The top meeting industry meetings and events blogs

What are your favorite meetings and events blogs?

I was surprised that when I asked my network of industry folks that many don’t read blogs at all. So I followed it up with “What blogs do they read?”  (Please feel free to add any worthy meetings industry blog in the comment section)
Do you think it is worth the time to do some blogging? I do understand that most websites are just that, blogs. So the line has blurred between a traditional website and a blog. The main reason is that your company or product can be found via organic search and if you can turn those eyeballs into clients it is the real bonus. Just recently we recieved an RFP for meeting production because they found us through a Google search. So blogging can pay. I would love to hear what you think? Blog or not to blog?

So below is some answers from my email. Thank you to everyone who responded!
You might find a gem in someones list, so take a look:

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