Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer- Show 226

jonah L  150x150 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226At last weeks MPI (Meetings Professionals International) we watched the opening keynote Jonah Lehrer speak about: “The heart of where good ideas come from and will reinforce how connectivity is a vital part of how we innovate. In the meetings and events industry, it’s our relationships with others combined with our ‘good ideas’ that impact those we serve and leave a lasting impact on the events we plan and the industry we’re a part of. ”

He sure left an impact on the MPI event.

Mr Lehrer gave his talk and I headed over to see him in the MPI press room.  I was late but recorded the last few minutes of the questions asked to Mr. Lehrer.  Frankly, I wasnt that impressed with his general session talk, mostly because I had watched the same speech on YouTube before heading to the conference.  ( I apoligize for the low volume- it was a big room- and a photographer camera was making lots of beeping noises)

After he answered the questions and took some pictures.  Later he was in the hallway pacing back and forth on his mobile phone.  As I watched him he seemed so young but also very upset.  I jokingly thought to myself. “He must have been having trouble securing Justin Bieber tickets.”  It turns out he had been caught making up information for his books. (Q & A: Michael C. Moynihan, The Guy Who Uncovered Jonah Lehrer’s Fabrication Problem) Jonah Lerer then promptly resigned from his job at the New Yorker. When I was chatting about this situation with super music fan Jon Trask  he said. “It is amazing to me that he would fabricate a Bob Dylan quote. Seems everything thing Bob Dylan has said has been disected and mulled over.  So it is no surprise Mr. Lehrer was caught making quotes up.”

My friend Sarah Braley had a great editorial about her experience with Mr. Lehrer.

 Editorial: Jonah Lehrer Stumbles at MPI by Sarah J.F. Braley

Other interesting takes on Mr. Lehrer:

Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions–The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works

Freewheelin’: Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth

Do you think Jonah Lehrer got his Bob Dylan quotes from twitter?

The Onion says Jonah Lehrer next book is on Why We Falsify Quotes. icon smile Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

It is sad such a great young talent has this blemish on his record.  But a good lesson to all.

 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

Wrap up of Day 1 and 2 from The World Education Congress in St. Louis -Show 223

st louis 150x150 Wrap up of Day 1 and 2 from The World Education Congress in St. Louis  Show 223






On todays show we discuss the first few days at MPI (Meeting Professionals International) #WEC12 World Educational Congress in St. Louis.  The topics range from the fantastic opening receoption in Busch Stadium to the new partnership MPI has with HSMAI.

MPI WEC Downtime is Critical -Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221

Todays guest is corporate business yoga 150x150 MPI WEC Downtime is Critical  Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221 Jackie Mulligan Director of enterprise for the internatonal centre for research in events, tourism, and hospitality at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.
Jackie has some great ideas about downtime at conferences. Brings out creativity and innovation from attendees.

She will be speaking next week at MPI WEC event in St. Louis.

Add her sessions to your calendar at WEC-
Flash Forward 2030- MPI Future of Meetings 7/30 9:00 am
Imagineering Tour: WEC 2030  7/30 2:30 pm

Things we covered:

Why do you think meetings need to be more creative?

Why do you think downtime works for conferences?

What types of activities could enable downtime?

More on Jackie Mulligan

Wells Fargo Responds to Pressure from the Media

wells fargo cancels meetings Wells Fargo Responds to Pressure from the Media

The media wants you to think the above image is what Wells Fargo is doing for their meetings. Why because its a more interesting headline than educating the public on the full story.

One large concern at the recent Meeting Professionals International (MPI) MeetDifferent conference in Atlanta this week was that companies are canceling the meetings only due to the bad press they receive. Incentive meetings are paid for by the incentives given to the employees or contractors that are working for them. It is built into the incentive structure. The economies of many cities like Las Vegas depend on this money. Of course, if the money is nefariously used(private jets for execs) this might be a problem. But companies are canceling these meetings just because the press is jumping on them and they do not want the bad press. The media needs to educate the public fully on the ramifications of canceling meetings. [Read more...]

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Debuts Hard Hitting Program

Yesterdays opening session was a unique experience for Meeting Professionals International (MPI) to dive in to new technology with the stage being webcasted to the world from to taking questions from the world viz text messaging. I applaud the production teams for their hard work on this. Obviously, this type of thing is a new landscape for or industry and they went after it. The gist of the event was Meeting Professionals International (MPI) trying to tackle the economy and give meeting planners real solutions to real problems. Honestly it was very much doom and gloom but I walked out feeling like that I can “Survive and Thrive” I will write more about my experience and share some video from the event later, but I am running off to catch a session.

 Meeting Professionals International (MPI)  Debuts Hard Hitting Program