Cool Pocket Projector to go with your Pocket Protector

optpma pico Cool Pocket Projector to go with your Pocket Protector

I saw that Superstar presentation builder Nancy Duarte sent this across my twitter river today. I thought how wild it is everything is getting smaller and smarter.
I often walk into companies and plug into their ginormous projector with my Mac to show presentations and I thought the day soon will come when I pull out my iphone and a small projector like this Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector- 4 oz. Cool Pocket Projector to go with your Pocket Protector and run through my presentation like James Bond and his deadly toys. I see deadly business gains coming. icon smile Cool Pocket Projector to go with your Pocket Protector

Seriously, the skinny on this little projector is its cool factor is off the charts. But the audio is like an old clock radio and you need a very dark room. It also gets pretty hot so be careful when returning it to your pocket. This might take away from the cool factor as you run screaming from the room. On the good side picture is great in a dark room. Rectangular lens creates wide image that keeps the image from stretching.Its around $400 dollars.

 Cool Pocket Projector to go with your Pocket Protector

MacWorld in San Francisco

nancyd MacWorld in San Francisco

MacWorld 2008

Visited MacWorld in San Francisco this week. Really enjoyed myself walking around seeing the new innovative companies connecting with several designers and video rockstars. One thing about the Apple computer it is the computer for the creative set. Passionate fans all over the place.

Highlights for me was seeing Nancy Duarte from Duarte Design speak. I was fortunate to interview her for Meetings Podcast a few months back and she gave a great little talk about her new book Slideology. I really love that book and it has already helped me several times with my own clients. I am no designer but Slideology gives some simple tools to really improve presentations.

Another person I saw speak was at the MDialog booth. Tim Street gave a presentation on weaving story into your video. Tim has worked for Disney, nickelodeon and currently produces a video series called FrenchMaidTV. FrenchMaidTV is a PG-13 show which shows French Maids selling products. He is a clever guy who was teaching the art of using emotions when storytelling. Check out Tims blog if you have any interest in visual storytelling and whats happening with viral videos. Also if you produce videos of any kind MDialog is a very cool service and even has a small application for the iphone which I really like and will be using.

One fun moment was running into Paul Cicerone of Delphi Productions who had built the Microsoft booth and lounge. He did a great job and the booth seemed to always be full of people learning about Microsoft Mac products. Paul and Delphi had also built a Lounge area in a separate booth where I met Guy Kawasaki of Mac fame who did a book signing of his new book Reality Check which I look forward to reading. Some pictures of Guy and MacWorld arehere.

It will be interesting to see what happens to MacWorld now that Apple INC. is pulling out of the event next year. But its par for the course for Events and meetings this year. But it is going to be a great year for companies to be creative and innovate and be ready when the economy gets better.

What are you doing to innovate? Maybe buy a Apple computer!

Are your Transitions worthy?

If you havent listened to our interview with Duarte Designs Nancy Duarte. youa re missing out on some interesting content. I came across this clever little video today from Duarte on the Slide:ology Blog. (Which is a blog that goes along with the book!) Pretty fun stuff!

 Are your Transitions worthy?

10/20/30 Rule for Engaging Presentations

102030 rule for powerpoint presentations 10/20/30 Rule for Engaging Presentations

Want an easy foundation to follow for your executives presentations? This is something I learned a while back from Guy Kawasaki. Try the 10/20/30 rule. Simply put it means a maximum of 10 slides, no more than 20 minutes and contains no font smaller than 30 points.
I think Guy learned this from Garr Reynolds and I also saw our recent Meetings Podcast interview guest Nancy Duarte talking about.
Its a simple rule that will work wonders for your presenters and better yet for your presenters audience.

Give it a try! Or contact me at GrassShack and I will be happy to help- Mike

 10/20/30 Rule for Engaging Presentations

More with Nancy Duarte!

I was just re-listened to the interview I did with Nancy Duarte I posted last week. She was featured in an article in the San Jose Mercury News. Check it out to learn more about her. nancy More with Nancy Duarte!

Extra! Interview with Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design and the new presentation book Slide:ology

The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

meetings design events presentations Extra! Interview with Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design and the new presentation book Slide:ology

Mike McAllen interviews Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design and the new presentation book Slide:ology. Buy it!!! Presentation Zen writer Garr Reynolds said about Slide:ology “it’s the best book on the art (and science) of creating and delivering presentations with the help of multimedia written to date.”

Duarte Design also were the designers of the Oscar winning presentations for Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth movie and talks Mr. Gore gives. Nancy talks with Mike McAllen about Duarte Design, Slide:ology and working with Al Gore.

We hope you enjoy it. [Read more...]

How to Engage Your Audience Through Emotions

play video default How to Engage Your Audience Through Emotions

I just listened to an interview Nancy Duarte did with Jim Endicott of Distinction Communications and Patty Clerico-Parham of Cisco on her slide:ology blog. Make sure you head over there and check it out. They talk about the 35mm slide. She also referenced this clip from the show Mad Men on the AMC Channel. (Look for the interview of Nancy this week)

How passionite were you on your last pitch? Did you evoke an emotional response? Don Draper used storytelling and emotions in selling the Kodak executives his ideas. A good reminder that evoking emotional responses through storytelling IS the way to engage audiences and gets people to some sort of desired action……..

 How to Engage Your Audience Through Emotions

Keep Unworthy Transitions Waiting

Just because a transition is available does not mean you have to use it. Keep it simple.

I came across this Duarte Design video today on a very cool Blog Slide:ology. The blog is named after Nancy Duartes new book Slide:ology! The Duarte Design folks are really creative! I hope you will look forward to our next interview featuring Nancy which will be posted later this week!

When was the last time you put together a presentation? How many transitions did you use? Grass Shack Events & media

 Keep Unworthy Transitions Waiting