Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive Producer

Show 307  InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster SVP from Oratium TedXCambridge Executive Producer

307 300x225 Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive ProducerTodays show we have Jon Trask and Tamsen Webster

Jon Trask gives meeting organisers the run down on InfoComm that happened last week in Las Vegas.  Lots of cool machines to make your next event really shine.

Tamsen Webster from Oratium talks to Mike McAllen about how she helps companies and individuals communicate better.  She gives some great nuggets of information and everyone who has listened to an executive who is not a good speaker should listen closely.  Tamsen has some great workshops coming up for everyone.  Plus she does one-on-one work on speaking training.   She also is the Executive Producer of TedX Cambridge.

Tamsen’s website http://tamsenwebster.com/


You can find Mike at Grass Shack Road.com


Transcripts to come….


Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer -Show 208

imex 2012 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208Jon Trask and Elizabeth Glau interview the CEO of IMEX Group Carina Bauer for a second time to talk about how Las Vegas IMEX show has learned from 2011 show and the changes they are making to make the conference better for everyone.

It is free to attend, get education and network. The benefits are really great for anyone interested in the meeting and events industry.

America’s newest trade show, with unprecedented business opportunities combined with a great industry gathering. In partnership with the industry’s key associations, our unique model is complemented by extensive free education and networking. This first edition of this pioneering show was held in Las Vegas, supported by our HQ Hotel, the Venetian/Palazzo, October 9-11, 2012.  Last year over 2000 hosted buyers and thousands of visiting attendees met up with over 1800 exhibitors from 147 countries. The place for the industry’s top planners to conduct serious business with destinations and suppliers from the US and around the world.

 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208

 Return of IMEX Group Carina Bauer  Show 208

Interview w/IMEX Group Carina Bauer @2011 Las Vegas IMEX -Show 197

IMEX america 150x150 Interview w/IMEX Group Carina Bauer @2011 Las Vegas IMEX  Show 197

imex america


Todays show has Jon interviewing the CEO of IMEX Group Carina Bauer @ 2011 Las Vegas IMEX show.

Interesting perspective on how the Las Vegas IMEX show went and how much business had transpired at the show.

Is IMEX for everyone?

Who benefits from IMEX?

Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas, St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

I was having lunch with a hotel executive the other day and he said. “We have hit rock bottom in the hotel business!”

The economy has really taken its toll on the Hotel business especially the high end area. Perception & budgets are keeping people away.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas LLC has found itself flat out of cash. The 3,900-room resort, which is 70 percent complete and was set to open in October, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today.

2) The St. Regis Monarch Beach which sadly is the emblem of corporate excess and greed last October and is infamous as the hotel where American International Group (AIG) sponsored a luxury retreat just days after accepting a federal bailout, has been scheduled for a foreclosure auction.

3) Four Seasons Aviara craziness lately where a dispute between the owners, a group of investors and its Four Seasons management has been a little to out in the open. I have seen management companies come and go at Hotels but this one really has become nasty. Both sides are very angry and we will see how it all pans out. I guess the resort wasn’t making enough money so the owners wanted Four Seasons out and some new management in. The Four Seasons didnt want to go. Not the best PR for an already bad situation all around.

Here is the Press release the owners sent out.

All these different hotel troubles have come as the recession and credit crunch have hammered the hotel industry, depressing room rates and occupancy levels. Hotels which have very rich travelers and the high-end corporate retreat business, have obviously seen huge declines in revenues.

Not a good situation.

 Hotels in Trouble: Fontainebleau Las Vegas,  St. Regis Monarch Beach, Four Season Aviara

Can a Meeting Planner Change the Mood of their Attendees?

As we at MeetingPodcast (meaning Jon, Tom and I {Mike}) have now moved into the Media Space having our show I get a bunch of these press releases daily. What do you think about this one? Is it meant to be a teaser? I am new to this…….. Looks like it might be a fun place for the right group!

The HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO released some news today that they are to offer a new “Higher Frequency” sensory meetings programs to enhance impact and ROI of corporate events and meetings.

They are billing new Energized, Focused and Relaxed Sensory-Themed Meeting Programs which will accompany the opening of the 75,000 Square Feet of new Meeting Space [Read more...]

Ben Stein hits the Nail on the Head about Corporate Meetings

202px Bensteindol Ben Stein hits the Nail on the Head about Corporate MeetingsImage via Wikipedia

I saw the below article from a Patti Shock tweet this morning. As we have been talking about the perception of meetings on our podcast Ben hits the nail on the head about what really happens at corporate meetings. I had the pleasure of working with Ben Stein at a Java One conference in San Francisco several years ago. He was an interesting guy who was a pleasure to work with. I will have to dig up the picture I took with him at the event!

Don’t Blame the Business Trip
Published: March 21, 2009

THE government is big and powerful. When it acts and speaks, the consequences can be immense and possibly not the intended ones — and not at all helpful. [Read more...]

John Kerry News

202px John Kerry headshot with US flag John Kerry NewsImage via Wikipedia

I had to post this from MPIWeb

Senator Kerry Admits Lack of Personal Worth
Posted by Michael Pinchera on 2/27/2009 9:01:42 AM

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) spoke at AIG’s annual conference in early Sept. 2001 in Burlington, Vt.

Sen. Kerry spoke at the Lux Executive Summit in October 2008.

Sen. Kerry spoke to a group of teamsters at their annual conference at a major hotel in Las Vegas in 2004.

Sen. Kerry spoke at the University of Florida in 2007 and watched as a student in the audience was shot with a taser gun (“Don’t tase me, bro!”).

So Sen. Kerry feels events are a waste of money yet he is willing to take it from companies like AIG? Man, I never thought he was a flip flopper before but…….

 John Kerry News

Wells Fargo Responds to Pressure from the Media

wells fargo cancels meetings Wells Fargo Responds to Pressure from the Media

The media wants you to think the above image is what Wells Fargo is doing for their meetings. Why because its a more interesting headline than educating the public on the full story.

One large concern at the recent Meeting Professionals International (MPI) MeetDifferent conference in Atlanta this week was that companies are canceling the meetings only due to the bad press they receive. Incentive meetings are paid for by the incentives given to the employees or contractors that are working for them. It is built into the incentive structure. The economies of many cities like Las Vegas depend on this money. Of course, if the money is nefariously used(private jets for execs) this might be a problem. But companies are canceling these meetings just because the press is jumping on them and they do not want the bad press. The media needs to educate the public fully on the ramifications of canceling meetings. [Read more...]