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PodShackRadio.com #26 was just posted

Mike interviews Longg Weeks from the IBM islands in Secondlife.com. In real life his name is Chuck Hamilton and he is in Vancouver Canada. Chuck talks about how Second Life has been utilized by IBM for training, culture and fun!


Second Life Komjuniti Survey

A new study has just been released. It is a new survey by Komjuniti, a Hamburg, Germany about Second Life marketing efforts. The study found that more than 70% of the site’s users say they are disappointed with the marketing that goes on in SecondLife.com. (Second life is a virtual world) My thoughts –>where Second Life has taken on the feeling of the old Dot Com era, lots of companies like IBM, Toyota and others running to get on board. But the Komjuniti survey is missing the point. Second Life is a different way of marketing. I am sure the ROI is very low but we are just at the beginning of new social media like virtual worlds, podcasts, social media websites such as MySpace, Flickr, Gather, Ning etc. I feel that these early adopters are on the right track. Front runners in this new landscape. Lewis and clarks of the new frontier.
A study like this is valid, but as the landscape changes in marketing, media, training, events and such, it is missing the big picture. I dont watch TV commercials anymore. Never. I tivo thru them all. I also don’t listen to the radio, I listen to podcasts, on demand stuff, what I want to listen to right now.
If marketers want to get to me they better keep trying on things like IBM and Toyota. I have spent quite allot of time in both places. The people at Komjuniti never talked to me. I also saw that, 42% of all respondents surveyed doubted companies would actually put much follow-up effort into the site. This is shame, but I applaud them for trying new ways of communicating their messages. They took a shot with a small investment which really does have great potential in the future. Instead of giving up, these companies should be holding concerts and having seminars in there Second Life areas. Bringing the people in. Random Books just had Dean Koontz stop in their bookstore in Second Life and give a reading and answered questions. What a great idea and it was a total hit. Most of these second life areas don’t have anyone there. They need to staff them. The whole Kevin Costner saying.” If you build it they will come” does not work in real life nor in your second life. Marketers need to keep being creative and the people will come….I know I will.

Successful Meetings March Cover

feb2007+002+%282%29 Successful Meetings March Cover

This months March cover of Successful Meetings Magazine features Mike McAllen our CEO. Which is me!!!!!! How cool! The article is by Sarah Welch and is really interesting. I had the good fortune of being interviewed by her for the article and then photographed for the cover. We talked about Second Life and Grass Shack Events & Media. Check it out, its very informative and also features Donald E Jones from Georgetown University, Chuck Hamilton of IBM. (a podshackradio podcast guest coming up next month),Claus Nehmzow and some other folks who talk about meetings and events in Second life. Its a great overview of how the landscape is changing for communications.

See me next on the cover of Time. (yeah right- this is my 20 minutes of fame)

Also featured in the Magazine is Grass Shacks friend Simone Champagnie for her awesome blog. Check it out at www.sncdestinations.com/cblog