Can Google Wave Help A Planner?

So Google has this new product called Google Wave that has recently been released to some people. I have not seen it or played with it, but have been watching what all the fuss is all about closely on this new Google gem. I want to see if it can help in event planning for event planners. Planning an event has many moving parts and maybe if the whole team can follow the conversation on the “wave” we might be able to save time planning event after event. Planners have a great grasp of the whole production already but what if a special events could be made easier? But cutting down on the endless emails might be a planners dream application.

Here is a cute little video sort of explaining it:

What do you think? Would you be open to using something like this?

A Simple Visualization Concept for Storytelling

This is a great example of a simple visualization concept to tell a story.  It cannot be more descriptive than if the actual real items of the story were on the screen. In fact my brain shifted to what I thought each object or person looked like.  It is pretty mesmerizing and I loved it.  What did you think when you saw it?

Imagination – From Samsung Smart LED Technology

Imagination and creativity. I LOVE this video (though I do feel sorry for the sheep) I love that Samsung is using their imagination to hire these guys to do something so creative and fun. This is the type of stuff that really recharges my batteries to be creative. Opens up the door! icon smile Imagination   From Samsung Smart LED Technology

Links for more-

 Imagination   From Samsung Smart LED Technology

Its All About Relationships- Jessica Levin

2755v2 max 450x450 Its All About Relationships  Jessica LevinImage via CrunchBase

Are you using Twitter for your business or for personal use? This is a really great article by my friend Jessica Levin CMP from Seven Degrees Communications. She spoke at the E4 conference recently and I wanted to point you over to the article because besides being a great article I am in it. icon smile Its All About Relationships  Jessica Levin

 Its All About Relationships  Jessica Levin

Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media

Trust Agents, the new book on social media marketing by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, should be on your book purchase list. Where I think of Chris as a friend he is also really fricken smart and a personable guy. The main reason to read this book is in our industry of Events and Meetings social media is on the top of everyone’s lists of questions (along with Green Meetings) on how to do it and what its all about. This book will answer your questions. I do not know Julian Smith though I have heard him on the Podcast Media Hacks. He swears all the time to get his point across which I find refreshing. icon smile Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media He seems to be a no holes barred type of guy.

So think about buying this book…… it will put you a head of the game with Social Media.

(full disclosure my amazon associates link is above)

If you want to hear a podcast of me interviewing Chris Brogan before buying check this link.

This one’s a keeper. If you do business online (or do business with people who have ever been online) or know someone who once used a computer, I strongly suggest you get smart about the ideas in this book. ~Seth Godin

 Check out the new book Trust Agents if you want to learn about Social Media

Have you heard of Pandora Radio?

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If you haven’t heard of Pandora Radio head over there right now. It is an amazing (free) service. It is a great website (iphone application) that you can make your own radio stations. Basically, it will learn what kind of music you like and pepper in music you might like. You can give each song a thumbs up or down and it will learn from this rating to only give you music you want. Another great thing about Pandora is you can buy music directly from the site from Itunes or Amazon. Pretty cool huh. Seriously go check it out now. We paid them a subscription so it wont shut off after a while and it basically runs in our house and in our office all the time.
Below is a little video on how Pandora finds music that you might be interested in.

 Have you heard of Pandora Radio?

10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter

meetingspodcast event tools web 20 10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter
Top 10 ways I use Twitter

1. I ask Questions
2. I follow cool- funny- smart people
3. Post stuff that is cool- funny- smart- relevant to my biz (events-meetings-video-media)
4. Post cool stuff that other have posted elsewhere.
5. Post resources that can help people.
6. Retweet cool- funny- smart – relevant posts.
7. Post events and announcements
8. To tell people Michael Jackson is still dead.
9. To respond to interesting people in my everyone stream. Get in conversations with people I don’t know or who are not in my Biz.
10. Try to make people laugh even if it makes me look a like an ass.

Twitter is really cool to make new friends. Also I am currently working with two people I met on Twitter. @neenz who is producing a meeting for me in Hawaii for the second year in a row. And my friend @brettbum who is doing all sorts of cool web stuff for me and our clients.

Twitter offers so many cool channels of feedback. The whole new twitter chats like #eventprofs is just amazing to me and I love attending (when I have time)

How do you use Twitter?

How many times did I use the word COOL in this post. (if you are correct you win a prize!)

How do you use twitter?

 10 ways Mike McAllen Uses Twitter

Unplanned Events

300px Lightmatter wild squirrel Unplanned EventsImage via Wikipedia

I was having my regular day today. Coffee, email, more coffee. I needed to head to a meeting with a meeting planner for an event we are producing. I got dressed and jumped in my truck and headed over. As I drove down the road I saw a squirrel laying in the road. This is a regular occurrence around here. The squirrels who are mostly fearless leaping from tree to tree and sometimes fall and also they like to play chicken with the cars. As I drove by I looked over at him (he was on the other side of the road) I was expecting to see a smashed little fur ball and instead his head moved as he watched me drive by. I swear we caught eyes……. As a car came up the other way I watched in horror as they rolled over him (or her) not with the tires but over him which must have scared the acorns from his butt. I slammed my truck in reverse and got out – lifted him to the side of the road and swore at a guy in a Porsche who was in a hurry to get by me. I then rummaged through a recycling bin and grabbed a box and hustled him to the vet. I then boogied over to my meeting which I was late for. Not sure if the little guy made it but all of a sudden the event we were producing really didnt much to me.

Sometimes unplanned events are important than real events. I am glad I took the time to stop.

 Unplanned Events

Microsoft Office 2010 Hits The Mark

Ok this has to be the first Microsoft commercial I watched the whole way through. Have you ever used Wingdings? What are those fonts for?

Neil Young Wins Another Award

I saw this post in BizBash Los Angeles and it made me think about a run in I had with Neil Young. I had been training as a firefighter for a few years volunteering and working as a seasonal firefighter on wildland fires before getting in the Production business. In the off season I worked for a company that made Wrist Pads that kept folks from getting Corporal Tunnel Syndrome. I ran the warehouse (garage) while the smart Stanford co-owners worked form this ginormous Woodside California home. I would box up the orders and also had sales accounts I would service from Sacramento to Woodside. It was a pretty good gig at the time. I was called to deliver a local pad to a neighbor. I drove up and this freaky hippy looking guy answered the door. He was really nice and we chatted for a while about his garden. He then signed the receipt Neil Young. If you get a chance to check out the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View California that he puts on, please do it. Great concert and event a better cause.

LOS ANGELES – NEWS: Recording Academy to Honor Neil Young at MusiCares Person of the Year Gala
from BizBash National News

Neil Young will be honored at the 20th anniversary MusiCares Person of the Year gala; Recording Academy and MusiCares Foundation president and C.E.O. Neil Portnow and MusiCares Foundation chair Paul Caine announced the news today. Proceeds from the annual Grammy week gala dinner and concert on January 29—two days before the 52nd annual Grammy awards at Staples—will support the nonprofit MusiCares.

The 2010 gala will begin with a reception and silent auction, including one-of-a-kind experiences and celebrity memorabilia. A dinner, award presentation, and tribute concert will follow. Warner Brothers Records chairman emeritus Mo Ostin, Lookout Management president and founder Elliot Roberts, and Warner Brothers Records chairman and C.E.O. Tom Whalley will co-chair the ceremony.

 Neil Young Wins Another Award