Review and takeaways of the New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas

Review/Takeaways of the New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas Pic by

I just have to say I have been sometimes critical of this event in the past but this year was by far the best New Media Expo I have been to, and I have been to all four of them. They keep changing the name each year, thinking I wont find it, but I always do. Try again next year you crafty Bourquins!

I received more value from this conference than ever before. It is for the business side of Podcasting and it is working for me.
I heard lots of grumbling from some of the folks who have attended in the past, shuffling around saying the vibe has changed, the community party atmosphere is lost etc. Many complained the Libsyn/Wizard usual Romanesque debauchery party is gone now. The snivel about the good old days of the Podshow party and seeing Adam Curry smoking pot. But if you can’t find some better debauchery than that in Las Vegas please consult the fine Hispanic men and woman snapping their cards on the strip. They will point you in the right direction. The options are endless. Candy, Monique, Debbie etc….

Overall fantastic work by the Podcast brothers Tim and Emil Bourquin! Thank you. The move to Las Vegas was a great move. I don’t know if they need the convention center though. Maybe a strip hotel. Really not a big deal though.

Here are a list of highlights and low lights for me.


Having organized a business Meetup Wednesday night and actually having a bunch of people attend! Several became good friends throughout the rest of the event. I enjoyed meeting the This Week In Media guys Jon and Kenji.

Lowlight- The nipply meeting rooms. Even my new Campfire iphone application could not help me warm up. But it was fun to slide it over to whoever was next to me for a laugh.

Highlight – Gary Vanerchuck- Wine Library Keynote.
Starting it off with Gary V was masterful. He is a firecracker and a really fun speaker. I have seen a ton of speakers producing corporate events and he was a perfect fit. He set the tone for me and a number of others.

Lowlight- Doing aerobics with my new friend George Krueger from The Bigg Success Podcast for part of Leesa Barnes presentation. It is just not natural for two large men to do aerobics at a techy conference or anywhere else frankly. ?

Highlight- I applaud Paul Colligan for giving us a totally new presentation from last year. Lots of energy and action items. The 27-day plan is brilliant. Excellent info and he reminds me of a larger version of Gary V.

Lowlight- Gary from MacMoist promising to buy be beers all week. Then disappearing and reappearing on the last night trying to pass off a coupon to me at the Coverville500. (Don’t bother to email me Gary – I know- next year, next year) I kid Gary he is a great guy and does some awesome work and I always look forward to seeing him.

Highlight – Susan Bratton for her delivery and resources she shares- and it is a welcome sight to have such an obviously smart, beautiful woman deliver information I want to hear. This obviously edged her as my favorite speaker at the expo. She has some great ideas and also the resources she offers up are very valuable. And when I say this, I mean the resources you can download from her website for free to help you sell your content.

Lowlight- The Epic Fu keynote. I personally didn’t really get much from the interview format. I miss Tim doing the interviewing though. It actually was interesting, but not as energetic as the other keynotes where the crowd seemed to be alive. (If I were Tim I would just have people do keynotes not interviews- but I am obviously not Tim being a Lurch looking guy, instead of a successful, smart looking businessman type as Tim)

Highlight – Robin Maiden, an old friend from previous podcast expos gave a very useful presentation for me. Very interesting on how he is incorporating internal podcasting at Delta. It is great information for me to implement for my clients as a resource. I always enjoy speaking to Robin because he is tall and I can hear what he is saying.

Lowlight- Getting my Chris Brogan fan club tattoo and then having him not come to the event. Big bummer. Also hard to explain to my wife yesterday when I returned home. Probably having his head turned into a Grizzly Bear or the Dali Lama. All three of them look similar.

Highlight – Blendtech keynote guy was great fun. I am not sure if Dan Aykroyd Bass O Matic have called them but it is a fantastic idea and I enjoyed the creativity of the whole thing. Plus the dollars that followed is inspirational. Good fodder for my clients to embrace this creative/delivery system. The clip from CNN old Advertising guy was priceless.

Lowlight- Like the Epic FU Keynote this isn’t really a low light, but meeting internet stars I listen and watch all the time like CC Chapman and iJustine was uncomfortable for me. I feel vaguely stalker like. I wanted to ask CC how Roxie was doing but that would have been a major stalker question. He is also much bigger in real life, which took me by surprise. I think I can take him if it can to blows though. iJustine is the pretty young woman I watch on the internet because of her big phone bill and only because of her problems with ATT and how she is coping with it. I am a grandpa for god sakes what could I really say to her? “Hi iJustine I love your show” I bet you are now feeling uncomfortable just reading this.

Highlight- Roxanne Darling – Such a cool chick. If I didn’t have such a wonderful wife I would make Shane disappear. She is always so helpful and introduced me to a prospective client and new friend. :)

Lowlight- Attending the Garageband meetup for the fourth straight year and having the guys make fun of me for not using Garageband anymore. I know I shouldn’t have gone to the meetup but it is tradition for me. I now ship all my shows to my buddy in LA who does all the editing and sound leveling. I did enjoy telling them this after they all explained the cool recording setups they had. They are all great guys and I just couldn’t miss it.

Highlight- The way Richard Cheese took over for the libsyn parties of past. That guy is a nut job. His show was alone worth the price of the ticket to Coverville500. I laughed my ass off. Now I just have a hole in my back thanks to him. Wife was not happy about this development.

Lowlight- Having dinner with the Bigg Show team and Brettbum being joined by Joe Klein while we were eating Mexican food and give us the details of Michael Butlers table massage earlier in the evening. Check please!

Highlight- Microsoft new free platform for Sharepoint. This might make me a few bucks with my corporate clients if I play my cards right. Luke and Ben from Microsoft really helped me understand this program.

Lowlight- Missing the raw vegan radio guy’s session. My wife and I are on and off again vegetarians. I had Steak and eggs that morning and the guilt was just too much to attended. But I heard his session was fantastic.

Highlight- Twit being broadcast at the expo floor.

Lowlight- Never seeing Twit live because was so focused on the Sessions.

Highlight- Meeting Mary-lynn Foster and George Kruger, Shwen Gwee, my neighbor oaktown n

ieghbor Dan from Dansmathcast.

Lowlight- The couple in the next hotel room who seem to be having some sort of sex marathon to raise money for cancer research or some other charity. I wonder if it was the raw vegan guy? They had to be eating right, then again I wonder if they ever stop for food.


Paul Colliagns 27 day plan.
Leesa Barnes- Her way of figuring out the right method for monetizing all the session’s attendee’s podcasts.
Jim Tazareks- no nonsense way of selling your content.
Tom Webster- Play the numbers if considering gambling or podcasting!
Rebecca Weeks- is a great but dangerous resource.
Jason Van Orden- The last time I saw him speak was 3-4 years ago. He is a much better dresser and still gives great info. Tip- put a picture in every blog post.
Susan Bratton- Find out your prospective clients budget seasons/cycles.
Gary V- Love everyone. Fuck what anyone thinks do what you love.

Finally, I learned while sharing a cab to the airport do not ask the cabdriver if the naked pictures of the woman on the cards on the dashboard are his family.

See you next year at the Event. I also am attending Blogworld again.

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  1. Robin says

    Thanks for the kind words and great wrap up of the show. I agree. Different doesn’t have to mean worse. In this case, different means better. Great to see you again.

  2. C.C. Chapman says

    First time I think I’ve been a low note for someone. Dude, it was GREAT to meet you since we had never before. Stalker? Come on dude. No way.

    And Roxie is doing great. She is outside in the shade right now enjoying a bone.

  3. Shane Robinson says

    Doesn’t sound like CC is worried about a stalker. But now I’m kinda worried about “going away.” :-)

    Was great seeing you again, if only briefly at the Rev3 party outside. Also very much appreciate the offer of help with Cirq Tix. Will definitely give you more advanced notice next time we go to Vegas…

    Oh… Wait. Rox and I will be in Vegas in 4 weeks. We’re speaking at Blog World! Do you have an inside track on KA tix?

  4. Leesa Barnes says

    Next time you attend one of my sessions, Mike, I’ll have you do some kick boxing 😉

    I can’t wait to see your monetization strategy for your podcast. Do let me know when you start making some money.

  5. Hans Erik says

    Hey Mike-

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your summary of your experience at the New Media Expo and that I linked to your piece on our company blog. I also quoted you, which I hope is all right!

    Very Best,

    Hans Erik

  6. Mike McAllen says

    Shane- Just put a call into my sis in law- What are the evenings you are free for KA?

    Leesa- Thanks for the tips and the work on my love handles! :)

    Hans- Very cool!


  7. Mike McAllen says

    Thanks Senior-

    Right when I had some excellent comments, the guy from Utah chimes in.

    It was nice seeing you again and meeting your wife.

    God help her.


  8. Mike McAllen says

    Hey Matt-
    Yeah I heard/saw Richard Cheese doesn’t get it after I wrote this post. I still thought his show was funny. I talked to an event person here in San Francisco who said he is an ass. Too bad he didn’t embrace the new media audience. He is missing the boat. Maybe he needs to see Gary Vs keynote to get the gist of how he can create community not kill it.

    Thanks for the comment and link.


  9. Arjun Singh says

    Hey Mike, really enjoyed reading your impressions. Great to meet you at the Expo, even though I really sucked at Video poker or whatever that was.

    Had a chance to listen to a few meeting podcast shows while waiting at the gate for my plane to Vancouver. I think you have got something good there.

  10. Mike McAllen says

    Hey Arjun
    Thanks Brah

    I enjoyed meeting you and get that podcast rolling!!!

    I didnt leave too much money in the video poker machine.


  11. Roxanne Darling says

    OK I am not anywhere as funny as you are but I would like your input on my video wrap up. Seems there were a lot of people and companies missing from the Expo, the people you and I know had good response, so what’s up with that and what can do to improve it?

    New Media Expo video wrapup

  12. Mike McAllen says

    I will take a look ASAP Rox. I did have a great time and the problems I see are par for the course as these types of events go. Even the biggest and the best change. They need to grow and evolve. The Podcastbrothers have their work cut out and from Tims post I hope they keep the event rolling along.

  13. George Krueger says

    Okay, Mike … just saw your post. You see, I’ve been busy working out ever since Leesa’s presentation!

    I was worried about making the “Lowlight” list. Glad to see, with Mary-Lynn’s help, I also made your “Highlights”.

    It was so great to meet you and hang out. Mary-Lynn and I look forward to many more conversations.

    Oop, got to go … I feel the urge to jazzercise!:)

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