Live Experiential Event Installation to Build Collaboration for Attendees

I came across this event video today about a live experiential event installation in Canada and loved the way it brought the event attendees together to make something through collaboation. Obviously, one person can make this installation work, but when more event attendees get together to collaborate on the live experiential events they make beautiful music.

How can event managers create live event installations to get their attendees working together to creat something. Many corporate planning meetings I have attended have discussed getting different departments together at the event to break down barriers. Simple as this swing set idea is, setting a really collaborative experience through a live experiential event usually is a homerun.

Have any event managers created anything like this at events or meetings? I would love to hear about your live experiential events. Maybe even come on the MeetingsPodcast and talk about it.

Live Event Installation

Consider Hiring an Event Planner

Planning an event and debating to hire an event planner? The reasons below will show you why hiring a professional event planner will be in your best interest!

Event planning services: Event and meeting planners can arrange as little or as much of the event as needed. How they bill for their services varies depending on the consultant or job. Some bill hourly, others by the project. Even though you are paying them for their time, they will more than pay for their services in most cases with their knowledge, experience, and contacts.

Why hire a professional event coordinator? People are often under the misconception that they can save money by doing it all themselves, when in fact it can cost more–not only monetarily, but also in time and headaches! The responsibility of planning an event, especially to a new planner, can be overwhelming. When you hire a professional planner, you hire the confidence that the event will run without any major problems. Experienced planners have tried it all, and have found what works and what doesn’t. You can benefit from their experiences.

Time alone is a reason for hiring a professional: If you delegate this job to an employee, that person will make this event a priority and regular duties may get pushed aside. The fees of the professional will not come near the cost for a full-time employee’s time.

Coordinator’s relationships and knowledge: Established relationships with vendors allow the coordinator to get the best quality and value within budget. Vendors will go the extra mile to make sure this coordinator is pleased, because they know potential business will sprout from a successful event.

Expertise ensures a successful event: True event expertise cannot be learned from a textbook; it comes from trial and error and experience. It is better to hire the coordinator with years of experience than leaving an employee lost in the hundreds of details that will undoubtedly surround an event. Every event has its flaws, but a good coordinator handles those problems before they become serious.

Destination Management Companies (DMCs): Out-of-State planners hire these companies. They specialize in packaging group and VIP events. They can customize local “activities” to fit the planner’s need.

Finding a convention, banquet, or meeting site: A professional planner can be very helpful in finding a site to meet your requirements. Some planners have videotapes, photographs, and specifications for various sites. Their experience in having had an event at that site can be incredibly helpful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are specific about the services you will need and your budget. A planner can offer a variety of suggestions to save time, money, and energy. Be sure to read any and all contracts before signing them so there is no confusion later about who is responsible for what and how much it will cost.

Monday Morning Pick You Up!

I wanted to reprint this email I received today from MarketingProfs. It made me feel inspired on a Monday morning were I wasn’t feeling it! I have several creative projects to write today and this is exactly what I needed. Hope it inspires you to go do something creative and change someones day! ~mike

It’s an average morning at the train station in Liverpool, England, with travelers crossing the main hall on their way to platforms or the street. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, 400 people break into a precisely choreographed dance as a medley of toe-tapping songs blares from the public-address system. They have two instructions: remember your steps, but don’t forget to invite everyone around you to join in.

While 10 hidden cameras capture the scene for a T-Mobile video, delighted onlookers observe, take photographs and begin to dance. By the end of the video’s two-and-a-half minute running time, everyone in the crowded space seems to be dancing.

A “making of” video shows how organizers created the event around the tagline “Life’s for Sharing.” They undoubtedly achieved their goal. “I felt a moment of love,” says a young man who joined in the dancing. “It was connected. For five minutes everyone was relaxed for a second. It was happy. It was nice.” An older woman—likewise swept into the moment—shares similar sentiments. “I was in a bad mood when I came here,” she says with a smile. “I’m in a good one now.”

The T-Mobile video delivered Marketing Inspiration by putting over 11 million YouTube viewers in a good mood, and by illustrating its tagline in an authentic, yet unexpected, way.

Bill Marriott Says Lets Meet

202px Marriott Logo.svg Bill Marriott Says Lets MeetImage via Lets Meet

Saw this post on the cvent blog which made me happy that the industry leader are still getting out he word that meetings are important.

Bill Marriott, chairman and CEO of Marriott International, took to The Washington Post yesterday to share his thoughts on the state of today’s hotel industry, saying simply to business, “Let’s meet.”

Marriott shares that his Half Moon Bay Resort in California employs 500 people, many of whom used to be seasonal farmworkers. In the past few weeks the resort has seen cancellations from over 32 groups.

“That means we’ve lost millions of dollars of expected business, the city has lost tax revenue and, sadly, some people have lost their jobs,” he writes.

Marriott recognizes that in today’s economy, not all meetings can go on as usual. However, canceling them out of fear of media criticism will have far-reaching negative effects.

“Marriott, like many businesses, is making tough choices,” Marriott writes. “Indeed, we have scaled back on some of our meetings and travel. Making those cuts was the right thing to do. But canceling meetings and events to dodge unwarranted criticism is shortsighted and will have a detrimental effect on the U.S. economy.”

 Bill Marriott Says Lets Meet

Some Good News for the Travel & Events and Meetings Industry

Tom Hillmer had this sent to him at Creative Group Inc last week. Finally some good news!!!

Travel Industry Partners:

“White House Says it Encourages Business Travel” – Associated Press, March 12, 2009

If last week was a turning point in the debate over business-related travel activities, this week we began to see the dividends. A positive meeting with President Obama, followed by comments from his press secretary yesterday, helped put an exclamation point on the progress our industry has made.


Top Holidays & Events for Planners to Know About

2009 calendar of holidays and special events Top Holidays & Events for Planners to Know About

The following calendar of 2009 holidays and special events identifies many important dates that event planners should keep in mind when planning and scheduling events:

January 2009

* January 1 (Thursday), New Year’s Day
* January 19 (Monday), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
* January 26 (Monday), Chinese New Year

February 2009

* February 1 (Sunday), Super Bowl
* February 12 (Thursday), Lincoln’s Birthday (U.S.)
* February 14 (Saturday), Valentine’s Day
* February 16 (Monday), President’s Day (U.S.)
* February 16 (Monday), Washington’s Birthday (observed)(U.S.)
* February 22 (Sunday), Academy Awards
* February 24 (Tuesday), Mardi Gras
* February 25 (Wednesday), Ash Wednesday
* Black History Month (U.S.)

March 2009

* March 8 (Sunday), Daylight Savings Time starts (U.S.)
* March 17 (Tuesday), St. Patrick’s Day [Read more...]

Paul Cicerone is the man

Look what I found today!

Paul Cicerone describes their unique promo super glitz ‘events’ for gaming and computer companies: Rock concert on Alcatraz, or a five-state, simultaneous concert to introduce a cell phone co’s new service, and more. Cicerone started with Bill Graham Productions but his whole team moved to a little boutique company called Branduin Creative who comes up with amazing concepts to promote services and products of the new industries.

I thought this was a really cool video of my old pal Paul Cicerone. I need to hook up with him and have a beer find out about his cool family. He and I were friends when we were kids. Smart guy, creative guy and a really great salesman.

I did love listening to this because I worked with him on a few of the case studies like the T-Mobile concert on Alcatraz and the massive PeopleSoft party. It is funny how incestuous our niche is. It is interesting that the large shows he talks about were not when he was with Branduin but with Bill Graham Special events. And unfortunately he does not work for BrandUIn anymore but Delphi Productions in Alameda.

Meetings Podcast 1

The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry

This is the first installment of The Meetings Podcast.

I hope you enjoy it. [Read more...]

Beach events

How to stage an impromptu event for a captive crowd.

20-30 people all on beach chairs relaxing, drinking and sunning. Suddenly 10-12 drummers appeared and a juggler. The drumming started and the crowd looked first surprised. (some terrified) Two pretty hippy girls walked around with donation hats and smiled at the beach goers. I was not sure if the people paid quickly to make the rhythmic drums leave them in peace, but the practice was effective. After two songs the group stopped people clapped and they were gone down the beach.
The center of town a small marching band of 3 people came around the center of town playing music. around them were two little girls grabbing donations from anyone walking around.
Where most event marketing is geared to getting a large crowd to your event these folks have flipped it around and are going to the crowds.


bloggslogo Events

As this is a “Events & Media blog” for Grass Shack Events & Media we have been known to show our successes with clients, fun resources and things we found interesting on the Internet. This past weekend was a reminder of how short life is and things can be put in perspective quickly.
This past weekend we had to put one of our dogs to sleep. he was sick and it was terminal. His name was bear and he was a great guy. We spent a ton of time agonizing over what to do. but putting him to sleep was the best answer. So bear had a large steak dinner and breakfast with our other two dogs. The whole family went to the vet and the kind doctor over dosed bear on Anestassia. We told hm want a good dog he was as he slipped away. It was really hard on everyone.
As we left the vet I received a call on my cell phone our vacation rental we have been working away on for the last 2 years had 2 pipes break in the ceiling and it fell in and filled the whole house with water. A complete loss.
We got in our car stunned and drove up to Coloma where the house is. As we got on the highway a truck cut in front of us and a large rock flew up and cracked the windshield of our new Toyota Prius. We all broke out in laughter as the tears finally ran out.

So in closing, all sorts of events happen. Sometimes you can prepare and sometimes shit just happens. Just love your whole family like crazy and carry lots and lots of insurance. We do.