaking. I did a session on social media for attendees who don’t do social media and also one on blogging.

Mike:                          Excellent. Yes, we talked about it on the podcast the other day.

Jenise:                       Yeah, thank you for doing that.

Mike:                          All right. Well, I’ll see around the floor and thank you very much for stopping by.

Jenise:                       No problem. Glad to do it.

Mike:                          Bye-bye.

Jenise:                       Bye-bye.

Mike:                          Hi, guys.

Female Speakers:    Hello.

Mike:                          Why don’t you tell me what your names are?

Carol:                          My name is Carol. I’m with the Hilton in San Jose.

Mike:                          Excellent. And?

Jenna:                        I’m with the Double Tree by Hilton in San Jose.

Mike:                          Excellent. And where are we sitting right now? Where are we standing? We are in the …

Carol:                          You are in Team San Jose’s booth.

Jenna:                        Team San Jose’s booth.

Mike:                          Awesome. And how is the show going for you guys?

Carol:                          Fabulous.

Jenna:                        Excellent. We’ve got a lot of appointments today and we had a lot yesterday as well.

Mike:                          Awesome.

Carol:                          Really good traffic, great ratio. I’m finding it’s a really engaging show.

Mike:                          Yeah, you have a great spot here.

Carol:                          Thank you.

Mike:                          A lot of people coming by in your booth.

Carol:                          It’s really bright, isn’t it? Very attractive from there and I think we’re coming back next year.

Mike:                          Awesome. Yeah I think we will too. I got a great – when I came in here, I really liked it. I was – immediately people were very nice to me, complimenting me.

Carol:                          Yes, of course.

Mike:                          Well, thank you for talking with me. And I look forward to seeing you around on the show floor.

Carol:                          Thank you

Jenna:                        Thank you very much.

Mike:                          Thank you.

Mike:                          Hi there.

Richard:                     Hi there.

Mike:                          Tell me your name and where you from?

Richard:                     My name is Richard Knight and I’m the Marketing manager for Scotland North American market looking at business tourism  travel.

Mike:                          Awesome. And how is the show going for you?

Richard:                     The show has been very good. We’ve had very good range of clients. We met lots of new people. I think the most exciting thing is we’re actually looking at new business and we’ve attracting new corporations in thinking about Scotland. Scotland is a country at the moment which is going thru a really, really state change in the amount of business tourism we’re attracting. We’ve got a program called the Winning Years at the moment which is attracting lots of people, so it included things like the Olympic Games, the Diamond Jubilee this year.

But looking forward, it goes into such big events as the Ryder Cup, the Commonwealth games and things like that. So we’re very heavily promoting the Ryder Cup 2014, the Gleneagles. But we’re also telling people about all the development around Scotland which total $3.2 billion at this time. It’s a great time to be coming to Scotland. And we really look forward to welcoming you soon.

Mike:                          And you guys have a fantastic booth.

Richard:                     Thank you very much.

Mike:                          Yeah. And thank you for talking to me.

Richard:                     That’s great. The booth is actually a step change from last year where we had seven partners on the stand. This year we have 17. So that shows the commitment for Scotland in the North American market.

Mike:                          All right. Well, thank you so much.

Richard:                     Yes, thank you.

Mike:                          Hi guys.

Females:                   Hello.

Mike:                          Why don’t you introduce yourselves

Shawna:                     I’m Shawna Suckow, Founder and President of SPIN, the Senior Planners Industry Network.

Sara:                           I’m Sara Vanderbilt, Vice President of SPIN.

Mike:                          Nice. And so how’s the show going for you guys?

Shawna:                     It’s been fantastic. We’re running around from place to place. We’ve got a hosted buyer group, we’ve got a booth, I’ve been doing some speaking and just reconnecting with a lot of old friends in the industry. It’s been really great so far.

Mike:                          Yeah. Having a good time and ….

Sara:                           And we’re getting a lot of new members to join the organization. We’re getting a lot of existing members stopping by and saying hi and it’s really great.

Shawna:                     Was just talking with someone who said this is the “it” show.

Mike:                          Yeah. This is the show I think that I’ve ever been to really that I’m really have a good time.

Shawna:                     It’s fantastic. And I hear they’re expanding next year which I think is needed because they’re busting at the seams now. It’s fantastic, really good show, good effort, good show.

Mike:                          Well, thank you guys. And I’ll see you on the show floor.

Shawna:                     Fantastic.

Sara:                           All right.

Shawna:                     Thanks.

Sara:                           Bye.


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