Extra! How to use New Media Tools for your Event or Business Part Two

istock 000008618998xsmall Extra! How to use New Media Tools for your Event or Business Part Two

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Links from the show:
http://kogibbq.com/ (Kogi BBQ Case Study)
http://www.gozags.com/inspiredseason/ (Gonzaga Athletics Case Study)
http://www.bakershours.com/ (Ed Morita Case Study)
http://www.sanjosedoubletreehotel.com/ (Doubletree San Jose Hotel Case Study)
http://tv.winelibrary.com/ (Gary Vanerchuck Case Study)
http://www.meetingspodcast.com (Meetings Podcast Case Study)
http://www.sparkmediasolutions.com (David Spark Case Study)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WPVWDkF7U8 (Professor Monica Rankin Case Study)
http://www.areallygoodejob.com (Murphy-Goode Winery Case Study)

More Social Media Case Studies

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How much is your Blog worth?

I came across a site which tells you how much your blog is worth. Check it out.

This blog is worth enough to buy all its readers dinner. icon smile How much is your Blog worth?

Hosted Blogs for Only 10 Dollars a Year (stolen post)

Andy Quayle of the TechBurgh blog has decided to offer up $10 a year hosted WordPress blogs. This means you can have a customizable, completely-in-your-control, tweak-til-the-cows-come-home WordPress installation (instead of the free and controlled blogs offered up by WordPress.com) for only 10 bucks.

It’s an interesting alternative for those who want something a little more flexible than the WordPress.com offering.

*This post was stolen from Chris Brogan because I like Andy Qualye and he just helped me set up a new blog.

**Now I have to move this Blog from Blogger to WordPress….

New Media Madness

If you are not sure about some popular technologies which are filtering into corporate communications.

Blog. A shortened form of weblog, a blog is a Web site that displays regular journal entries. While the earliest blogs were largely personal, thousands of corporate blogs exist today—more than 8 percent of Fortune 500 companies have one. A blog that uses video posts, rather than text, is called a vlog.

LinkedIn. A MySpace for the business world, this online networking Web site allows users to post profiles and search other user profiles to make professional contacts, search for new clients or recruit for open positions—the basic membership is free.

Twitter: A micro-blogging site. Keep in touch with your community by micro-blogging by 140 characters. Its a crazy new way of communicating. Several conferences are using Twitter to give out alerts on goings on.

Podcast. A downloadable audio (and sometimes video) file, often used to disseminate news stories, tutorials or radio shows. Users can subscribe to regularly recurring podcasts via RSS [see below].

RSS.Stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS feeds are offered by media outlets and enable them to automatically update and distribute their content to anyone who has subscribed to their feed.

Second Life. An online, virtual world that boasts over six million users with its own currency and economy. A user’s virtual self is called an “avatar.”

Stands for “Short Message Service.” SMS services allow users to exchange text messages over wireless networks. Works well for disseminating real-time information updates, like changing traffic or weather conditions, to mobile devices.

Web 2.0
Coined in 2003, the phrase usually refers to online tools and communities that employ a model of multiple-user collaboration rather than static, informative content.

Wikis. A type of Web site whose content can be easily edited by users. The most well-known wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that any Web visitor can add to or edit, but wikis are suitable for many collaborative projects.


Communication Breakdown

A recent Melcrum Survey showed that executives are tapping into these techologies:

63% using Online Video
55% using Blogs
51% using RSS/Web feeds
43% using Podcasts
41% using Social Networks

How do you start the conversation

What is the best way you start a conversation? Through your website? Forum board? Wiki? Through your Blog? Twitter? Through your podcast? Talkshoe? A favorite Social media site like – Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin? Ning? Gather? How about virtual worlds like Second Life or Kaneva? How about Flickr?

So many options to connect. I am interested in your favorite way of connecting?


bloggslogo Twitter.com

I caught Twitter.com while reading Eric Rice and CC Chapmans blogs. Man if I didn’t have enough going on now I will probably be glued to this site. Pretty cool website which you can post little blurbs about your day. Check it out….. Also please add me so I can follow your every step. And no I am not a stalker.
Is it like an individual web reality show? Man, it is boggling my mind.
One more thing…Have you seen the movie Crank. Was simply amazing I loved the nonstop action and the camera work was just amazing!!!!! Looked great on our new plasma screen and sounds awesome with our new Surround Sound Lifestyle BOSE system. Ain’t life grand???
Wooo hooo!

Tickets to your conference on Ebay?

I saw this post on Meetings Industry Soapbox. It is a twist on the new landscape of events and conferences.

Scalpers Hawk Conference Tickets
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It had to happen eventually. Ticket scalpers are selling conference passes on eBay.
A secondary market has emerged for passes to the sold out Affiliate Summit 2007 West, a three day conference starting on January 21 in Las Vegas, on eBay.com.
And believe it our not, the tickets are among the hottest going right now, rivaling even the Super Bowl. The three-day affiliate marketing conference is sold out, and Internet marketers are clamoring to get into the event.
Multiple auctions have been running on eBay for tickets to the conference, and buyers have paid as much as $2,499 for passes that originally sold for $1,449. Sometimes it’s hard to identify a watershed moment when it happens, but this could herald a new age in conference marketing. Imagine a world where it’s common to post auctions on eBay for all conventions, trade shows, and conferences as part of an integrated promotion strategy. I’m not quite sure how it would work to an event’s advantage, but maybe some enterprising planner can figure out how to work it into a successful model.
In the meantime…Yo, check it out; I got MPI-PEC passes, check it out…

Check out this post and other like it on…http://www.misoapbox.com/