The top meeting industry meetings and events blogs

What are your favorite meetings and events blogs?

I was surprised that when I asked my network of industry folks that many don’t read blogs at all. So I followed it up with “What blogs do they read?”  (Please feel free to add any worthy meetings industry blog in the comment section)
Do you think it is worth the time to do some blogging? I do understand that most websites are just that, blogs. So the line has blurred between a traditional website and a blog. The main reason is that your company or product can be found via organic search and if you can turn those eyeballs into clients it is the real bonus. Just recently we recieved an RFP for meeting production because they found us through a Google search. So blogging can pay. I would love to hear what you think? Blog or not to blog?

So below is some answers from my email. Thank you to everyone who responded!
You might find a gem in someones list, so take a look:

Jenise Fryatt
I no longer read events blogs everyday. But when I do read them, my favorites are usually:

Fork in the Road – Michelle Bruno
It’s All Virtual – Denis Shiao
Conferences That Work – Adrian Segar

My fave blogs in general right now are:

DIY Blogger
V3 Integrated Marketing

Brandt Krueger

Is a podcast guy   (I love podcast people – Mike)

Traci Browne

Event blogs I read (but not every day…as they are not updated every day but when they are they are good) are
Michelle Bruno’s – Fork in the Road
Joyce McKee’s – Let’s Talk Trade Shows
Keith Johnston – Planner Wire

General Blogs I read
Huffington Post
Erika Napoletano – Readhead Writing
Johnny B Truant –  (Great writing kick-in-the-pants advice)

Traci is also a podcast person!!!

Donna Sanford

Mine are probably same as everyone’s
Social Media Examiner

Dave Lutz

Meetings –
Sue Pelletier
Jeff Cufaude
Julius Solaris

General, but high relevance to our business –
Content Marketing World
Power Sponsorship

Sue Pelletier

I’d say my must-reads for meeting blogs are:
For general blogs, I love:
TheBloggess (she cracks me up)
MentalFloss (strange and interesting and funny stuff)
Wired/Slashdot/Gizmodo (have to check all three for gadget stuff)

But I have about 225 more that I also try to check daily…

Patti Shock (disclaimer – I blog for them)
Velvet Chainsaw

Boing Boing

Dennis Shaio

Events and Meeting Industry Blogs: – because Jeff constantly thinks differently about things – and eloquently shares his thoughts with us. – because Michelle touches on interesting aspects of the industry and communicates them quite well. – because Jenise covers great topics – and, brings in an all-star cast of guest bloggers to complement her original writing.
Other Blogs I Read: – April Dunford provides some of the best product marketing insights in the blogosphere. – I have an interest and curiosity in EdTech (technology for education) and this blog fills that need. – Great insights and case studies on demand generation and online marketing.

Joan Eisenstodt

Jeffrey Cufaude’s blog .. I do read it when it comes out.

Christina Dunham

Here are my Top 3 Event Blogs: Tons of great stuff on there.
• I also selfishly nominate :)
As for Top 3 General Blogs:

Dana Freker Doody

Tahira Endean

Bizbash has been my home page forever

Jeff Hurt
Icon Presents Sound ‘n Sight
Planner Wire

Acronym soup
Eventtwist and Deborah Pannell’s
Greg Ruby
Jeff Cudaude

John Pollard

1. Study Hacks
3. Gapingvoid

Kristi Casey Sanders

Nothing I read regularly. I tend to skim twitter and g+ 1-2 times a day and just read what’s interesting. I find those links tend to lead back to
Julius Solaris
Jeff Hurt

Tim Sanders

Hmmm…don’t shoot me, but for business value I really don’t read blogs…I read books.

But for fun or in my role at Net Minds:
Tech Crunch
• Flipboard (which aggregates all the blogs)
Fab (for fun T Shirts)

Tyler Davidson

Well, I’m biased, but I think our Joan Eisenstodt blog is great: Here’s the latest….


Jason Falls

(The very first Keynoter at EventCamp. Now eventCamps have been held all the way around the world)
I don’t really follow meetings or events blogs. BlogWorld  would be about the closest I come.

But, here are some gems I read that a lot don’t: – CEO of an ad agency who calls BS on social and a lot of other things. Very smart, if not frustrating – We all need a little tranquility now and then – Engage (TMG Custom Media) – D.C. based content marketing and digital shop’s blog. Just good stuff

Paul Cook

Liz King Events
Jenise Fryatt blog
Jeff Hurt blog

Johanna Walsh

I don’t read event blogs often but I read a few others: (I guess david is a blog but feels more designy).

Liz King

These are three I Love!

Jeff Hurt’s blog
Event Manager blog

Cameron Toth

Liz King Events
Jenise Fryatt blog
Jeff Hurt blog

Altitude Branding Blog (link does not seem to work??)

Miguel Neves

Brain Pickings
Conference Basics
Conferences That Work
Emile Barta
Event Manager Blog
IMEX Insights
The LinkedIn Blog

Gerrit Heiljkoop

Jeff Hurt blog

Mitchell Beer

Sound ‘N’ Sight (Jenise Fryatt)
Conferences That Work(Adrian Segar)
Sustainable Destinations (Shauna McKinley)

Thank you again to everyone who responded and I hope you (the reader) can find something that is helpful or just fun!



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