#EventProfs Audio Experiment – Hit or Miss?

eventprofslogo #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss?

I hope you enjoy and dont mind this Talkshoe #eventProfs Audio Experiment which I threw down the MeetingsPodcast feed. Lara McCulloch-Carter started this Event and meeting bi-weekly chats using Twitter and Tweetchat which lets you see only the tweets with the #eventprofs hashmark. Today eventprofs took another step forward (or backwards some said) by adding video to the mix. Robert Swanwick of SpeakerInteractive.com headed this trial run today. The process was hindered by Twitter really lagging behind I found it to be 8- 10 minutes behind so most people who werent on the call were left out of the action. But I think they had some good conversation.

[Warning- its pretty long- and a big file icon smile #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss? ]

What do you think hit or miss?

 #EventProfs Audio Experiment   Hit or Miss?

#EventProfs From the Sidelines Virtual Events and Experiences

eventprofs mp copy #EventProfs From the Sidelines Virtual Events and Experiences

Today Mike is joined by Julius Solaris in London from Event Manger Blog & Blur Marketing. Julius is also the owner of Event Planning and Management group on Linkedin.com.(which has 11 thousand members)

Mike and Julius were participating in The EventProfs Chat via Tweetchat led by Jeff Hurt of Midcourse Corrections Blog The chats are attended by event and meeting professionals. I am sorry I could not name them all. The plan is to have a live discussion as the chat went on hoping to point out the nuggets this niche crowd was sharing and have more discussion.

You can attend #eventprofs Chat Tuesday 6-7 PM Pacific Time or Thursday 9am-10am Pacific Time.

As expected Twitter went down as the Chat was suppose to start and Julius and Mike discussed virtual events and experiences as they waited for twitter to come back up. (We do understand the irony of a virtual event going down when we were suppose to be talking about virtual events- technology is unpredictable- like the weather as Julius commented) icon smile #EventProfs From the Sidelines Virtual Events and Experiences

 #EventProfs From the Sidelines Virtual Events and Experiences

10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter

meetingspodcast event tools web 20 10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter
Top 10 ways I use Twitter

1. I ask Questions
2. I follow cool- funny- smart people
3. Post stuff that is cool- funny- smart- relevant to my biz (events-meetings-video-media)
4. Post cool stuff that other have posted elsewhere.
5. Post resources that can help people.
6. Retweet cool- funny- smart – relevant posts.
7. Post events and announcements
8. To tell people Michael Jackson is still dead.
9. To respond to interesting people in my everyone stream. Get in conversations with people I don’t know or who are not in my Biz.
10. Try to make people laugh even if it makes me look a like an ass.

Twitter is really cool to make new friends. Also I am currently working with two people I met on Twitter. @neenz who is producing a meeting for me in Hawaii for the second year in a row. And my friend @brettbum who is doing all sorts of cool web stuff for me and our clients.

Twitter offers so many cool channels of feedback. The whole new twitter chats like #eventprofs is just amazing to me and I love attending (when I have time)

How do you use Twitter?

How many times did I use the word COOL in this post. (if you are correct you win a prize!)

How do you use twitter?

 10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter

Extra! The Twitter Show with Mike McAllen

twtrcon twitter for events Extra! The Twitter Show with Mike McAllen
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events & Media Talks about twitter and its use at events. Short recap of TwitterCon in San Francisco. #twtrcon

Quick links-
Twitter explained
Sarah Lacy Mark Zuckerberg Twitter audience backlash (started the whole Twitter back channel buzz)
Hashtags explained

Show notes:
Mike McAllen: Welcome back to Meetings Podcast. This is Mike McAllen with Grass Shack Events and Media. Today the topic is Twitter and I know that is the big kind of meem that’s going around right now, the big trend is Twitter. You see old Ashton Kutcher and all this famous person getting on Twitter and – and the PDidddy and everyone on there and so I wanted to do a little show about Twitter, it’s been all over the place. [Read more...]

Increasing Attendance at Your Next Meeting through Social Media

I am a big proponent of Social Media. Obviously through podcasting and twitter but how can these things help attendance. Jon Trask sent me a link to a LinkenIn conversation going on in the Event Peeps group. Greg Taylor was asking about success stories using social media. A new book has just come out called The World Wide Rave and it is full of success stories but not all are event/ meeting related. So I did a little digging. here is an example I found on David Meerman Scotts Blog. (a soon to be guest on MeetingsPodcast)

How an active Facebook group drove 15,000 people to the Singapore Tattoo Show

I speak at dozens of conferences a year all over the world. Since organizers usually book me many months in advance, I have some visibility into how they promote the events. It tends to be the same old methods: Send an email and a direct mail to everyone who attended last year, buy some email and postal mailing lists and send some more promotions. Most shows build good Web sites and most have decent SEO. But that’s usually it.

What if you’re charged with promoting a brand new show? [Read more...]

How do I know my Hotel is Green?

meetingspodcast green meetings How do I know my Hotel is Green?

Almost every hotel says that they are green these days. But how can you be sure? Here is another resource that popped up. Check it out. www.iStayGreen.org. You can check out the property and see if it meets your green needs. One very cool thing about this site is the social network that creates accountability and forces properties to own up to whether they are truly green or if they are simply “greenwashing.” Right now, they are at 3000 properties.

 How do I know my Hotel is Green?

4 Pre-Conference Networking Tips

4 networking tips 4 Pre Conference Networking Tips

Today I had the good fortune of talking with Jordan Schwartz of Pathable.com and I got to thinking about how important preproduction is for all events and meetings. We will have the Podcast interview with Jordan up soon and Pathable has some great features.
I have always told my clients once my teams get on site the hard work is already done. I think this is the same thing when attending a conference to network. Jordan and Pathable obviously understand this, but their are some things you can do on our own for personal preproduction so you get the most out of events and conferences.

Here are 4 tips that might help your conference or meeting experience be more fruitful.

1) Get a list of questions ready. Avoid small talk questions. Be prepared with some deeper questions. Think about systems, tools, techniques, careers, challenges, company issues good and bad, handling the down economy. Like 5-10 questions ready to go when you hit the show.

2) Even before getting questions together do some pre-networking online. This will help you formulate the questions above. Check out conference site for people you might want to meet. See if they have any forum boards. Check out Facebook ad other social networking sites. In some cases its much easier to establish online relationship first before the face to face. Check to see if any bloggers, speakers that are there that you can connect with.

3) Figure out the sessions you are going to attend before arriving. Know when the breaks are so you can make connections and meetups. The more face to face connections you have will really improve your experience at the show. Make it your conference if you want to get something out of it.

4) Check the Twitter stream. Make sure you keep track of it on www.search.twitter.com Many hidden gems will pop up before and during the conference. Great way to connect with folks interested in the same things as you.

If you can’t wait for our podcast to be released or are just interested in more information about Pathable.com, Jordan Schwartz will be giving a Webinar on Thursday, 1/15 at 1:00 pm Central Time MPIs MeetDifferent attendees, but I think anyone can tune in click here for details.

 4 Pre Conference Networking Tips

Happy New Year

I really have been neglecting this blog and look forward to improving it this year! I will be rolling it over to a wordpress blog this month and working on getting it flowing. I have been spending a most of the last few months working on www.MeetingsPodcast.com and www.SanJoseDoubletreeHotel.com and now we can get back to business on this blog.


 Happy New Year

Twitter Adds a Search Feature

2755v2 max 450x450 Twitter Adds a Search Feature TwitterA cool development at Twitter over the last 24 hours has been the addition of their new ‘name search‘.

You can search for people either by their username, first name or last name. Results are displayed in order of follower numbers. This is just another way to contact people using social media. I know we just had a post on twitter this week but this development makes it a tad easier to see if people in your network are twittering away!

Results seem to work pretty well and it is better than nothing – Darren Rowse of Problogger uses Twellow if he needs to find someone.

Not sure if this relates to Events & Meetings but keeping on top of the latest technology is always helpful. Merry Christmas!

Link up with me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mmcallen love to get your ideas on the new year!

 Twitter Adds a Search Feature