New Media Question -poised to LinkedIn

As we move into a more of New Media centric world I asked a question on today.
My question was:

What are the elements of your last New Media marketing plan? Which of these elements brought more call to action from your intended audience?

This comes from having a long conversation with Kent Jones about the ways New Media can be used to hype products, to start conversations virally and virtually. I wondered what sort of tools or elements people were using and what was the most effective.
The answers I received were interesting.

Pete Fulford a writer I know said. “Poop Poetry”

David Spark of Spark Media Solutions who recently wrote a great article “12 Principles of New Media” wrote this to my questions:

Well obviously, more nudity.

That’s a big d’uh.

But to answer your question seriously bud, most of my elements are spelled out in my last few articles that I emailed to you. My general theory is as follows:

1. Create content that’s targeted to your intended audience. So if your audience reads a ton of blogs, go there. If they’re video watchers, go there. If they expect a certain level of quality, do it. If they expect a more informal communication, do that. It’s important to understand what they expect and communicate on that level.

2. Go where they already are. If they’re reading TechCrunch, then become a part of that community.

3. Be as transparent as possible. And keep communicating. Nothing in new media happens overnight. It takes time.

I think David hit the nail on the head. He also gives his audience what they want. If you go to his web page (which I recommend you do) he gives the 12 Principles in a PDF (written) a podcast (audio) and a video (visual) formats. Something for everyone. This is the way of the future. Audiences want it when they want it and how they want it.

Roxanne Darling of Beachwalks with Rox and Bizzy Cast said this:

The main point I would put on the table is that though the tools may be free/cheap, the real investment is in time and leadership. It takes a dedicated person who is outgoing and creative, and willing to talk into the ether for a measurable period of time before expecting results.

This type of person is not that easy to find. The checklist ideally includes:
– outgoing personality
– technologically inclined (though this is the most trainable piece)
– willing and happy to work independently
– able to reach out to others without expectations
– creative in a very conversational way
– curious and able to learn by watching others and adapting (this takes a mindset where you can observe the underlying structures, not be distracted by the content of the discussion)
– it really helps if the person is literate in the underlying topic that is the raison d’etre for the SN group.
– ability to work with conflict and ability to be ignored without taking it personally. (This involves understanding web user psychology – 95% plus are lurkers and people can be much harsher and more reactionary than in face to face encounters.)

In my experience, the best intentions and set up often fail if there is not a pied piper committed for the long haul to make it happen.

Rox makes some great points and I agree with her that leadership is the most important in getting New Media initiatives off the ground and keep driving it. Check out the Bizzy Cast for more New Media info.