Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive Producer

Show 307  InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster SVP from Oratium TedXCambridge Executive Producer

307 300x225 Podcast: InfoComm Roundup, Tamsen Webster TedXCambridge Executive ProducerTodays show we have Jon Trask and Tamsen Webster

Jon Trask gives meeting organisers the run down on InfoComm that happened last week in Las Vegas.  Lots of cool machines to make your next event really shine.

Tamsen Webster from Oratium talks to Mike McAllen about how she helps companies and individuals communicate better.  She gives some great nuggets of information and everyone who has listened to an executive who is not a good speaker should listen closely.  Tamsen has some great workshops coming up for everyone.  Plus she does one-on-one work on speaking training.   She also is the Executive Producer of TedX Cambridge.

Tamsen’s website http://tamsenwebster.com/


You can find Mike at Grass Shack Road.com


Transcripts to come….


Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet

303 Meetings Podcast How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet

photo 1 225x300 Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet I was on a webinar for MeetingsNet talking about Pricing for meetings and events. My portion was about A/V and production pricing.

Moderator Barbara Scofidio, Editor, MeetingsNet
Presenters were:
Scott Eames, Global Sales Director, AlliedPRA
Brian R. Meyer, President, Meeting Expectations
Mike McAllen, Co-founder, AVforPlanners.com

The Q & A period was really lively and it was great to see all the faces I knew as virtual attendees. It also made me realize how audiovisual and the pricing is a pain point for planners and organizers. I am going to start a series of webinars with AVforPlanners to start to help organizers save time and money when renting or contracting AV and labor.

What is your favorite webinar platform? Webex, on24 (which we used) gotomeeting? Love to get some feedback here or on twitter what your favorite platform is- or easiest of use…

Finally, I wanted to also say we had our best month ever in May with several thousand downloads of our little podcast so thank you for listening and please email me with anything you want to hear or be included in the podcast. Please email me at Mike(@)GrassShackRoad.com

1) Dana Freker Doody Going to the Chapel from The Expo Group
Dana talks about Marrying your Education and Exhibition experiences can create a long, fruitful symbiosis to engage attendees. Some smart planners in corporations and associations are creating content on their show floor that directly brings in their conference speakers, further bridging the mental gap that often can exist between conference and exhibition.
Dana added these helpful links:
Community Connections & Hybrid Events
New Ways to Engage Adult Learners
#ExpoChat on Twitter, where education on show floor is a frequent topic

2) Pat Ahasey Working with Vendors P&V Enterprises
Pat talks about relationships between vendors and clients.

3) Adrian Segar Get Them On Their Feet! Conferences that Work
Today’s show title is Get Them On Their Feet, where he’ll share a simple technique for bringing your audience back into optimal condition for learning.

Thank you to our segment producers on the show:
Dana Freker Doody, The Expo Group, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Dana oversees all communication materials for in-ho use and client-side programs plus takes an active role in the innovative processes resulting in the creation of strategic and personalized experiential solutions. She is active in social media networks and has developed personalized solutions for several clients to take advantage of the impact of digital tools on trade shows in particular. Dana is a 13-year veteran of The Expo Group, a general services contractor and exhibit house, and the industry, to which she brings a strong service background from her days at Disneyland and a communications background forged in the newspaper industry. Her bachelor of arts
degrees in journalism and in history were earned at Southern Methodist University. Mom to a10-year-old sports nut, Dana enjoys cheering at whatever is in season and supporting charities in her local community. Dana is often heard speaking at industry conferences and meetings and otherwise questioning the status quo in our industry.
Email: ddoody at theexpogroup.com
Website: http://theexpogroup.com
Blog: http://theexpogroup.com/blog
Tweets: http://twitter.com/theexpogroup
Videos: http://youtube.com/theexpogroup
Fun: http://facebook.com/theexpogroup
Connect: http://bit.ly/theexpogroupLinkedIn

PAT Ahaesy, CMP. CSEP, helps companies have seamless and stress free events. She has over 25 years of experience planning and implementing corporate and non-profit conferences and special events, as well as incentive programs. The background that led to her collaboration in P&V began first as an educator, then in the world of corporate and incentive travel. Pat has planned CME meetings, conferences, trade shows, special events as well as tours for art and incentive groups.
She has been a Certified Meeting Professional from the Convention Industry Council for more than 10 years, and has held the Certified Special Event Professional designation from the International Special Events Society for 10 years.
Pat holds a BS in Education from Temple University and taught elementary school, tutored students with dyslexia and has taught ESL for the US Air Force.
Often quoted in industry professional publication, she is a co-moderator of the leading online community, MECO, for meeting professionals. She was also President of the National Association of Business Owners-NYC from 2009-2011. Pat was named Women in Business Champion by the Northeast Region of the SBA.
A believer, in the importance of education, Pat feels that events are a powerful tool to tell a story and to educate. The value of meetings and special events should not be underestimated. After attending several Event Camps, Pat realized that webcasting and hybrid events are the logical next step to extend the reach of meetings and events.
Since August, 2013, Pat has been an instructor at the online special Events Institute.

Pat’s company, P&V Enterprises is headquartered in New York City.
The website is www.pnventerprises.com.








3) Adrian Segar Conferences that Work
Adrian is a meeting architect, facilitator, and author who has been running conferences for over thirty years. He loves to facilitate learning and connections between people and is the author of Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love. Adrian writes about many different aspects of meetings on his popular blog: Conferences That Work. Learn more by visiting www.conferencesthatwork.com and following @ASegar on Twitter.

Our awesome sponsors
IMEX America Coming up in October. Will you be there? I will!
AVforPlanners.com – easy way to find av companies and evaluate proposals from them to save time and money.

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photo 2 225x300 Podcast: How To Keep Attendees Happy, Working With Vendors, Get Them On Their Feet






Transcripts Below:

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Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Show 301 Meetings Podcast Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing

On todays show our segments are:

food allergies 300x165 Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing1) Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC from Thrive! Meetings & Events

10 things event professionals need to know about food allergies.

In 1998, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, now FARE, created Food Allergy Awareness Week to educate the public about food allergies, a potentially life-threatening medical condition. Nearly two decades later, FARE is expanding this year’s Food Allergy Awareness Week by declaring the entire month of May as Food Allergy Action Month. This is a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on food allergies and anaphylaxis. There are many easy ways you can get involved in raising awareness, educating others and inspiring action.


like 300x188 Podcast: Food Allergies, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Marketing2) Jessica Levin, Chief Connector at Seven Degrees Communications and Jordan Schwartz, CEO at Pathable Event Apps, take a wonky look at social media and events, including the impending demise of Google+, Facebook changing newsfeed algorithms (and what it means for your hopes of having your event promotions “go viral”) and some new marketing products Twitter has introduced to help businesses promote themselves in their industry.




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Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changes

Show 288 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference.

Mike 300x189 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesTranscripts are coming for this episode if would rather read then listen.  Below are all the fine folks who gave up some time and knowledge to spend a little time in your earbuds.

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Thanks for listening to the Meetings Podcast.  The Meetings Podcast is sponsored by IMEX America and AVforPlanners.com? The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry

Todays Segments:

1- Jordan Schwartz & Jen Pitts from Pathable.com
Facebook recently announced changes to News Feed status updates. We discuss what this means for Facebook Pages and event marketers. Some best practices are shared.
Link to Jordans blog post about ths Facebook topic: http://blog.pathable.com/beware-facebook-is-changing-the-rules

2- Learning from Pioneer Nation.  What made the attendees of Pioneer nation such rabid fans?  What can corporate meeting or conference organizers learn from Pioneer Nation.

Segment Producers this week (In order of appearance)

Mike McAllen

Jordan Schwartz
Jennifer Pitts
Kerstin Hammes
Kim Reid
Patrick Larsen
Lacey Hopkins
Thursday Bram
Isaac Watson

Mike McAllen

Mike brings his hundreds of proven worldwide resources to the fresh, creative, fast paced boutique environment that his meetings and video production company Grass Shack Events & Media has established.  Mike has an eclectic background which leads him to the communications world. Several years of firefighting instilled a hearty work ethic and the importance of teamwork to get a job done right and the love of helping people.
Mike is also the founder of three other products EventCamp.org, AVforPlanners.com, MeetingsPodcast.com all help the meetings and events industries learn about event technology and social media in events and meetings.?Mike’s list of repeat clients for the past ten years at Grass Shack Events & Media includes Oracle, MySQL, Blackboard, Hilton Hotels, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Wells Fargo, Siemens Medical Solutions, PepsiCo, Genzyme, Sanofi, BiogenIdec, Thompson Reuters, Vantagescore,  GAP, Restoration Hardware among many more.    @mmcallen   GrassShackRoad.com avforplanners.com  www.linkedin.com/in/mikemcallen

Jordan Schwartz

Jordan Schwartz twitter 300x203 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesJordan Schwartz is the CEO and Founder of Pathable, Inc. Jordan has a BS from Brown University and a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology from the University of Washington. Jordan worked for over a decade at Microsoft developing consumer facing communication software and authoring over a dozen patents before founding Pathable, Inc. with the aim to revolutionize the conference attendee experience. Pathable has been successfully serving corporate and association customers since 2008.


Jordan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jschwa   twitter.com/@jojoschwa
Pathable.com?    https://twitter.com/pathable

Jennifer Pitts

jen pitts 300x128 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesDirector of Marketing at Pathable.  Jennifer’s experience is a blend of startup and corporate marketing and operations. Prior to Pathable, she managed social, event and paid marketing programs for tech startup, Gist, which was acquired by BlackBerry in 2011. While employed at BlackBerry, Jennifer managed Product and Partner Marketing for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She also focused on influencer and advocate marketing programs.

Pathable.com  ?https://twitter.com/pathable

Kerstin Hammes

kerstin Hames 300x120 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesFounded Fluent in 2012. Teach German and English to students all over the world, and also offer classes in Blogging and Online Marketing in Northern England.
Beyond blogging, she also loves promoting language learning as a public speaker. She been a speaker at Careers Events at Lancaster University and local schools.
kerstin (at) fluentlanguage.co.uk

Kim Reid

Kim Reid twitter 300x146 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesKim is a physician of classical Chinese medicine and practices in Venice, California.
KimReideasternmedicine (at)gmail.com

Pat Larsen

Pat Larsen 300x126 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesPat grew up in Southern California. He went to the US Air Force Academy for undergrad and Chicago Booth for my MBA. Pat is:
-Helicopter pilot (combat search&rescue, SAR, logistics)
-Assistant Professor of Naval History at Illinois Institute of Tech
-Investment banking associate at Lincoln International- middle market M&A. Only lasted a year. Loved the people- hated the work.  Can’t say enough good things about the firm and enough negative things about working in finance…
-Hedge fund analyst specializing in health care stocks- Torrey Pines Health Care research

Lacey Hopkins

Lacey Hopkins 300x145 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesLacey is the founder of Lacey Hopkins Coaching, a entrepreneurial coaching firm located in the heart of Washington, DC. She coaches executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurial hopefuls to have successful businesses and great lives.
A business owner herself, Lacey understands what entrepreneurs need and helps them to: identify what problem they are trying to solve, create a concrete plan to get where they want to go, and execute the plan with velocity that leads to successful businesses. Lacey has a BS from Winthrop University, and an MS from Miami University. Originally from multiple states in the Southeast, she now calls Capitol Hill, DC home.
Book to check out: Spark Your Career

Thursday Bram

Thursday Bram 300x182 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesThursday Bram has written for CNET, GigaOm, Lifehack and a variety of other sites it’s quite likely you’ve heard of. It’s also quite likely she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to writing for a living. She handles all my writing work through Hyper Modern Writing She also takes on creative business consulting projects through her business, Hyper Modern Consulting. She also has been known to take on a few speaking gigs, as well.



Ryan Delk

Ryan Delk 300x123 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesRyan is growing Gumroad, a game changing early-stage startup that’s democratizing online commerce HQ’d in San Francisco, CA.  Before diving in at Gumroad, he worked remotely for Square while at school, as well as on Socialfied, a digital strategy company for small businesses that he co-founded my Sophomore year of school.
He also spent time in Nairobi, Kenya helping tech entrepreneurs develop, launch, grow and fund successful tech-driven business ventures in East Africa through the iHub Nairobi. As an extension of that, he was involved in the formation and launch of the recently-announced Savannah Fund, an early-stage investment fund focused on East African tech startups.

Isaac B Watson

Issac Watson 300x121 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesWith background in graphic design, project management, community organizing, conference production, marketing, and communications. His first foray into the maker world was with his jewelry business, Focal Length Designs, and in doing so became involved with I Heart Art: Portland, a three-year community project that he spearheaded offering professional development and networking opportunities to Portland-based makers. He draws additional experience from several years of work in the communications office of a nonprofit art college and museum, and works on the production team for both Pioneer Nation and the World Domination Summit.

Others mentioned in this podcast:
Chris Guillebeau

Chris Gullibeau 300x139 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesChris Guillebeau is an American entrepreneur, nonfiction author, blogger and speaker. He is best known for The Art of Non-Conformity blog and book. He has also written guides for travel and small business topics under the brand Unconventional Guides. He organizes the annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.[1] The Art of Non-Conformity blog discusses entrepreneurship, travel, and personal development topics; its traffic grew substantially after the online publication of A Brief Guide to World Domination in 2008. The site has an Alexa ranking of under 30,000[2] and is among the top 15,000 most visited sites in the United States.

Jolie Guillebeau

Jolie Guillebeau 300x193 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesCreate something everyday. Find Beauty Everywhere. Learn and make stuff. Smile




Terry Starbucker

starbucker 300x138 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesOwner of Professional Development consultancy focusing on Business Strategy & Execution, Leadership, Customer Care and Social Media



Chris Brogan

chris brogan 300x128 Podcast: Secrets to building community and fanatical attendees for your conference| Facebook changesPublisher and CEO of Owner Magazine, a business magazine helping you improve your worth by growing your capabilities and connections. He is a sought-after keynote speaker who has addressed crowds of thousands, been on the Dr Phil show, and once presented to a princess. Chris has consulted with companies you know like Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Titleist, Pepsico, Google, Motorola, and many more. He is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books and counting, including The Impact Equation,


New Book:  The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Thank you to all the segment producer Jordan Schwartz, all our above guests.

Special thanks to IMEX America our fantastic sponser.
You can find me Mike McAllen at my meetings and video Production Company Grass Shack Events & Media or at AVforPlanners.com with my pal Jon Trask.

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We will see you all next week.


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What is so great about IMEX America? Show 277

What is so great about IMEX America?  Well I can tell you from my perspective which you could say was biased since IMEX Group is a sponsor of the MeetingsPodcast.  But I will say it was a really great time for the Grass Shack team.  We once again recorded interviews from the floor so you can get their opinons.  Our new startup company AVforPlanners had more than 60 appointments which was amazing for us.  We connected with old friends and made new ones on the tradeshow floor.

imex 257x300 What is so great about IMEX America? Show 277Some of the people we recorded for the podcast all talked about the same things.  Opportunity to talk to existing clients, new clients, driving business, building trust, making relationships at this very well run show.  Again since IMEX sponsors the MeetingsPodcast our view might be biased but if you haven’t gone yet I think you should listen to what these attendees and  exhibitors said.

Thanks to Jim Kelly from Production Resource Group, the Fiji booth, Fiji Airways, Marsha Sharpe with SongDivison, Donna with Mohonk Mountain House, The Grove Hotel in Boise Idaho, Hershey Meetings, Walt Delany with AIM Meetings & Events, Rick Binford  VP at Active Networks, Cindy Campbell Taylor with Disney Destinations, Rob Sawyer with Gateway Canyons Resorts in Colorado, Trevor Roald from Quickmobile, Bruce Temper from Yosemite Gold Country, Chapman Freeborn Chartering, Wynn Las Vegas, Muhammad Ali and the others from the Egypt Booth, Pam Crestly from Royal Caribbean International, and Melissa Van Dyke from the Incentive Research Foundation.


 What is so great about IMEX America? Show 277

“Radical Resiliency” is waiting for you at IMEX America with Eileen McDargh – Show 275

Eileen McDargh 228x300 Radical Resiliency” is waiting for you at IMEX America with Eileen McDargh   Show 275


Mike McAllen sits down with Eileen McDargh,opening MPI keynote for IMEX America on Tuesday October 15.  Eileen’s talk “Radical Resiliency”  will get attendees ready for the week of meetings, education and networking.







Eileen McDargh is founder and CEO of the consulting firm, The Resiliency Group (a division of McDargh Communications). Organizations like Cisco, Novartis, Oracle, and Procter & Gamble hire her firm to teach them ways of building resilient leadership teams and workplaces.



 Radical Resiliency” is waiting for you at IMEX America with Eileen McDargh   Show 275

Special Delivery of Happiness to IMEX America Show 274

jenn lim 289x300 Special Delivery of Happiness to IMEX America Show 274Mike interviews Jenn Lim for IMEX America who is the CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness also Culture Book Creator and Consultant at Zappos. She is the morning keynote at IMEX America on Wednesday October 16. During this podcast Jenn gives some background on how she became a Happiness Officer and how happiness became a priority in her life.

Mike talks to Jenn about Delivering Happiness, a company that Jenn and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) co-created in 2010 to inspire happiness in work, community and everyday life.In 2005, she created the first Culture Book for Zappos – now on its 7th edition – and has produced them ever since. In 2009, Zappos was sold to Amazon.com in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing, and in 2011, Zappos was #6 on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Jenn can be reached at @DHMovement on Twitter.

 Special Delivery of Happiness to IMEX America Show 274

Free Educational Opportunities at IMEX America- Show 236

Dale Hudson 244x300 Free Educational Opportunities at IMEX America  Show 236IMEX Group Director of Knowledge and Events Dale Hudson talks about Educational portion of IMEX America. Dale touches Smart Monday, deep dives, and the inspiration center and much more….

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4 Local Sustainability Projects at IMEX America with Dale Hudson- Show 233

IMEX GREEN TEAM 300x254 4 Local Sustainability Projects at IMEX America with Dale Hudson  Show 233IMEX Group Director of Knowledge and Events Dale Hudson talks about Sustainability and what is happening at IMEX America 2012.  The importance of giving back locally through several programs: Clean the World, Shade Tree, Opportunity Village and the Badge Back scheme

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MPI WEC Downtime is Critical -Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221

Todays guest is corporate business yoga 150x150 MPI WEC Downtime is Critical  Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221 Jackie Mulligan Director of enterprise for the internatonal centre for research in events, tourism, and hospitality at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.
Jackie has some great ideas about downtime at conferences. Brings out creativity and innovation from attendees.

She will be speaking next week at MPI WEC event in St. Louis.

Add her sessions to your calendar at WEC-
Flash Forward 2030- MPI Future of Meetings 7/30 9:00 am
Imagineering Tour: WEC 2030  7/30 2:30 pm

Things we covered:

Why do you think meetings need to be more creative?

Why do you think downtime works for conferences?

What types of activities could enable downtime?

More on Jackie Mulligan