Video production using Vine for Corporate Branding

vine 300x167 Video production using Vine for Corporate BrandingAt Grass Shack Events & Media we produce a ton of video for our clients. Mostly internal videos like describing how Yahoo inc. data center works for yahoo engineers in India.

Or Informational videos for Avon Foundation for Women. (BTW- do one of there walks to fight breast cancer if you can- they do amazing things with the money they recieve)

Recently, I have been working with a client who has a big “Mad Men” New York  type ad agency who was really focused on budget for a “Podcast” for our client. (podcast is used loosely) We are handling the production and they are handling the creative. Which is not really something I am used to.  The creative side is the fun side.  I realized that the creative side is getting to be the only side. If you have good content, story and work some spectacle in, the video production can be made to fit in some cases. Video production can be very very expensive but if you are creative it doesn’t have to be.  The tools that are available are amazingly easy. I just downloaded Camtasia2 for my Mac and spent last Saturday learning it for a bunch of Youtube videos I am going to do for my new company  Also the prosumer cameras that are available, and your iPhone camera are as good to almost all viewers except videophiles. (just make sure to have good sound) Many reasons to still pull in the professionals and I cannot see our video department going all cheapo but when you are really worried about budgets, you do have many options if you can do the creative and put in the time to learn a few tools.

I know my video producers will probably scoff at this but look at this idea Dunkin Donuts is doing with ESPN Monday Night countdown:
Dunkin’ Donuts had an ad which was a Vine reenactment of the upcoming coin toss during Monday Night Football using with coffee cups. The Vine billboard ad was built to show off a weekly #DunkinReplay Vine that would appear on Dunkin’ Donuts’ social media channels during Monday Night Football. Throughout the 16-game season, four unique Vine billboard ads will be shown.

How could you use VINE or Instagram to catch eyeballs?


Or this Trident gum made an ad on Vine, and which was on the Fuse network.


 Video production using Vine for Corporate Branding

Five Reasons iPhone 5 Disappoints

The new iPhone 5 was released by Apple yesterday (September 12, 2012) and needless to say, the world was unimpressed. We have all been wondering what great new gadget Apple was going to release the second the iPhone 4S was released. Hoping they create a “game-changer” type of technology to get us hyped on Apple again. After Steve Jobs passed away, many people had doubts about Apple and if they were going to sink or swim without his innovative thinking and creative design. Here are “5 Reason the iPhone 5 Disappoints” from Betanews.

25790 1 iphone 5 price and release date full Five Reasons iPhone 5 Disappoints1. 4-inch display is straight from the history books. The new iPhone sports a 4-inch display with a 1136 x 640 resolution at 326 pixels per inch. It clearly bests the iPhone 4S display in terms of resolution and size, but a 4-inch display in 2012 is still subpar compared to other smartphones like the popular Samsung Galaxy S III or Nokia Lumia 920, which both come with bigger display a

nd higher resolution. The original iPhone was a game-changer with its 3.5-inch display, but five years later and just a minor size increase is a clear sign of stagnation.

The rules of the game have changed over time, with bigger displays being better suited for web browsing, reading emails and the social media experience that is ever present in the digital lifestyle, and cramming it all on a 4-inch display is not the way to go.

2. Looks similar to the iPhone 4S. The design coming from Cupertino is (yet again) repetitive, with minor differences from its predecessorthat was (again) quite similar to its predecessor. The last three Apple iPhone smartphones are very similar in appearance, begging the question: “Is Apple’s design team on vacation?” Visually it looks like Apple took the iPhone 4S, put it on a diet to lose some millimeters from it’s already “chunky” sides, stretched it so it could accommodate the display and changed the back a bit so there is one visual cue to separate it from its predecessor. That is, if you look hard enough to spot the difference up close.

Apple leaves similarities aside, and instead used bold statements like “inventing entirely new technology” to describe the “entirely new design”, with a clear emphasis the “entirely new” factor that should sway potential buyers from thinking it’s darn similar to the old one.

3. iOS 6 is no match for the hardware. If there is one good thing that iPhone 5 has over the iPhone 4S is the hardware it packs. Yet the very same advantage is not matched by a revolutionary, new iOS. Apple plays catchup (again) by offering features similar to Android, but fails to deliver one that is actually fit for the hardware — true multitasking without any limitations. iOS 6 does not focus on iPhone 5, instead it’s taking a one-OS-fits-all approach that is antiquated. Why not add multiple home screens support or even widgets? No wonder it’s sipping on battery…

4. No (amazing) new tricks. iPhone 4S introduced one of the most interesting and highly-discussed features — Siri. The virtual assistant made voice search popular and drove Google to improve its own offering into what Google Now is today. But with the iPhone 5 the inspiration runs out and what we’re seeing is more or less the same software that every other iPhone is going to get once iOS 6 launches on September 19. Instead of being innovative, Apple tweaked Siri to better compete with Google Now that was introduced with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in June, basically playing catchup to Google’s mobile operating system.

As far as hardware goes, near field communication and wireless charging are nowhere to be seen on the iPhone 5, even though the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Nokia Lumia 920 have both. LTE? Plenty other smartphones already had it long before Apple introduced iPhone 5. Bottom line: no new “amazing” feature.

5. Unjustified pricing differences. iPhone 5 storage pricing differences are simply absurd. The 16GB model costs $199, which does not sound unreasonable, but the same can not be said about the 32GB model that costs $299 or the 64GB model goes for $399. That 16GB storage is insufficient when there is a 1080p video recording camera that can also take 8-megapixel photos, both of which (videos and photos) will fill the onboard storage reasonably fast to warrant going for a more expensive model. The lack of expandable storage forces potential buyers to spend 50 percent or 100 percent on the base price of an iPhone 5 to get a properly spec’d model.

Apple needs to get down to Earth with its pricing; it’s unjustified considering the competition comes with expandable storage at a lower price point.

Meetings Podcast Now Available On Stitcher App (Mobile: OnDemand)

The Meetings Podcast is now available on the Stitcher App available in all the App stores!

stitcher1 Meetings Podcast Now Available On Stitcher App (Mobile: OnDemand)


The Stitcher Application is great because you never need to download the podcasts from your computer to your device. It is On Demand! As we launch a new show it will automatically appear on your mobile device!  Cool huh?

 Meetings Podcast Now Available On Stitcher App (Mobile: OnDemand)

Have you heard of Pandora Radio?

3394v1 max 450x450 Have you heard of Pandora Radio?Image via CrunchBase

If you haven’t heard of Pandora Radio head over there right now. It is an amazing (free) service. It is a great website (iphone application) that you can make your own radio stations. Basically, it will learn what kind of music you like and pepper in music you might like. You can give each song a thumbs up or down and it will learn from this rating to only give you music you want. Another great thing about Pandora is you can buy music directly from the site from Itunes or Amazon. Pretty cool huh. Seriously go check it out now. We paid them a subscription so it wont shut off after a while and it basically runs in our house and in our office all the time.
Below is a little video on how Pandora finds music that you might be interested in.

 Have you heard of Pandora Radio?

Meetings Podcast Show 43- Mike McAllen talks Top 10 Mobile Applications for Meetings & Events

iphonev2 Meetings Podcast Show 43  Mike McAllen talks Top 10 Mobile Applications for Meetings & Events
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events Media talks about some nifty mobile applications for your phone for meeting planners and production peeps! icon smile Meetings Podcast Show 43  Mike McAllen talks Top 10 Mobile Applications for Meetings & Events

Easiest way to read more about these is to open up your itunes store and cut and paste each in the search box on the top right hand side. Please contact me if you have any great travel or meetings/event related mobile applications or ideas for one.

Find Bathrooms
Sit or Squat- (Free)
Find Restaurants

Yelp- (Free) [Read more...]

Will MacWorld lose Exhibitors to CES next year?

Living in San Francisco and an avid Mac user I thought this was an interesting.
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced would feature an Apple-centric area going forward, CES is planning a space at the 2010 show specifically devoted to space for manufacturers of iPhone and iPod-related accessories, products and services which basically litters the whole MacWorld floor every year now. (Both conferences are basically at the same time)

 Will MacWorld lose Exhibitors to CES next year?

We have iphones

IMG 4813 We have iphones

We bought phones and we love them. Only things I can see which bugs me is the limited ringtones. ( I cannot put my favorite 50 cent songs on) I also cannot download photos to my pc without a widget I found. free widget for pulling photos off to your pc.

I used to carry my phone, my ipod and my camera. Now I just carry my iphone.

Macworld sessions online

macworldencore Macworld sessions online

If you missed Macworld and wanted to see some of the sessions head over to

Very cool classes

TransAtlantic Flights

If you are travelling across the pond why not go on EOS Airlines which runs an all first class New York to London in 757′s with only 48 seats al of which fold down into flat beds. Two other companies Maxjet and Silverjet also make the trip but with all business class seats! And this spring L’Avion runs a New York to Paris service. Tickets run from $1,000 to $2,700 each way. Whew! But alas no screaming babies!! I wonder if they let you use your new iphone onboard?