Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer -Show 208

imex 2012 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208Jon Trask and Elizabeth Glau interview the CEO of IMEX Group Carina Bauer for a second time to talk about how Las Vegas IMEX show has learned from 2011 show and the changes they are making to make the conference better for everyone.

It is free to attend, get education and network. The benefits are really great for anyone interested in the meeting and events industry.

America’s newest trade show, with unprecedented business opportunities combined with a great industry gathering. In partnership with the industry’s key associations, our unique model is complemented by extensive free education and networking. This first edition of this pioneering show was held in Las Vegas, supported by our HQ Hotel, the Venetian/Palazzo, October 9-11, 2012.  Last year over 2000 hosted buyers and thousands of visiting attendees met up with over 1800 exhibitors from 147 countries. The place for the industry’s top planners to conduct serious business with destinations and suppliers from the US and around the world.

 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208

 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208

Interview with Marie-Claire Andrews From ShowGizmo Show 187

Marie Claire Interview with Marie Claire Andrews From ShowGizmo Show 187Interview with Marie-Claire Andrews from the New Zealand company SmartShow.  She talks about an event & meeting smartphone application called ShowGizmo.   ShowGizmo has been used on every continent except Antarctica.   The ShowGizmo template is a very exciting way to add a show application to your next event.

ShowGizmo combines web and smartphone technology to create more productive, valuable events. It enables event organizers, sponsors/exhibitors and visitors to access and manage information for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and other events events and better connect with each other using the wide range of functions to achieve better results and improve their return on investment.

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The Making of the Blockbuster Old Spice Commercial

Ever wonder how they made the Old Spice commercial with the handsome guy? Owning a production company is a wonderful thing sometimes. I read how the creative team of Craig Allen and Eric Kallman who work at Wieden + Kennedy put together the commercials. The goal was to make a commercial women would like.  The research shows they do the shopping for most households. They also wanted it to be fun for men to watch. They talked about doing the creative and not worrying about how it would be made. That would be up to production team! I love this because this is the goal in any creative brainstorm on how to get the clients message across to the audience and have them walk away to do some sort of action. So you think BIG without worrying about costs. Then let the production team figure out how to produce the content.

This can be translated to any type of video, media, meeting or event. What do you want your audiences actions to be when they leave that ballroom after your conference? Watch that video. After interacting with that Media.

The first video that was the sensation was done in one shot with a little CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)done int he editing room. Basically the part where the diamonds pour out, the old spice body wash comes out of his hand and the clam. But everything else was done in one take. Well As I read it 3 days and 150 or so takes. Pretty awesome.

The video below looks like they used a stunt double

What are the goals of your next event or project? Love to hear how you thought about the goals of the project and made it work…

 The Making of the Blockbuster Old Spice Commercial


Entrepreneurs Change the World

In the last few days I have done a few interviews for the Podcast with Elisabeth Glau, Marie-Claire Andrews, and Tahira Endean. As I started to edit the interviews I saw another very cool follow of mine Ingrid Tappin. All are women all are entrepreneurs from all over the world all of them you should follow….. Inspiring…..

I pulled this video from Ingrid’s website this morning… worth a look. Get out and start something today.

 Entrepreneurs Change the World

Hawaiian Airlines Uses Podcasting For Internal Communications

Hat tip to Trafcom News Podcast
Show 85: Internal podcasting at Hawaiian Airlines has an interview with Paul Barton, director of internal communication at Hawaiian Airlines by Donna Papacosta highlights how Hawaiian Airlines is utilizing podcasting as a communication tool for its employees. Really interesting idea for companies to get information out. Especially in this case where the employees are way up in the sky.

Jon Trask talks about his session at WEC 2009 Building a Successful Partnership with Your Audio-Visual Vendor

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istock 000002303929xsmall Jon Trask talks about his session at WEC 2009 Building a Successful Partnership with Your Audio Visual Vendor

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Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas, St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

I was having lunch with a hotel executive the other day and he said. “We have hit rock bottom in the hotel business!”

The economy has really taken its toll on the Hotel business especially the high end area. Perception & budgets are keeping people away.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas LLC has found itself flat out of cash. The 3,900-room resort, which is 70 percent complete and was set to open in October, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today.

2) The St. Regis Monarch Beach which sadly is the emblem of corporate excess and greed last October and is infamous as the hotel where American International Group (AIG) sponsored a luxury retreat just days after accepting a federal bailout, has been scheduled for a foreclosure auction.

3) Four Seasons Aviara craziness lately where a dispute between the owners, a group of investors and its Four Seasons management has been a little to out in the open. I have seen management companies come and go at Hotels but this one really has become nasty. Both sides are very angry and we will see how it all pans out. I guess the resort wasn’t making enough money so the owners wanted Four Seasons out and some new management in. The Four Seasons didnt want to go. Not the best PR for an already bad situation all around.

Here is the Press release the owners sent out.

All these different hotel troubles have come as the recession and credit crunch have hammered the hotel industry, depressing room rates and occupancy levels. Hotels which have very rich travelers and the high-end corporate retreat business, have obviously seen huge declines in revenues.

Not a good situation.

 Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas,  St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

Social Media Club Case Study

I know this may not be Event or meetings related but it will start your gears a crankin on how Social Media can be used. I came across this from my friends in Hawaii Roxanne and Shane from Barefeet Studios Check them out they do some great work in Video and Social Media

Here the Social Media Club presented a case study with some very cool, simple ideas to use Social Media to help a brand. The brand of Ed Morita and Longhis. Some tasty looking food also icon smile Social Media Club Case Study Ed uses to speak to his community. He posts pictures of food and has little surprises for his community.

 Social Media Club Case Study

Texas Roadhouse Bucks The Trend And Knows Its Business

While companies are canceling their out-of-town meetings, Texas Roadhouse is in the midst of five days of meetings and fun tour package, which is crucial to business, says G.J. Hart, Texas Roadhouse CEO. These are the folks that make their business shine and are trying to grow the business. Its a great start to the countries recovery! (And good news to you meetings and travel folks)

Check out the video:

Side note: I don’t understand why CNBC lets you embed videos but the source code never works easily.

 Texas Roadhouse Bucks The Trend And Knows Its Business

Ben Stein hits the Nail on the Head about Corporate Meetings

202px Bensteindol Ben Stein hits the Nail on the Head about Corporate MeetingsImage via Wikipedia

I saw the below article from a Patti Shock tweet this morning. As we have been talking about the perception of meetings on our podcast Ben hits the nail on the head about what really happens at corporate meetings. I had the pleasure of working with Ben Stein at a Java One conference in San Francisco several years ago. He was an interesting guy who was a pleasure to work with. I will have to dig up the picture I took with him at the event!

Don’t Blame the Business Trip
Published: March 21, 2009

THE government is big and powerful. When it acts and speaks, the consequences can be immense and possibly not the intended ones — and not at all helpful. [Read more...]