Meeting Engagement Ideas

I really love this winery video. It sparked some meeting engagement ideas. Two things grab me. One the video itself tells a nice stand alone story. The second is the way they are using art to get the message across. Could meeting managers get some meeting engagement doing something like this at their next meeting? Instead of utilizing a graphic recorder type element could a event manager have a graffitti artist give his/her impression of each presentation? Maybe an online or physical book of the meeting could be made with these images and a short description of the content from a company like The Conference Publishers who specialize in content briefs.

For several years Grass Shack Events Media worked with HP to add a Graphic Recorder to graphically show what each presenter was talking about. When the meeting as over they recieved a copy of the images. How about they walk away with a pice of art instead? Do you think this would that trigger what the session content was?

Have you seen something like this done in the past? Love to get your feedback.

Case Study: Meeting Production American Securitization Forum

ASF 2011 – Case Study

ASF 2011 Case Study 791x1024 Case Study: Meeting Production American Securitization Forum

ASF 2011 Case Study 2 791x1024 Case Study: Meeting Production American Securitization Forum

#EventProfs Audio Experiment – Hit or Miss?

eventprofslogo #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss?

I hope you enjoy and dont mind this Talkshoe #eventProfs Audio Experiment which I threw down the MeetingsPodcast feed. Lara McCulloch-Carter started this Event and meeting bi-weekly chats using Twitter and Tweetchat which lets you see only the tweets with the #eventprofs hashmark. Today eventprofs took another step forward (or backwards some said) by adding video to the mix. Robert Swanwick of headed this trial run today. The process was hindered by Twitter really lagging behind I found it to be 8- 10 minutes behind so most people who werent on the call were left out of the action. But I think they had some good conversation.

[Warning- its pretty long- and a big file icon smile #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss? ]

What do you think hit or miss?

 #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss?

Extra! Jon Reports from #WEC!

Jon reports from MPIs World Education Congress in Salt Lake City Utah!

Extra! Jon Gets Ready for the #WEC!

meetings podcast mike mcallen meetings news Extra! Jon Gets Ready for the #WEC!
Jon gets some new recording gear and sends out this MPI World Education Congress teaser!

 Extra! Jon Gets Ready for the #WEC!

Creative Selling Technique

Wouldnt it be great if all advertising was this good? Makes me think how cool live event media can be. Wrap a story around your subject!

MeetingsPodcast Show 39 – Jon Flies Solo

bert decker interview MeetingsPodcast Show 39   Jon Flies Solo
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Jon Trask of Alliant Event Services

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Can a Meeting Planner Change the Mood of their Attendees?

As we at MeetingPodcast (meaning Jon, Tom and I {Mike}) have now moved into the Media Space having our show I get a bunch of these press releases daily. What do you think about this one? Is it meant to be a teaser? I am new to this…….. Looks like it might be a fun place for the right group!

The HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO released some news today that they are to offer a new “Higher Frequency” sensory meetings programs to enhance impact and ROI of corporate events and meetings.

They are billing new Energized, Focused and Relaxed Sensory-Themed Meeting Programs which will accompany the opening of the 75,000 Square Feet of new Meeting Space [Read more...]