Meeting Production and U2

Jon Trask and I have been talking about how AV budgeting is turning into such an interesting game. Which lately has been all about coming down to just a price not the end result. I know we all have a budget to keep to for everything but quality should be your main goal. When we look at our competitors budgets we understand some “gaming” goes on with what you really are receiving from the proposal. I am constantly amazed at Jon’s knowledge of our industry, equipment, labor and the comparisons he makes with the ‘in-house” pricing at some venues and hotels. He can smell problems 20 miles away and he does not let them happen. Of course budgeting like this is the nature of some of the people in our business and we will only work with great equipment and great proven technical staff. We of course lose business because we don’t play games; but it is nice to know we will always deliver a great product and service. (Ask our clients) As we talked about staging we also talked about some folks who put on great shows. This past week U2 came to Oakland and brought its giant stage. 70,000 people went to the show. Amazing sound, staging and lights. And of course the content- the U2 music. Jon will be seeing U2 next week in Los Angeles (and maybe me :) cross your fingers) But I have to draw a comparison to meetings. U2 treats its content and audience with the utmost respect by providing the best show they can. Jon said the last time he saw them it was the best show he had ever seen. And Jon sees A LOT! of shows……

So keep that in mind next time you are looking at your production plan for your next meeting. Are you respecting your audience and content with the best possible meeting? Something to think about.

Now we know you probably aren’t going to do something like this but look how U2 handles their stage…. Amazing…

Tonight I am off to see Peter Gabriel at the Greek Theater in Berkeley California.  I am sure it will be worth a bog post!  :)

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