Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive Producer

Show 307  InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster SVP from Oratium TedXCambridge Executive Producer

307 300x225 Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive ProducerTodays show we have Jon Trask and Tamsen Webster

Jon Trask gives meeting organisers the run down on InfoComm that happened last week in Las Vegas.  Lots of cool machines to make your next event really shine.

Tamsen Webster from Oratium talks to Mike McAllen about how she helps companies and individuals communicate better.  She gives some great nuggets of information and everyone who has listened to an executive who is not a good speaker should listen closely.  Tamsen has some great workshops coming up for everyone.  Plus she does one-on-one work on speaking training.   She also is the Executive Producer of TedX Cambridge.

Tamsen’s website http://tamsenwebster.com/


You can find Mike at Grass Shack Road.com


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Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet

303 Meetings Podcast How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet

photo 1 225x300 Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet I was on a webinar for MeetingsNet talking about Pricing for meetings and events. My portion was about A/V and production pricing.

Moderator Barbara Scofidio, Editor, MeetingsNet
Presenters were:
Scott Eames, Global Sales Director, AlliedPRA
Brian R. Meyer, President, Meeting Expectations
Mike McAllen, Co-founder, AVforPlanners.com

The Q & A period was really lively and it was great to see all the faces I knew as virtual attendees. It also made me realize how audiovisual and the pricing is a pain point for planners and organizers. I am going to start a series of webinars with AVforPlanners to start to help organizers save time and money when renting or contracting AV and labor.

What is your favorite webinar platform? Webex, on24 (which we used) gotomeeting? Love to get some feedback here or on twitter what your favorite platform is- or easiest of use…

Finally, I wanted to also say we had our best month ever in May with several thousand downloads of our little podcast so thank you for listening and please email me with anything you want to hear or be included in the podcast. Please email me at Mike(@)GrassShackRoad.com

1) Dana Freker Doody Going to the Chapel from The Expo Group
Dana talks about Marrying your Education and Exhibition experiences can create a long, fruitful symbiosis to engage attendees. Some smart planners in corporations and associations are creating content on their show floor that directly brings in their conference speakers, further bridging the mental gap that often can exist between conference and exhibition.
Dana added these helpful links:
Community Connections & Hybrid Events
New Ways to Engage Adult Learners
#ExpoChat on Twitter, where education on show floor is a frequent topic

2) Pat Ahasey Working with Vendors P&V Enterprises
Pat talks about relationships between vendors and clients.

3) Adrian Segar Get Them On Their Feet! Conferences that Work
Today’s show title is Get Them On Their Feet, where he’ll share a simple technique for bringing your audience back into optimal condition for learning.

Thank you to our segment producers on the show:
Dana Freker Doody, The Expo Group, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Dana oversees all communication materials for in-ho use and client-side programs plus takes an active role in the innovative processes resulting in the creation of strategic and personalized experiential solutions. She is active in social media networks and has developed personalized solutions for several clients to take advantage of the impact of digital tools on trade shows in particular. Dana is a 13-year veteran of The Expo Group, a general services contractor and exhibit house, and the industry, to which she brings a strong service background from her days at Disneyland and a communications background forged in the newspaper industry. Her bachelor of arts
degrees in journalism and in history were earned at Southern Methodist University. Mom to a10-year-old sports nut, Dana enjoys cheering at whatever is in season and supporting charities in her local community. Dana is often heard speaking at industry conferences and meetings and otherwise questioning the status quo in our industry.
Email: ddoody at theexpogroup.com
Website: http://theexpogroup.com
Blog: http://theexpogroup.com/blog
Tweets: http://twitter.com/theexpogroup
Videos: http://youtube.com/theexpogroup
Fun: http://facebook.com/theexpogroup
Connect: http://bit.ly/theexpogroupLinkedIn

PAT Ahaesy, CMP. CSEP, helps companies have seamless and stress free events. She has over 25 years of experience planning and implementing corporate and non-profit conferences and special events, as well as incentive programs. The background that led to her collaboration in P&V began first as an educator, then in the world of corporate and incentive travel. Pat has planned CME meetings, conferences, trade shows, special events as well as tours for art and incentive groups.
She has been a Certified Meeting Professional from the Convention Industry Council for more than 10 years, and has held the Certified Special Event Professional designation from the International Special Events Society for 10 years.
Pat holds a BS in Education from Temple University and taught elementary school, tutored students with dyslexia and has taught ESL for the US Air Force.
Often quoted in industry professional publication, she is a co-moderator of the leading online community, MECO, for meeting professionals. She was also President of the National Association of Business Owners-NYC from 2009-2011. Pat was named Women in Business Champion by the Northeast Region of the SBA.
A believer, in the importance of education, Pat feels that events are a powerful tool to tell a story and to educate. The value of meetings and special events should not be underestimated. After attending several Event Camps, Pat realized that webcasting and hybrid events are the logical next step to extend the reach of meetings and events.
Since August, 2013, Pat has been an instructor at the online special Events Institute.

Pat’s company, P&V Enterprises is headquartered in New York City.
The website is www.pnventerprises.com.








3) Adrian Segar Conferences that Work
Adrian is a meeting architect, facilitator, and author who has been running conferences for over thirty years. He loves to facilitate learning and connections between people and is the author of Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love. Adrian writes about many different aspects of meetings on his popular blog: Conferences That Work. Learn more by visiting www.conferencesthatwork.com and following @ASegar on Twitter.

Our awesome sponsors
IMEX America Coming up in October. Will you be there? I will!
AVforPlanners.com – easy way to find av companies and evaluate proposals from them to save time and money.

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photo 2 225x300 Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet






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Podcast: Event planning checklists, online RFP creation, avoiding audiovisual surprises

Event planning checklists, online RFP creation, avoiding audiovisual surprises
Show 298

Event 289 300x163 Podcast: Event planning checklists, online RFP creation, avoiding audiovisual surprises







On our show today we have 3 great segments.

1) Event Planning Checklist for Workshops and Seminars
With Pat Ahasey
2) BEFORE You Send Your RFP—5 Local Conditions to Consider
With Christine “Shimo” Shimaskaki
3) 5 Ways To Avoid Surprise AV fees
With Jon Trask

6 year Anniversary of Meetings Podcast!   Wowza

Event Planning Checklist for Workshops and Seminars
Pat Ahaesy, CMP. CSEP
Great tips and tricks for planners to prepare.
Pat’s company, P&V Enterprises is headquartered in New York City.
Where you can find Pat (Better question is where isn’t Pat?)








Blog  pnventerprises.com/event-production-blog

BEFORE You Send Your RFP—5 Local Conditions to Consider
Christine Shimo Shimasaki
Managing Director of empowerMINT.com and event impact calculator  Destination Marketing Association International

There is a lot of industry talk about the volume of RFPs but what I think we should focus on is the quality of the RFP itself.  Even veteran planners need to think about how their RFP will be receive, it’s after all a reflection of your meeting and how you expect to be handled.  So let’s be fully informed about the five conditions, which affect the room demand of the destinations and hotels you’re considering.  Key conversations with your CVB experts up front which educate you about how to best construct your RFP for favorable responses.

If you’d like to know more about what information to include in your RFP and how to tailor it for the destinations, join our free 30 minute webinar on April 24th at 1pm EST with Jeanette Alvarez, CMP, PMP, Director Account Operations of Experient and Nathan Tollet, Director of Sales, Greater Houston CVB.  Download the link
Download a free excel RFP workbook from the Convention Industry Council APEX Standards Committee, which contains templates for single hotel meetings, citywide, event technology, DMC & transportation services, and general service contractor.  Download this link

5 ways to avoid surprise AV fees  
Jon Trask from AVforPlanners.com
1)    Negotiate Up Front
2)    The Ins and Outlets
3)    Go Into Labor
4)    Avoid Service Charge Surprises
5)    The Other stuff
From Jon Trask from AVforPlanners.com
Jon has been in the meetings an events industry for 3000 years and holds the CMP and CMM designations.  He is a great guy and email him at Jon(at)avforplanners.com or at grassshackroad.com
Links for More Information:
http://trstimson.com/strategy/house-exclusivity-value-proposition/ In-House Exclusivity and Value Proposition


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284 Meetings Podcast|Virtual Assistants, No Shows, AV Tips

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mike instagram 284  Meetings Podcast|Virtual Assistants, No Shows, AV Tips

Mike Recording
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Thanks for listening to the Meetings Podcast.  The Meetings Podcast is sponsored by IMEX America and AVforPlanners.com
Todays show features Host Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events & Media.
Segment producers
***Julius Solaris presents: ‘Hack Your Event – Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks to Make Your Planning Easier’   Todays show is Avoid No-Shows at Events one of the biggest plagues affecting our industry, no-shows.
- Using secondhand exchanges
- Delaying Charges
- Online Check-in
Get more information at http://eventmanagerblog.com/avoid-no-shows from the Event Manager Blog (Eventmanagerblog.com)
Read Julius popular blog Event Manager Blog (http://eventmanagerblog.com ) or follow @EventMB on Twitter (twitter.com/eventmb)  You can reach Julius on Twitter (http://twitter.com/tojulius) or at http://JuliusSolaris.com
***Jon Trask presents: Five tips to keep in mind about facilities from an AV perspective
-Room capacity charts can lie.
-Ceiling heights really do matter.Power is more than having a few wall plugs available.
-In house vendors may have contractual rules that you must adhere to.
-Those speakers up in the ceiling are good for some meetings…and really bad for others.
Get more information from Jon at AVforPlanners.com.  You can find Jon at Jon(At)AVforPlanners.com
Jon has offer a free show evaluation to Meetings Planners and organizers for their next meeting. A $1500 value. All you have to do is email Jon and say you heard the offer on the podcast.
*** Jonathan Shank from Learn To Find, Manage, and Hire Your First Virtual Assistant!
Jonathan discusses how using Virtual Assistants can make you more efficient with your time and money. He also gives shares his Apple method for finding Virtual Assistants. I added an S. So Apples.
Website: YourFirstVirtualAssistant.com
Twitter: @YFVAJonathan
Podcast: Your First Virtual Assistant

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Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer- Show 226

jonah L  150x150 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226At last weeks MPI (Meetings Professionals International) we watched the opening keynote Jonah Lehrer speak about: “The heart of where good ideas come from and will reinforce how connectivity is a vital part of how we innovate. In the meetings and events industry, it’s our relationships with others combined with our ‘good ideas’ that impact those we serve and leave a lasting impact on the events we plan and the industry we’re a part of. ”

He sure left an impact on the MPI event.

Mr Lehrer gave his talk and I headed over to see him in the MPI press room.  I was late but recorded the last few minutes of the questions asked to Mr. Lehrer.  Frankly, I wasnt that impressed with his general session talk, mostly because I had watched the same speech on YouTube before heading to the conference.  ( I apoligize for the low volume- it was a big room- and a photographer camera was making lots of beeping noises)

After he answered the questions and took some pictures.  Later he was in the hallway pacing back and forth on his mobile phone.  As I watched him he seemed so young but also very upset.  I jokingly thought to myself. “He must have been having trouble securing Justin Bieber tickets.”  It turns out he had been caught making up information for his books. (Q & A: Michael C. Moynihan, The Guy Who Uncovered Jonah Lehrer’s Fabrication Problem) Jonah Lerer then promptly resigned from his job at the New Yorker. When I was chatting about this situation with super music fan Jon Trask  he said. “It is amazing to me that he would fabricate a Bob Dylan quote. Seems everything thing Bob Dylan has said has been disected and mulled over.  So it is no surprise Mr. Lehrer was caught making quotes up.”

My friend Sarah Braley had a great editorial about her experience with Mr. Lehrer.

 Editorial: Jonah Lehrer Stumbles at MPI by Sarah J.F. Braley

Other interesting takes on Mr. Lehrer:

Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions–The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works

Freewheelin’: Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth

Do you think Jonah Lehrer got his Bob Dylan quotes from twitter?

The Onion says Jonah Lehrer next book is on Why We Falsify Quotes. icon smile Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

It is sad such a great young talent has this blemish on his record.  But a good lesson to all.

 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

Wrap up of Day 1 and 2 from The World Education Congress in St. Louis -Show 223

st louis 150x150 Wrap up of Day 1 and 2 from The World Education Congress in St. Louis  Show 223






On todays show we discuss the first few days at MPI (Meeting Professionals International) #WEC12 World Educational Congress in St. Louis.  The topics range from the fantastic opening receoption in Busch Stadium to the new partnership MPI has with HSMAI.

Building an Event Ideas!

Building a party Building an Event Ideas!Every so often when Mike and I are chatting we’ll touch on a subject and he’ll exclaim…”That should be a blog post!”

We were having one of those talks this week about a basic little revival of an invitation idea that I saw and thought was very clever to get people intrigued about an event.

The item I saw was a brick, with the invitation printed directly on it to a “Building Party”.  Basically the infamous Phil Spector was building a new studio in Hollywood and invited people to a party to each come and add  brick to one of the new walls.  How cool is that?

What a great way to engage folks in advance (we can all visualize the construction site immediately.) And, then once they get there you have a fun activity of them actually placing the brick into the wall.

Granted the shipping costs would play into deciding to use an idea like this.  But, you can riff off of the basic idea into different sorts of materials.  The key concept being that the guest is involved in a basic way in the construction of this new structure.  Maybe each person simply gets a bolt to add?

You could also make it a part of a service project for a group,  it would fit great with a habitat or renovation type service project to engage the attendees before they ever get there.

I love the idea, so many creative directions to take it.

Has anyone else done any really cool invitations they’d like to share?




Extra! Interview with Maarten Vanneste Author of Meeting Architecture and CEO and President of Abbit Meeting Support

meeting architecture meetings podcast Extra! Interview with Maarten Vanneste Author of Meeting Architecture and CEO and President of Abbit Meeting Support
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events & Media interviews Maarten Vanneste, CMM
President and CEO of Abbit Meeting Support
The Meeting Support Institute – and is the Author of Meeting Architecture

Company www.abbit.eu
Organization www.meetingsupport.org
Book Meeting Architecture www.meetingarchitecture.com
Facebook group Meeting Architecture

Please leave us a question or comment, which we will try to address on the show ASAP!

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Meetings Du Jour – Green Your Meeting Fast

Show 29! MeetingsPodcast Is Back!

istock 000001450345xsmall Show 29! MeetingsPodcast Is Back!

The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

0:42 Intros- Tom Hillmer/Jon Trask/Mike McAllen

1:05 Sponsors Blue Sky factory- Hilton E Events

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