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On todays show we interview Chris Brogan talks about his new book. Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth and Mike McAllen shares the top five trends in the second half of 2014.

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Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media

Trust Agents, the new book on social media marketing by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, should be on your book purchase list. Where I think of Chris as a friend he is also really fricken smart and a personable guy. The main reason to read this book is in our industry of Events and Meetings social media is on the top of everyone’s lists of questions (along with Green Meetings) on how to do it and what its all about. This book will answer your questions. I do not know Julian Smith though I have heard him on the Podcast Media Hacks. He swears all the time to get his point across which I find refreshing. icon smile Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media He seems to be a no holes barred type of guy.

So think about buying this book…… it will put you a head of the game with Social Media.

(full disclosure my amazon associates link is above)

If you want to hear a podcast of me interviewing Chris Brogan before buying check this link.

This one’s a keeper. If you do business online (or do business with people who have ever been online) or know someone who once used a computer, I strongly suggest you get smart about the ideas in this book. ~Seth Godin

 Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media

Speaking Tips

speaker tips meetings podcast Speaking Tips

We have been busily working on a proposal all week for a big National Sales Meeting in a few months. As we work on theme, creative ideas and staging options I always get back to the feeling that that audience will be undoubtedly amazed by our production and creative as they walk into the room and the lights dim. (shameless plug) BUT it is up to the executives to keep that amazement ok excitement going high. I know sometimes talking about drugs, software or sales numbers is an excitement challenge. But I was reading this post from Chris Brogan today and I think they are a couple of great tips to keep that audience engaged.
What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM?) [Read more...]

Extra! Interview with Chris Brogan from ChrisBrogan.com and CrossTech Media

1473158514 1452cfdb35 m Extra! Interview with Chris Brogan from ChrisBrogan.com and CrossTech MediaImage by mmcallen via FlickrThe Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Interview of Chris Brogan of www.chrisbrogan.com

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events & Media

Chris Brogan highlights-
Chris works for CrossTech Media who he makes sexy events, podcasts and new world media stuff. Social media –puts together the New Marketing Summit Events/ Blogs [Read more...]

Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

IMG 4768 Furry Conference 2008 San Jose CaliforniaAs I am constantly looking to find new ideas and ways to present material see how other conferences are successful. I was surprised I did not see Tim Bourquin at this event. He seems to be at every event these days. But many people were in animal suits so he could have been there.

< --I called this furry a lounge lizard and paid the price.

IMG 4773 Furry Conference 2008 San Jose CaliforniaI met my old friend Steve and we had a beer or two and watched the action in the San Jose Doubletree hotels lobby. I did have some apprehension being so close to wild animals after the Tiger attack at the SF Zoo recently. But the Tigers here were more concerned with hugging each other. We wanted to see what this whole Furry conference is about. He actual brought his girlfriend back to the conference the next day. He also enjoyed meeting the Furry who also went to USC.

The Furcon or Futher Confusion or Furry Conference Here is the website.


Further Confusion is one of the largest international conventions celebrating anthropomorphics in all its guises. With an attendance of over 2,000 and growing, it is one of the premiere events of its kind. Further Confusion includes charitable benefits, educational seminars, art shows, panels and general social activities. It was the first event sponsored by Anthropomoprhic Arts and Education Inc. and continues to be its largest.

happyfurries Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

Furry, is a colloquial term used to describe a particular category of fictional animal. A Furry creature is anthropomorphic, where human and animal characteristics are both present. It can be physical, mental or both. They can be funny or serious. Usage of the term furry is limited almost exclusively to members of Furry Fandom or other cultural groups aware of furry fandom. The term Furry is also sometimes used to refer to fans of the anthropomorphic arts. Such arts range widely and include animators, illustrators, film makers, costume designers and performers, actors, voice talent, literary authors and songwriters.

My take on this conference is I think its fantastic the furries have a place to hang out together. Everyone was friendly even to those of us who walked aroudn taking pictures of the animals. I found it interesting that many had real animals with them. Mostly dogs.

dog+dressed+as+human Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

< --poor guy was dressed up like a human.

One ballroom was full of furry art and it was really amazing. I got a handful of cards of artists. Talked to a few. You never know when you might need some sort of animal drawings or animations done for an event or meeting. (no pictures were allowed in the ballroom)

Some more media from the lobby.

attendees Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

Every conference has lines.

readerboard Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

Utilizing the reader board.

IMG 4715 Furry Conference 2008 San Jose California

I swear this guy was Chris Brogan. Who else would be such a friendly character.

Books you read?

pme Books you read?

I love to read. I usually read a business book then something fun. Today I was reading through my Bloglines feeds and read CC Chapmans Blog. I enjoy reading CC’s blog because he is passionite about life and that is infectious. (above) Here I am at the Podcast Expo standing close to CC. He is third from the right. (photo credit to Franklin McMahon second from the right -not sure how he took the picture since he is in it)

Todays post from CC was one of those ask your friends what they like. So I thought I would answer them and send them off to folks I am interested in finding out what they are reading. If you are not on this list and are reading the blog. I would love to hear what your read! I am always looking for new books. The art of War seems to be coming up. I think I listened to that as an audio book.

The Protocol: Answer 5 questions. Tag 5 book lovers.

The Questions:
1) How many books do you own?
2) What was the last book you read?
3) What was the last book you purchased?
4) What five books are most meaningful to you?
5) What is your most obscure favorite book? Or, favorite most obscure book?

The Answers
1) How many books do you own?

To many to count.

2) What was the last book you read?

Comanche Moon and the last Harry Potter book- reading Made to Stick right now.

3) What was the last book you purchased?

Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers

4) What five books are most meaningful to you?

Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy is my favorite book ever
Close second is Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
Tie between the Monk who sold his Ferrari and The Alchemist.
The Smoke Jumper Nicolas Evans

5) What is your most obscure favorite book? Or, favorite most obscure book?

Probably the Smoke Jumper. I was was working to be a smoke jumper when I was a firefighter but it wasn’t in the cards for me. icon sad Books you read?

I am tagging these folks because I am interested in what books they like:

Your it!

chris brogan
Tim Bourquin
Roxanne Darling
Sue Pelletier

Attendance for Events

PODCAMP BOSTON (Picture is of Austrailia)
austraila Attendance for Events

Reading through my Bloglines feeds this morning a lot of talk about Podcamp Boston was alive. I gathered it was a great time once again. Lots of learning and conversations going on. They have a passionite community which is having some growing pains. Basically, Podcamp is a free community based event that costs nothing to attend and anyone can speak. They have been held all over the world. The farthest away being Podcamp Perth. The topics are usually about Podcasting but have evolved to Media. They went really big this year in the home of the original podcamp: Boston, Massachusetts having 1,357 people register. I was one of the initial registrants when I heard all the buzz but emailed to say I could not make it. Just not possible to leave work. I did contribute by sending my digital recorder to help record sessions. It is all about the community.

Only 650 of the 1,357 registrants showed up. Still a great crowd for a community based event. Amazing in fact. I think since people saw it was free they initially registered without the normal care and commitment to going to a conference.

I am attending Blogworld next week and after paying my money to go. I am defiantly going.

The podcamp organizers are not the only one who go through this conundrum. In the Dotcom days I was involved in a Ariba B2B world tour. The bottom was dropping out of the dot com craze and we had traveled to Australia and rented the huge Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. (just looked up the event website which is still there) The event was a free one for customers.

syd after Attendance for EventsThey evidently didn’t have any customers down under. The effect was an audience of 100 people in a gi-normous room. Had a giant Rock and Roll stage and a crazy, expensive opening video which showed the CEO and COO in a Rolling stones themed backstage venue acting like rockstars as they walked out from backstage as the reveal for the entrance to the opening keynote. (cool effect earlier in the year) Problem is by the time they got to Australia the COO & President had quit so only one executive walked out. We had also produced this video of sprinter Michael Johnson who came out and did a speech about beating the competition. It was very sad. Our crew was larger than the audience. But we were paid to put it on as best we could. We attempt to use rope and stantions to keep the audience in one area to at least give it a better look for the presenters. (i.e. the people paying us) That did not work.

Non paid events like Podcamp and corporate customer events always have this dark “what if nobody shows” cloud running over their head. You just have to ignore it and move forward. Just like Podcamp will. It is a learning experience. The organizers just have to make that event great even if ten people show up those attendees care, and are passionite enough about the product to come so you need to make their experience the best possible.

Think of the last time you had a party at your house was there a little tiny bit of doubt lurking in the back of your brain nobody would show up?. Podcamp has something special, these types of problems wont go away, it is just part of producing events. Its always changing and evolving. You just have to keep working.

podcampfounders Attendance for Events

Podcamp founders Chris Penn, Chris Brogan

Photo credit CC_Chapman

Hosted Blogs for Only 10 Dollars a Year (stolen post)

Andy Quayle of the TechBurgh blog has decided to offer up $10 a year hosted WordPress blogs. This means you can have a customizable, completely-in-your-control, tweak-til-the-cows-come-home WordPress installation (instead of the free and controlled blogs offered up by WordPress.com) for only 10 bucks.

It’s an interesting alternative for those who want something a little more flexible than the WordPress.com offering.

*This post was stolen from Chris Brogan because I like Andy Qualye and he just helped me set up a new blog.

**Now I have to move this Blog from Blogger to WordPress….

Interactive or active websites?

Yesterday I had a few meetings with some really smart folks. One was Ellen Lichtig who amazed me with her ideas about the future of Social Media and the landscape changes which are on the horizon. We sat in Peets coffee in Oakland for a few hours just brainstorming. It felt great to talk to someone so passionate about the future. We are meeting again next week to discuss some angles for new media and marketing. Our conversation turned to websites and how you keep people returning again and again. Is it through conversation? Through compelling content? News? entertainment? Forums? what do you think?

The next meeting I went to was with Mark Rotblat of TubeMogul.com. In the past few years the big pain point for podcasters and videocasters was CPM. (cost per thousand impressions) advertising in a CPM campaign you purchase a set amount of impressions. So it was quite difficult to sell ads or sponsership and the question of ROI for this type of content. Well Mark and his 2 partners at Tubemogul.com decided to help with this problem. Mark is a smart guy and I know they will go far with this concept. The Podcast Expo was buzzing about their service. If you have a moment check them out.

I also have been getting some fun responses to the little Bubbleguru action on this blog. Today I went hunting for some other fun – different- options. This is what I came up with.

Rovicon.com – In-Person

A friend of ours had been using this at his corporate site for a while. I just pulled it up and it is gone now. It is a little overwhelming to me yet it is different and if you could do something compelling I think it might work. One of the case studies had a Karate guy jumping around which I found interesting. How ofter can you change this content to make it fresh. I know the bubble guru you can change it daily if you like. Interesting idea maybe I read this blog aloud daily so you can just work around your office. Hmmmm Anyway this looks like it might be fun to showcase some fresh initiatives or campaigns.

rovion Interactive or active websites?

Case studies


This is a cool idea but frankly the eyes follow my mouse around which scares me. But I like this also if it can be changed. You can upload a picture of yourself which they will animate or pic from the many characters they already have. You can manipulate the characters a-la second life if you like. Compelling copy will sell this stuff. Make it interesting. I saw the Abe Lincoln avatar and I was sold. Now who wouldn’t buy from Honest Abe? Check it out.

sitepal lincoln Interactive or active websites?

Some examples
Rocking Horses
Connected Markets
Amarillo Dreamhomes

Have a great weekend!

Chris Brogan is a media darling please dont forget it

Rethinking Social Media

acoffee Rethinking Social MediaSitting in a coffee shop this morning (one of 5 on the block) I had some time to read the blogs I love to follow. Most of which are Social media blogs and audio visual and writing blogs.

I have been following this space through some of the leaders of this developing landscape and market.
Scott Sigler had an interesting twitter post yesterday saying how he cant understand how some people can speak at events or be on panels about social media, podcasts etc when these folks blogs have no comments or no ads to speak of on their podcasts, few listeners or any traffic at all. Yet they bill themselves as consultants. Shouldn’t a consultant be successful at what they consult at? Making money consulting companies where they cant make money themselves, this pissed off Sigler.

He makes a great point though. Also something for folks to take notice of. It is the wild west out there right now in the social media space and not many folks are making a living at it. Lots of books have been written about podcasting and I keep buying them. Yet they all say the same thing. Scott himself is a great writer and audio book podcaster and he has used this space to sell his books. He is a great promoter of his works. (sciencey fictiony) I saw him speak last year at the Podcast expo. He is really confident speaker and works with companies to produce podcasts. I found him to be quite an asshole. Yet, I usually feel that way about people who are smarter and more talented than me. (see Chris Brogan post- asshole or snob = >mike)

I heard on a podcast yesterday while I drove into San Francisco to my Kiva.org meeting about the podcast I produce/host with them www.kivapodcast.com. This Week in Media talked about a writers strike which maybe coming up next year. Alex Lindsay another leader in this space talks about this being a great opening for podcasters and consultants. Again the landscape is shifting. They will need talent, producers and consultants. They also mentioned how people of their age grew up n TV, their parents grew up on TV. Yet, our kids are growing up on computers. If given a choice these kids will head to their computer before they watch TV.

CC Chapman I heard his podcast Managing the Gray yesterday while I was jumping rope. CC who I briefly met at the Podcast expo. (Weird moment – walked up to CC at the Podcast expo and I didn’t know what to say- its weird because I know all about him through his podcast so I didn’t know what to ask < -- can you say dumb shit mike? :)) In CCs podcast he talked about speaking to a group of people at a conference and most of them had such a basic grasp what he was talking about. I also heard Chris Penn say the same thing while he talked to a group of 18 year old students. Chris said almost everyone had a ipod, yet when he asked how many had podcasts downloaded on them nobody in the room raised there hand. They also did not have itunes but all used Limewire. (whole other conversation) CC has just left his position at Crayonville.com. And is now a freelancer. It has been interesting listening to his journey into the freelance world. Sounds like he is getting lots of offers and he is always a good gauge of what is going on. Of course the exposure he has gotten from Podcasting he is a person Scott would concede as a social media consultant and I think might share a stage with. (I am sure they have already)

Another blog I recently have been reading is Tim Streets blog. I like his take on the videocasting space. I still am not sure about the dark glasses but I like his insight into the videocasting world. I always enjoy watching him speak about story and emotions at events. This blog ives you a taste into the French Maid TV guy. He has some great insights into the “whys” of the new landscape in internet video shows.

I feel like I have a good grasp of the social media space just because I have produced a few podcasts and video casts. I have attended many social media meet ups, podcamps and expos. Reading these blogs I mentioned and others, yet this blog which I have been writing since 2003 has a small following. Probably like 20 readers a day. Not that wonderful. And actually pretty sad. But I enjoy it. So the blog will stay- but the podcast is changing. I am going to combine with two other people in our industry – corporate meetings /events folks to do a podcast which will be the thought leader of my particular niche. I have been thinking about doing this for a while but I think they were wary because it was for my company. My plan is to do a podcast that is a stand alone product. Strategy begins.

I also have been commissioned to do a social media initiative for a Hilton hotel. They asked me. So I will not be a consultant I am really just a conduit of the folks above. Plus with social media I can run things by Twitter and get some conversations rolling.

I wonder how many daily readers could make me a consultant? Or how many downloads? The third podcast I produced brought me 150k downloads in 4 months. Yet that was more in the Tim Street realm of content. Maybe I will learn at Rick Calverts Blogworld next month. If you are going or are in the San Francisco Bay Area lets grab a beer, coffee, martini or lunch, dinner and have a chat. I want to learn more about what other folks are doing in this fast moving space.

Photo credit: newrambler