World Domination, SocialTables, CAD and Who’s Local at your events?

#308 World Domination, SocialTables, CAD and Who’s Local at your events?

Permission to Fail 291x300 World Domination, SocialTables, CAD and Whos Local at your events?On todays show we have Mike McAllen talking about the World Domination Summit.  Jon Trask talking about SocialTables and other CAD type programs.  Adrian Segar talks about Who’s Local at your meetings.

Jon Trask segment Social TablesAuto CAD and Vectorworks are the focus today as Jon takes a look at
some of the various room diagraming options available to planners. Then briefly
examines some of the pluses and minuses involved in using each one of them.


Social Tables:


AutoCAD by Autodesk:

Autodesk 360:

Adrian Segar Segment‘BEE: Building Exceptional Events (by improving learning, connection, engagement, and community).

Today’s show title is Who’s Local, where he’ll share a simple technique that allows participants to quickly discover others in the room who live and/or work near them.

Adrian is a meeting architect, facilitator, and author who has been running conferences for over thirty years. He loves to facilitate learning and connections between people and is the author of Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love. Adrian writes about many different aspects of meetings on his popular blog: Conferences That Work. Learn more by visiting and following @ASegar on Twitter.

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Podcast: 5 Top Trends in the Meetings Industry, Freak King Chris Brogan

freak brothers 300x177 Podcast: 5 Top Trends in the Meetings Industry, Freak King Chris Brogan






On todays show we interview Chris Brogan talks about his new book. Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth and Mike McAllen shares the top five trends in the second half of 2014.


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Meetings Podcast Incentive Research Foundation, Convene Salary Survey, 3 Ways to be more Productive

a mic 150x150 Meetings Podcast Incentive Research Foundation, Convene Salary Survey, 3 Ways to be more Productive






Show 304  Meetings Podcast Incentive Research Foundation, Convene Salary Survey, 3 Ways to be more Productive

1-Editors Sue Pelletier and Barbara Scofidio from MeetingsNet

Segment Title: What happened at the Incentive Research Foundation Invitational?

Discussion what happened down in Mexico at Incentive Research Foundation Invitational. They share some tips from the educational day. (Bonus nice bird sounds in the background)

Big Data

Millennials, Baby Boomers how do you plan for generations.

Google Glass

Writing with right hand or left hand and be an animal. (Dominate brain functions)

Seating designs


Segment title: What Are You Worth?

The all-time most-read Convene article on is always the annual salary survey. Which makes sense. Meeting professionals want to know what their colleagues are making and if they are being compensated fairly. Convene Editor in Chief Michelle Russell has been told many times that this salary survey has been used by many meeting planners to negotiate for a raise. In this segment, she talks about some of the results of the survey, as well as provides strategies for salary negotiations for women. Because even though women dominate the meetings industry, they struggle with the same challenges as women in the overall workplace in terms of perception, pay inequity, and differences in negotiating styles.

Mike McAllen from

Mike shares 3 Tips on being more Productive

1)    To-do Lists

2)    Don’t think about time. Think about productivity

3)    Stop Working.

Mike will be at InfoCom next week and would love to connect to listeners. Call /text him at 925 699 3190 or Email him @

Thanks to IMEX America and of course


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284 Meetings Podcast|Virtual Assistants, No Shows, AV Tips

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mike instagram 284  Meetings Podcast|Virtual Assistants, No Shows, AV Tips

Mike Recording
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Thanks for listening to the Meetings Podcast.  The Meetings Podcast is sponsored by IMEX America and
Todays show features Host Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events & Media.
Segment producers
***Julius Solaris presents: ‘Hack Your Event – Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks to Make Your Planning Easier’   Todays show is Avoid No-Shows at Events one of the biggest plagues affecting our industry, no-shows.
- Using secondhand exchanges
- Delaying Charges
- Online Check-in
Get more information at from the Event Manager Blog (
Read Julius popular blog Event Manager Blog ( ) or follow @EventMB on Twitter (  You can reach Julius on Twitter ( or at
***Jon Trask presents: Five tips to keep in mind about facilities from an AV perspective
-Room capacity charts can lie.
-Ceiling heights really do matter.Power is more than having a few wall plugs available.
-In house vendors may have contractual rules that you must adhere to.
-Those speakers up in the ceiling are good for some meetings…and really bad for others.
Get more information from Jon at  You can find Jon at Jon(At)
Jon has offer a free show evaluation to Meetings Planners and organizers for their next meeting. A $1500 value. All you have to do is email Jon and say you heard the offer on the podcast.
*** Jonathan Shank from Learn To Find, Manage, and Hire Your First Virtual Assistant!
Jonathan discusses how using Virtual Assistants can make you more efficient with your time and money. He also gives shares his Apple method for finding Virtual Assistants. I added an S. So Apples.
Twitter: @YFVAJonathan
Podcast: Your First Virtual Assistant

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How to put on a successful event for Virgin Airlines Richard Branson – Show 262

Branson Guitar1 445x334 300x225 How to put on a successful event for Virgin Airlines Richard Branson   Show 262On todays show Mike McAllen talks to Andy Sharpe of SongDivision.  Andy and his team recently put together a very successful event to get the king of promotions Sir Richard Branson’s attention. Andy’s team did such a good job Richard called him after the show to personally thank him. Richard even wrote about them on the virgin blog.  Check out the SongDivsion website and the story behind the show to learn more.


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Debra Benton- Leaders Needed: Apply Within – Show 238

Mike McAllen talked with Debra Benton about her upcoming IMEX Keynote called: Leaders Needed: Apply Within:  Benton will dissect and decode the secret sauce of traits and nuance needed to elevate your presence in the world where you want to be – your authentic self.  Learn how to tweak what you already have to present yourself in a way that people are receptive to you; build trust with colleagues and customers.  Rearrange how you view yourself by differentiating yourself and still be comfortable in situations you normally don’t feel comfortable.  And finally, sharpen how you think and behave so that people remember you for the right reasons – enhancing your business grace, connection and rapport.


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Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer- Show 226

jonah L  150x150 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226At last weeks MPI (Meetings Professionals International) we watched the opening keynote Jonah Lehrer speak about: “The heart of where good ideas come from and will reinforce how connectivity is a vital part of how we innovate. In the meetings and events industry, it’s our relationships with others combined with our ‘good ideas’ that impact those we serve and leave a lasting impact on the events we plan and the industry we’re a part of. ”

He sure left an impact on the MPI event.

Mr Lehrer gave his talk and I headed over to see him in the MPI press room.  I was late but recorded the last few minutes of the questions asked to Mr. Lehrer.  Frankly, I wasnt that impressed with his general session talk, mostly because I had watched the same speech on YouTube before heading to the conference.  ( I apoligize for the low volume- it was a big room- and a photographer camera was making lots of beeping noises)

After he answered the questions and took some pictures.  Later he was in the hallway pacing back and forth on his mobile phone.  As I watched him he seemed so young but also very upset.  I jokingly thought to myself. “He must have been having trouble securing Justin Bieber tickets.”  It turns out he had been caught making up information for his books. (Q & A: Michael C. Moynihan, The Guy Who Uncovered Jonah Lehrer’s Fabrication Problem) Jonah Lerer then promptly resigned from his job at the New Yorker. When I was chatting about this situation with super music fan Jon Trask  he said. “It is amazing to me that he would fabricate a Bob Dylan quote. Seems everything thing Bob Dylan has said has been disected and mulled over.  So it is no surprise Mr. Lehrer was caught making quotes up.”

My friend Sarah Braley had a great editorial about her experience with Mr. Lehrer.

 Editorial: Jonah Lehrer Stumbles at MPI by Sarah J.F. Braley

Other interesting takes on Mr. Lehrer:

Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions–The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works

Freewheelin’: Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth

Do you think Jonah Lehrer got his Bob Dylan quotes from twitter?

The Onion says Jonah Lehrer next book is on Why We Falsify Quotes. icon smile Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

It is sad such a great young talent has this blemish on his record.  But a good lesson to all.

 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

MPI WEC Downtime is Critical -Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221

Todays guest is corporate business yoga 150x150 MPI WEC Downtime is Critical  Future of Meetings Speaker Jackie Mulligan Show 221 Jackie Mulligan Director of enterprise for the internatonal centre for research in events, tourism, and hospitality at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.
Jackie has some great ideas about downtime at conferences. Brings out creativity and innovation from attendees.

She will be speaking next week at MPI WEC event in St. Louis.

Add her sessions to your calendar at WEC-
Flash Forward 2030- MPI Future of Meetings 7/30 9:00 am
Imagineering Tour: WEC 2030  7/30 2:30 pm

Things we covered:

Why do you think meetings need to be more creative?

Why do you think downtime works for conferences?

What types of activities could enable downtime?

More on Jackie Mulligan

Hybrid Events 101 Primer Series (4) Show 203

Todays show continues with the Meetings Podcasts Primer series:

“Hybrid Events 101”

hybrid meetings 300x196 Hybrid Events 101 Primer Series (4) Show 203Todays show is a continuation of the Primer Series of educational podcasts for meeting planners and event organisers.  Mike McAllen founder of Event Camp and the producer of three EventCamp Hybrid events, plus technically producing many other corporate and association meetings and events using the Hybrid model. He discusses Hybrid Events 101.

If you are attending Virtual Edge Summit  or PCMA Mike or Jon would love to connect!  The MeetingsPodcast is the official Podcast of the Virtual Edge Summit Show!

Check out these other Blog posts to work on content for your hybrid meeting or hybrid event along with production.

Tips for making your Hybrid event “Quick, Light and Easy”

Top Blogs on Virtual Events

Hybrid Events with John Pollard 

Hybrid Meetings Offer Scalable Content Delivery

Hybrid Meetings Offer the Best of both Worlds

 Hybrid Events 101 Primer Series (4) Show 203

Show 116 Post Recession Meetings and Events- 52 Roundtable Addition

show 116 300x199 Show 116 Post Recession Meetings and Events   52 Roundtable Addition

Today’s show Mike and Jon talk about the recession ending and the ramifications to the meetings and events industry.

Show notes :
Mike McAllen: Welcome back to the Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen with Grass Shack Events and Media and back again is my partner in crime Jon Trask from Alliant Event Services.
Hi, Jon.

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