2007 Podcast and Portable Media Expo Wrap Up

Podcast Expo Keynote(Note strange secret service guy on right) After attending the Podcast Academy the next day the Podcast Expo started. It was my third year attending and I have to say the energy was much different. Seemed to be … Continue reading

Whats your passion?

ADD is something I have been battling with for years. Maybe thats why I have had so many jobs over the years. I always end up wanting more learning and creative stimulation after the job is mastered and it gets … Continue reading

Crazy days!!!

So I was invited to another social networking site yesterday. I declined. I need to unplug more lately . Business has picked up and I need to concentrate on doing creative stuff. I met with my friend Albin yesterday to … Continue reading

Flamed & confused + New PodShackRadio Podcast

Yesterday I went through a whirlwind of fun with Meetings Community Forum board in Google forums. I have been enjoying the new media space for the last couple of years. I am a closet nerd. Well not so closeted lately. … Continue reading