Sustainable Tip of the Week: Event Planning

Listening to Doc Hendly talk about his efforts with “Wine to Water” has really got me in the mood to become a more sustainable person. There are so many easy and simple things that anybody and everybody can do! I have decided to do a post every week on 1 easy and simple thing for people to focus on, whether its cutting back on water, donating your old soap to “Clean the World”, the list can go on and on. Being that we just came back from iMex America (one on the largest u.s meetings industry trade shows), we are going to focus on Event Planning Sustainability this week. Here are 5 ways to create a more sustainable event…

Event Venue: Many event planners are now looking for venues that are more sustainable. A facility, amenities, practices and policies should go hand-in-hand with your event’s sustainable needs. Another question you should ask yourself is…”Is it an easy location for our attendees to get to?”. A destination that is walking and cycling distance and/or has access to easy public transportation to prime.

Accommodations: Are there certified-sustainable hotels near the venue? Many hotels have jumping on the sustainability efforts, so take a look at hotels around the area and make sure they are helping the environment as well.

Audio Visual: Conserving as much energy as possible is crucial when it comes to your event planning. Grass Shack Events & Media have great equipment and knowledge when it comes to saving time, energy, and money.

Food and Beverage: Try and use local business’ and sustainable organizations. Your support to these local businesses will save money on environmental costs of shipping and transportation.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: A well known saying that is useful in every situation! Make it easy for your attendee to recycle by placing recycling bins in various parts of the venue. Offer bulk water dispensers with glassware instead of plastic water bottles. The list can go on and on!

If you need additional help with your sustainable needs, contact Grass Shack Events & Media. Great event production with great sustainability efforts. Check in next week for another post on being more sustainable in your everyday life.


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