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Events and Media Skills

Welcome to Grass Shack Events & Media. We are a full service meeting, event and video production company. Our passion is to produce quality meetings that inspire, educate and pave the way for our clients and their audiences to shine. It is as simple as that.

Meeting production is our core service; such as organizing the pre-production creative, audio/visual,  staging and media so the look and feel of the event is targeted to your audience.  With that being said, we are experts at the thousand little things that need to be done to produce successful meetings, events and media.

Our media services include: corporate presentation services, PowerPoint templates, keynote templates, media presentations, interactive design, walk in loops, interstitial animations and full service video production.

We share many case studies that explain how we evolve, create and execute through production for our clients. Please check out the positive testimonials and our clients happy faces! We are fanatical about making sure our clients are well taken care of and it shows!

Please contact us with any questions.

Video Production skills