Video production using Vine for Corporate Branding

vine 300x167 Video production using Vine for Corporate BrandingAt Grass Shack Events & Media we produce a ton of video for our clients. Mostly internal videos like describing how Yahoo inc. data center works for yahoo engineers in India.

Or Informational videos for Avon Foundation for Women. (BTW- do one of there walks to fight breast cancer if you can- they do amazing things with the money they recieve)

Recently, I have been working with a client who has a big “Mad Men” New York  type ad agency who was really focused on budget for a “Podcast” for our client. (podcast is used loosely) We are handling the production and they are handling the creative. Which is not really something I am used to.  The creative side is the fun side.  I realized that the creative side is getting to be the only side. If you have good content, story and work some spectacle in, the video production can be made to fit in some cases. Video production can be very very expensive but if you are creative it doesn’t have to be.  The tools that are available are amazingly easy. I just downloaded Camtasia2 for my Mac and spent last Saturday learning it for a bunch of Youtube videos I am going to do for my new company  Also the prosumer cameras that are available, and your iPhone camera are as good to almost all viewers except videophiles. (just make sure to have good sound) Many reasons to still pull in the professionals and I cannot see our video department going all cheapo but when you are really worried about budgets, you do have many options if you can do the creative and put in the time to learn a few tools.

I know my video producers will probably scoff at this but look at this idea Dunkin Donuts is doing with ESPN Monday Night countdown:
Dunkin’ Donuts had an ad which was a Vine reenactment of the upcoming coin toss during Monday Night Football using with coffee cups. The Vine billboard ad was built to show off a weekly #DunkinReplay Vine that would appear on Dunkin’ Donuts’ social media channels during Monday Night Football. Throughout the 16-game season, four unique Vine billboard ads will be shown.

How could you use VINE or Instagram to catch eyeballs?


Or this Trident gum made an ad on Vine, and which was on the Fuse network.


 Video production using Vine for Corporate Branding

Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer- Show 226

jonah L  150x150 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226At last weeks MPI (Meetings Professionals International) we watched the opening keynote Jonah Lehrer speak about: “The heart of where good ideas come from and will reinforce how connectivity is a vital part of how we innovate. In the meetings and events industry, it’s our relationships with others combined with our ‘good ideas’ that impact those we serve and leave a lasting impact on the events we plan and the industry we’re a part of. ”

He sure left an impact on the MPI event.

Mr Lehrer gave his talk and I headed over to see him in the MPI press room.  I was late but recorded the last few minutes of the questions asked to Mr. Lehrer.  Frankly, I wasnt that impressed with his general session talk, mostly because I had watched the same speech on YouTube before heading to the conference.  ( I apoligize for the low volume- it was a big room- and a photographer camera was making lots of beeping noises)

After he answered the questions and took some pictures.  Later he was in the hallway pacing back and forth on his mobile phone.  As I watched him he seemed so young but also very upset.  I jokingly thought to myself. “He must have been having trouble securing Justin Bieber tickets.”  It turns out he had been caught making up information for his books. (Q & A: Michael C. Moynihan, The Guy Who Uncovered Jonah Lehrer’s Fabrication Problem) Jonah Lerer then promptly resigned from his job at the New Yorker. When I was chatting about this situation with super music fan Jon Trask  he said. “It is amazing to me that he would fabricate a Bob Dylan quote. Seems everything thing Bob Dylan has said has been disected and mulled over.  So it is no surprise Mr. Lehrer was caught making quotes up.”

My friend Sarah Braley had a great editorial about her experience with Mr. Lehrer.

 Editorial: Jonah Lehrer Stumbles at MPI by Sarah J.F. Braley

Other interesting takes on Mr. Lehrer:

Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions–The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works

Freewheelin’: Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth

Do you think Jonah Lehrer got his Bob Dylan quotes from twitter?

The Onion says Jonah Lehrer next book is on Why We Falsify Quotes. icon smile Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

It is sad such a great young talent has this blemish on his record.  But a good lesson to all.

 Press Conference with Jonah Lehrer  Show 226

The Making of the Blockbuster Old Spice Commercial

Ever wonder how they made the Old Spice commercial with the handsome guy? Owning a production company is a wonderful thing sometimes. I read how the creative team of Craig Allen and Eric Kallman who work at Wieden + Kennedy put together the commercials. The goal was to make a commercial women would like.  The research shows they do the shopping for most households. They also wanted it to be fun for men to watch. They talked about doing the creative and not worrying about how it would be made. That would be up to production team! I love this because this is the goal in any creative brainstorm on how to get the clients message across to the audience and have them walk away to do some sort of action. So you think BIG without worrying about costs. Then let the production team figure out how to produce the content.

This can be translated to any type of video, media, meeting or event. What do you want your audiences actions to be when they leave that ballroom after your conference? Watch that video. After interacting with that Media.

The first video that was the sensation was done in one shot with a little CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)done int he editing room. Basically the part where the diamonds pour out, the old spice body wash comes out of his hand and the clam. But everything else was done in one take. Well As I read it 3 days and 150 or so takes. Pretty awesome.

The video below looks like they used a stunt double

What are the goals of your next event or project? Love to hear how you thought about the goals of the project and made it work…

 The Making of the Blockbuster Old Spice Commercial


Monday Morning Pick You Up!

I wanted to reprint this email I received today from MarketingProfs. It made me feel inspired on a Monday morning were I wasn’t feeling it! I have several creative projects to write today and this is exactly what I needed. Hope it inspires you to go do something creative and change someones day! ~mike

It’s an average morning at the train station in Liverpool, England, with travelers crossing the main hall on their way to platforms or the street. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, 400 people break into a precisely choreographed dance as a medley of toe-tapping songs blares from the public-address system. They have two instructions: remember your steps, but don’t forget to invite everyone around you to join in.

While 10 hidden cameras capture the scene for a T-Mobile video, delighted onlookers observe, take photographs and begin to dance. By the end of the video’s two-and-a-half minute running time, everyone in the crowded space seems to be dancing.

A “making of” video shows how organizers created the event around the tagline “Life’s for Sharing.” They undoubtedly achieved their goal. “I felt a moment of love,” says a young man who joined in the dancing. “It was connected. For five minutes everyone was relaxed for a second. It was happy. It was nice.” An older woman—likewise swept into the moment—shares similar sentiments. “I was in a bad mood when I came here,” she says with a smile. “I’m in a good one now.”

The T-Mobile video delivered Marketing Inspiration by putting over 11 million YouTube viewers in a good mood, and by illustrating its tagline in an authentic, yet unexpected, way.

Faces of the Meetings & Events and Travel Industry

faces of travel Faces of the Meetings & Events and Travel Industry

As you have heard on our podcast we brainstormed on how to best way to get the word out about how important Meetings & Events are to our economy and how many people are affected by the canceling of meetings and how important face to face meetings are. We decided to make a website and/or You Tube to showcase peoples stories. As I worked on figuring this out I was really happy to find out is having a contest to find the face of the travel industry.

I really think every Meeting Planner, Meetings company, corporate production company, audio visual company, hotel executives to the taxi drivers out front of the hotel should all produce a quick video for this contest!

The travel community has taken a big hit recently. Media and policymaker condemnation of spending by companies that have received taxpayer assistance has caused thousands of companies nationwide to cancel legitimate meetings and events. Local communities and travel industry employees are paying the price.

To help protect millions of travel-related jobs, we must show the real Faces of Travel.

Are YOU the Face of the Travel Industry?

Enter the Contest

It’s simple. Create an original, brief (45 to 60 second) video telling us why business travel is important to you and why you should be the Face of Travel. Fill out our contest entry form. Then upload your video to our Web site. Entries will be reviewed and posted to our YouTube channel. Then, a winner (or winners) will be selected to be a spokesperson for the campaign. The new Face of Travel will interact with the media, meet with policymakers and help to save millions of jobs across the United States.

So get over there and do a video and maybe become the new face of travel. More importantly let the world know how many of us are dependent on the meetings and events industry. Plus help get our economy back on track!

 Faces of the Meetings & Events and Travel Industry

Extra! Interview with Kristi Casey Sanders of

planyourmeetings Extra! Interview with Kristi Casey Sanders of
The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!

On todays show Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events & Media interviews Kristi Casey Sanders about has many resources for any type of meeting planner, independent planners and executive assistants. From a Blog to online articles to live events to online communities. They also have a YouTube channel and a community site. Also you can follow Kristi on twitter like we do.

Check out [Read more...]

Will you use the Internet like Amazon, Blendtec and JCPenny in 2009?

I opened up the paper this morning and saw that has had the best holiday season they have ever had. More and more people obviously are turning to the internet to get their content and to shop. So it will be imperative that you get your companies message, or your clients message up onlie in a compelling way in 2009. Why is this important for your teams to consider? Basically you can pinpoint target your niche using online video. When someone wants to find out something about your industry they look to the internet. Will you be there? If you aren’t will your competitors?

The below video is from J.C. Penny which has received 1.4 millon views on YouTube in the four weeks it has been online. It promotes JCPenny in a non markety way. It is also just the tip of the iceberg when these popular types of videos get popular. They are easily shareable embedded in Facebook, Myspace, on blogs (like this one) emailed links are also an easy way to share it. I am sure the real amount of views are much higher numbers. Plus using services like can get viewers from many other distribution channels.

Another company that has seen some great things from getting content online is They started this simple video series and have seen their sales increase eightfold. (Also, I have contacted George Wright the creator of these videos and we will be interviewed him 2009 for

Dove Evolution video below has been seen 10 million times.

Think of ways you could incorporate this into a team building event and make some short videos. If they are clever enough and if they don’t smell of marketing they may just be the next big viral video.

 Will you use the Internet like Amazon, Blendtec and JCPenny in 2009?

Show 25! Where in the World is Tom Hillmer?

The Meeting Planners podcast source for what’s new and exciting in meetings and events industry!
events meetings meeting planner incentive trip Show 25! Where in the World is Tom Hillmer?

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Tom Hillmer of Creative Group Inc.
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:03 Intros

1:12 MPI Bruce MacMillan extensive statement about the state of Meetings – Big thing is to encourage the media- business contacts- keep the misinformation down. Up on MPI website. [Read more...] is pretty annoying for my first experience

crackle+blog is pretty annoying for my first experience is a website by Sony. It’s their version of youtube but it’s arranged
more like television with channels. It looked great as I went on the site. I saw many interesting channels I wanted to check out but after watching two I could not take it anymore. In between each video is a short commercial around 15 seconds long which I understand is payment for this free service. BUT the ad they ran between each was some horror movie where it first says in a creepy way “your gonna die” then follows up with lots of scary pictures and screaming. I know whoever designed this did not want this to happen but this obviously fell through the cracks. Where a wonderful experience is ruined by the accompanying advertisement is the kiss of death. You have one chance to get a websurfers attention. Do I want to check back when the ad is changed? Only time will tell.

Video Blog Capture Test 2007

I have no patience for computer stuff. I love equipment that is plug and play. I wanted to see how easy it would be for me to use a couple of the Video Blogging sites to capture some video and post it. I took about a Half an hour and visited a few and tried it out. Here is the results. Special thanks to Sam who helped me. He was granted some couch time for payment. (He is currently back on the floor) I understand I could have plugged a nice mic in but this is the mic from my Portable One computer laptop. This is only a quick test.


recordyourown Video Blog Capture Test 2007shareembed Video Blog Capture Test 2007

For more vlips, visit

Had to download something so I aborted the test.
Tried it – even signed up- didnt give me any code to post.
Badge logo1 Video Blog Capture Test 2007