EIBTM 2012 Mark of A Leader- Doug Keeley Rewind

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This morning I checked my Twitter lists.  I now use Twitter lists to curate my information. One post I saw was my friend and contributer to the MeetingsPodcast Greg Ruby was watching the eibtm conference from 4am earlier that morning.  It peaked my interest and I checked out the Hybrid stream.  I found the hybrid website service they used to be very easy to navigate. Nice welcome message and then a hybrid connector (host, virtual host, virtual emcee etc) and Paul Cook.

I reminised about our EventCamp.org hybrid streams that I produced in New York and Chicago.  Around the time we were thinking up EventCamp I did an interview with Doug Keeley from Mark of a Leader.   I thought it might be a good time to do a rewind of this interview for a post today.  Of the more than one hundred interviews I have done for MeetingsPodcast his sticks out in my mind as the great use of video in presentations.

I am in Pacific time so I am around 9 hours behind Barcelona.   I think you can still sign up for all the hybrid sessions here at the eibtm website

I enjoyed watching Doug Keeleys session  and Mark of a Leader is something you should check out to inspire your audience.  ( I reposted this audio interview  and transcripts below.  It might be a little funky sounding, the bit rates in 2009 were different.  It sounds okay to me but ping me if you run into any problems.)

09:00 – 10:30 Agency Programme – Stories of Great Leadership in Times of Challenge and ChangeConference Room 5.1 Speaker Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller, Mark of a Leader

Mike McAllen: Welcome back to Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen with Grass Shack Events and Media and today on the phone we have – or on the show I should say, on the show – on the phone is Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader and hi Doug.

Doug Keeley: Hi Mike. How are you doing?

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