How do you get into the event managment business? Show 251

Roberta  206x300 How do you get into the event managment business? Show 251

Roberta Boucher


How to get into the event management industry with Roberta Boucher who has more than 20 years of event industry experience. Most recently with Wells Fargo Roberta supported internal communication events for more than 270,000 team members.  Roberta is excited to talk to people interested in getting into the meetings and events industry.





Linkedin Groups for Event People

- BizBash

- AV Industry Professionals


- Event Marketing Pros

- Event Peeps

- Event Production People

- Event Service Professionals

- Event Planning & Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals

- Virtual Events & Meeting Technology

- International Center for Event & Exhibit Marketing

- Who’s Who in Events

Professional Organizations

- Meeting Professionals International (

- International Special Events Society




Meeting Engagement Ideas

I really love this winery video. It sparked some meeting engagement ideas. Two things grab me. One the video itself tells a nice stand alone story. The second is the way they are using art to get the message across. Could meeting managers get some meeting engagement doing something like this at their next meeting? Instead of utilizing a graphic recorder type element could a event manager have a graffitti artist give his/her impression of each presentation? Maybe an online or physical book of the meeting could be made with these images and a short description of the content from a company like The Conference Publishers who specialize in content briefs.

For several years Grass Shack Events Media worked with HP to add a Graphic Recorder to graphically show what each presenter was talking about. When the meeting as over they recieved a copy of the images. How about they walk away with a pice of art instead? Do you think this would that trigger what the session content was?

Have you seen something like this done in the past? Love to get your feedback.

Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

Hearing all the hype on this great new social media outlet, Pinterest, Grass Shack Events & Media has decided to give it a whirl! Posting pictures from event, great articles, knowledgable podcast for all of you in the Meeting Planners Industry. Here are some great tips and tricks when using Pinterest for your business. Check out this great article from Flyte Web Marketing, and dont forget to take a peak at our Grass Shack Events & Media‘s Pinterest Page!!

1. Picmarkr: Awesome free tool for adding custom watermarks to all of your images. You can use an image watermark or text. A common concern with most businesses, especially photographers is that their work is going to be used without proper credit, this solves that problem in less than a minute.

2. Snagit: Snagit is a cool application that makes it very easy to take screenshots of images and videos. It also allows you to upload your own images and to easily edit and enhance your images. You can add borders, word bubbles, and many other special effects. This is a great tool to spice up your image before you upload it to Pinterest, Facebook or your blog posts.

3. Pinvolve: Currently it’s impossible to pin things from Facebook. Now, with Pinvolve it’s possible to pin from Facebook pages. Pinvolve basically takes your Facebook page and turns it into something that looks very similar to Pinterest. So, you can now pin things from your newsfeed, photos, etc. You simply have to connect this app with your Facebook profile in order to use it and add it to the page you admin.

Pinvolve 277x300 Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

4. WooBox: Allows you to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page for free. This tool allows your visitors to stay on Facebook while perusing your pin boards and also offers some basic visitor analytics. Woobox is free for all tabs and coupons they offer and have paid plans for contests, sweepstakes and more. This is definitely worth adding to your Facebook page.

5. PinReach and Pinpuff: Both of these tools remind me a lot of Klout. It shows you the top pins, the top influencers and gives you a score. It also shows you your followers, repins and which of your boards are the most popular. Pinpuff says it measures your “Pinfluence,” which in their definition is “a measure of your popularity, influence and reach on Pinterest. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate.”

pinreach 300x163 Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

6. Pinerly: is another analytics tool, however this one is a bit more like Google Analytics than Klout. You can create specific campaigns and track the progress of your pins. Currently Pinerly is still not available for the public but you can get on a waiting list and invite friends to do the same in order to get in. Pinerly has stated that soon they will also offer scheduling for your pins which is something no one else offers at this point and could save us marketers a lot of time.

pinerly 268x300 Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

7. Pinterest RSS Widget: This is a great widget to add to your wordpress blog or website. It’s very similar to the Facebook and Twitter widgets out there. It provides a small box on your site that shows your most recent pins and titles and asks folks to follow you on Pinterest.

pin rss 235x300 Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

8. Curalate: This is pretty cool. So, you already know that there are many sites and tools out there to help you find mentions of you, your brand or your niche on different social networks, but how do you know if someone is talking about you with an image? That’s what Curalate does. Curalate “Automagically” – that’s their word, helps you find your “pin in a haystack.” They offer several different paid package options as well as a free trial to start.

9. Pinterest Mobile Apps: Just this week Pinterest announced that there is a new mobile app for iPad and Android users as well as an updated app for iPhone users. This makes it so that when you have a free moment anywhere you can start pinning!

10. Pinstamatic: This tool may be the most fun to play with. It allows you to create images that are worthy of repins. Whether you want to upload an image, use a calendar date, create a sticky, use an album cover or the like, there are many ways to play with images and make them creative. You can use these images on not only on Pinterest, but on your blog and for Facebook updates.

pinterest blog Pinning! 12 Tools To Help Businesses Succeed Using Pinterest

11. Instagram: Pretty much everyone knows at this point what Instagram is. It makes us look like professional photographers when we snap photos with our mobile devices. These images are usually share worthy and will do well on Pinterest and other social platforms. You can also use these images and upload them to Pinstamatic or Snagit to edit even further or add text. Then we encourage you to use them on Pinterest, Facebook, tweets, your blog and more.

12. Pinterests buttons, boomark tools: Pinterest created several different buttons to make pinning easy for you and your followers. The Pin it button for your bookmark toolbar, pin it button for your website, follow button and more are all available at These tools are the easiest way to let folks know you are on Pinterest, encourage them to pin your content and allow you to pin things you find on the web easily.

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How to look at a meetings venue on a site survey Primer Series (2)- Show 199

Ballroom pillars 150x150 How to look at a meetings venue on a site survey Primer Series (2)  Show 199


Jon Trask continues on the Grass Shack Events Media/ Meetings Podcast

Primer series:

“How to look at a meetings venue on a site survey.” 

Jon gives some easy tips and tricks anyone who is putting on a meeting or event can use.  If you would like a copy of the check list please email us at and we will send you one.

Extra! Interview with Brad Wilson of The Three Waiters Leave us a message email

3waitersv2 copy Extra! Interview with Brad Wilson of The Three Waiters   Leave us a message email
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events & Media Interviews Brad Wilson from The Three Waiters

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New Job Search Resources in the Event and Meetings Industry

Jon Trask was talking about somehow helping the folks in our industry to find work. I saw the below post from MPI’s PlusPoint

They highlight the new Twitter job locater at I think this could be a really useful tool. Yet the search isnt really that focused but it is a start.

I put in Event Producer and got 498 results found in (0.047 sec.)
For Meeting Planner I got 353 results found in (0.031 sec.) (none were actually for meeting planners- a few meeting consultant jobs)

Where I see some real value is retweeting these jobs to your twitter community. Much like if I see a HARO post (Help a Reporter Out) post that fits my community or friends I forward it on.

One resource for event production is Production Freelancers – Producers, Coordinators, PA’s Group….. on Facebook. Most of the folks on corporate events are freelancers and lots of people are losing shows right and left! If you are looking for some resources this is a great group to check out. Its a network to keep people in the loop for possible work during these very hard times. [Read more...]

Bottled Water A No No These Days

The client was happy with what we had produced for them last week. We build a nice stage, some very cool visuals and everything was in place. Show was now breezing along. Now was the time I was going to sit back and enjoy the long discussions of this pharmaceutical show. I enjoy listening to the marketing and sales focus of meetings and how different companies are handling the economy downturn.

Soon two sales reps walked up to me (I was standing next to the water station) They said. “What no bottled water?” Like I am in charge of the water distribution process. I said this is much more environmentally friendly. They both huffed and headed to sit down. I saw them later in the week and they both had plastic water bottles.

Today when I came across the splashadrip website it made me think how differently I could handle that situation in the future.

This seems pretty harsh but it sure gets the point across. Wonder what those reps would have thought if I splashed them during the general session? (this post could also be categorized as how to lost a client fast!)

 Bottled Water A No No These Days

Meetings and Events are Critical to the American Economy

Putting out Fires

Spent the last few days up at our Coloma River House. I was on fire clearance duty so I rented a few chainsaws ad went to work. It was great to have a chainsaw in my hands again and be walking around the woods clearing the ladder fuels which do exactly that in a forest fire they bring the fire up the ladder to the trees. Ironically I saw around 8-9 firs engines, crew engines and water trucks come by as a big fire broke out in Neighboring Cool, California. I had felt a tad guilty leaving work last week and heading up here but ironically I received 2 RFPs from a clients while up here. It made me think getting away from the office is a good thing. I also met a couple of really nice folks in the restaurant bar the Sierra Nevada hotel who might turn out to be clients. Another reason to shut down and unplug sometimes. Is ok.
As I smelled the fire in the air it did bring me back to my days as a Firefighter. I spent 5 years fighting all sorts of fires and even worked on a helicopter. I jumped in my truck and headed up to watch the firefighters in action. It reminded me how everything is a production. Firefighting a fire is much like putting on a corporate event or meeting. Constant changes by the weather for firefighting and the stock market which effects the budgets for events. You have management problems fighting fires as well as when you are putting on an event. I can remember being on a house fire with a Captain who really had no idea what he was doing. Most of the guys on my engine just freelanced on the fire scene which was always a recipe for disaster. Luckily nothing that bad happened to me or my coworkers while working for this guy. On the other hand I have had many more great Captains who made me feel confident and things went a lot smoother on scene. Onsite at an event or Sales meeting of any type you may have a CEO or executives who makes major changes onsite which could have been done way before during preproduction and then get onsite teams freelancing to make sure things work. Either way its the nature of business and firefighting. At a fire much like a meeting you train, prepare and execute and hope for the best. I took a few pictures of the burn. I miss my firefighting days but I also felt good staying nice and clean. Plus, I really do not miss the fire boogers which are a fact of a busy day of firefighting.

 Putting out Fires