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Social Media For Hotels Interview Carrie McAllen of Hilton Hotels. Carrie has won several awards from Hilton Globally with her sales and marketing initiatives in the last 3 years. One of her goals has been internet marketing for hotels and social media for hotels.  She started a blog 3 years ago, does a regular video podcast or show with the general manager and is going to be adding cooking shows. She has utilized TripAdvisor, Yelp and Foursquare to bring awareness to her property. Her efforts have not only been award winning but revenue generating.

Carrie McAllen is a veteran  of the hospitality industry and a entrepreneur. She has 23+ years in hotel Sales & Marketing for companies such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Fairmont and Intercontinental.
She currently is the Director of Business Development ?Hilton hotels and at the Doubletree Hotel San Jose? in Silicon Valley.
She is also the Founder/President ?Grass Shack Events & Media, LLC

Some links to find about more about Carrie:

Doubletree Hotel San Jose Blog

Doubletree Hotel San Jose YouTube Channel

Grass Shack Events & Media

Simon Sinek’s Start with Why Book is also featured on how Harley Davidson logo has become more that just a logo but a way of life for their customers.

Our jobs section was empty. I did a quick job search and came up empty.

Today’s audio is frankly pretty crappy. It was recorded in studio with BlogTalkRadio. Hopefully we can improve in the quality of the recordings. The content is really great.
Full disclosure: Carrie is my wife and partner in Grass Shack Events & Media so I am biased in everything she does. If she dug ditches I would think she is one dynamite lady! :)

Please join us 7-7:30am Monday-Thursday for morning addition of MeetingsPodcast. Come in the chat room and interact or call in!

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