Increasing Attendance at Your Next Meeting through Social Media

I am a big proponent of Social Media. Obviously through podcasting and twitter but how can these things help attendance. Jon Trask sent me a link to a LinkenIn conversation going on in the Event Peeps group. Greg Taylor was asking about success stories using social media. A new book has just come out called The World Wide Rave and it is full of success stories but not all are event/ meeting related. So I did a little digging. here is an example I found on David Meerman Scotts Blog. (a soon to be guest on MeetingsPodcast)

How an active Facebook group drove 15,000 people to the Singapore Tattoo Show

I speak at dozens of conferences a year all over the world. Since organizers usually book me many months in advance, I have some visibility into how they promote the events. It tends to be the same old methods: Send an email and a direct mail to everyone who attended last year, buy some email and postal mailing lists and send some more promotions. Most shows build good Web sites and most have decent SEO. But that’s usually it.

What if you’re charged with promoting a brand new show? [Read more...]