Meeting Engagement Ideas

I really love this winery video. It sparked some meeting engagement ideas. Two things grab me. One the video itself tells a nice stand alone story. The second is the way they are using art to get the message across. Could meeting managers get some meeting engagement doing something like this at their next meeting? Instead of utilizing a graphic recorder type element could a event manager have a graffitti artist give his/her impression of each presentation? Maybe an online or physical book of the meeting could be made with these images and a short description of the content from a company like The Conference Publishers who specialize in content briefs.

For several years Grass Shack Events Media worked with HP to add a Graphic Recorder to graphically show what each presenter was talking about. When the meeting as over they recieved a copy of the images. How about they walk away with a pice of art instead? Do you think this would that trigger what the session content was?

Have you seen something like this done in the past? Love to get your feedback.

Meetings Du Jour- Street Artists Can Be Affordable Creative Additions

Just the Facts About the Travel and Meeting Industry!

istock 000006128893xsmall Just the Facts About the Travel and Meeting Industry!
Meetings and Events:
I just got off the phone with a wonderful lady in Dallas about finding a fake bull for the stage for an event we are producing. We had a good laugh about having a real Bull onstage and our conversation led to the problems she is having selling props and decor in this economy. She was worried the companies with money are just not spending it. She felt companies need to be spending money to stimulate the economy. What do you think? Also what do you think about using animals onstage?

Here are some facts about business travel and meetings from Meetings Mean Business Which is a great site to forward on to others.

Head over to there take action page to take some action!

The facts about corporate meetings.
1. Business travel creates 2.4 million jobs. Meetings & events are directly responsible for 1 million jobs in the United States.
2. Nearly 200,000 travel-related jobs were lost in 2008, with another 247,000 predicted to be lost in 2009 (US Labor and Commerce Department).
3. If the 1 million jobs generated by meetings and events were to be lost, the U.S. unemployment rate would rise from 7.6% to 8.2%.
4. Business travel accounts for $240 billion in spending and $39 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state, and local levels.

 Just the Facts About the Travel and Meeting Industry!

Making Your Attendees Feel Like Royalty

I have been involved with many types of corporate events and meetings and when I saw this video it really got me going. How fun would it be to transform the whole venue! Environmental design is the way to go that is if you have a kings budget…….

Whats the most creative transformation you have done for an event?

 Making Your Attendees Feel Like Royalty

Finding Food in a New City

iphne Finding Food in a New CityA great way we find restaurants for Grass Shack Events & Media’s clients and vendors onsite at new destinations that we look to is Just enter your zip code or name of your destination and you will get a list of restaurants, complete with user generated reviews, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as Google map showing you how to get there. You wont believe how handy it comes in. With this and a web browsing iphone or pda you will never go hungry.

Picture credit jurvetson

1 way to engage your audience.

Widescreen shows have a set of challenges (i.e. problems) other shows don’t. but the big BUT is they really engage the audience and are very versatile. Would you rather see something like this or Powerpoint.

Should you simulcast your next event?

Reasons to simulcast your next event:

1- Allows you to reach a bigger audience.
2- Helps capture revenue that would not been there if you didn’t simulcast.
3- Educates and introduces others that normally cannot go to this type of event. (lower level employees etc)
4- Grants some flexibility to participants who would normally miss your event due to scheduling.
5- Generates interest and buzz into your event – making it the place to be.
6- Allows the remote audience similar benefits as the on site audience enjoys, as they can still interact with on-site presenters during Q& A.
7- Provides simulcasts participants with a chance to earn more education and training.
8- Adds a sense of prestige to the on site audience “because they are there”

Today at the office we are breaking in a new worker. Its friday so I like to bring mayson in and go through some budgets and work on redesigning the Website. Drool is bad for the keyboard I have found.

I know this post does not have anything to do with events and media but he is a cute guy.

Have a great weekend.

Working hard.

cute kid – kinda crazy looking grampa.

Enviormental Design

I sometimes forget to showcase our companies work on this blog and I need to make sure I do.
All the talk about Second life and life in general I want to make sure you know Production is Grass Shack Events & Medias passion!!
Any set can look fantastic when you have a great lighting designer. Our client Genzyme loved the set but when they saw how multifunctional it can be they were floored.
Think of the possibilities……

The look and feel of your event should match across the board. from the first piece of collateral to the stage itself. Helps bring your message across. One speaker requested flames on the screens -the song Enter Sandman as the intro music to get his presentation fired up! Great Audio & Visual and great creative people make for a great event!

I can’t wait for the next program!!!!

 Enviormental Design

 Enviormental Design
 Enviormental Design
 Enviormental Design

PodShackRadio is up!

bloggslogo PodShackRadio is up!

I havent been cross posting our Podcast but the newest podcast is up.
go to a interview with Cherese Campo is up.
She is a show caller/stage manager for corporate events and entertainment.
I hope you like it.